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Rainy Day

complete the story Paulomi was an intelligent girl studying in the fourth standard of a prestigious school. She loved going to the school as she could ride horses, play badminton, etc.
Her father dropped her to school in the morning and her mother picked her up in the evening on her way back from work.
One day it was raining heavily when she reached school in the morning. She was in the midst of a history class when her class teacher came and announced that the school had decided to close for the day because of floods in the city. Many parents came to take their children. She waited for her mother to come but there was no sign of her. Slowly it grew dark and there were very few children left behind.

What happened? Did Paulomi's mother come? Was she able to go home safely?



At last, her mother came to bring her home. When she went home she took a nice warm bath. And her mother promised not to be late again.


Her mother didn't come so her teacher took her home.


She walked towards home but then remembered that she had to go to her Smita's house for an overnight stay.


Paulomi's mother came and took her home safely.


After some time even the other children's parents came and they also left. Finally she was left alone in the school. It became very dark and started raining heavily. Paulomi decided to call her mother and went to the schooloffice. With the help of the watch man who was there she called her mother but nobody picked up. Then she decided to call her father but there was no response either. So she decided to go home on her own by telling the watch man that her house is nearby. On the way home it startded raining heavily and she stood near a shop which was closed for rain. Even some more people were there. As the rain did'nt stop paulomi left the place to reach her house.

kate lim

At last, her friend's mother brought her home.


But all the children were safe home, except Paulomi. At last her mother came and said, I' am sorry my child, I' am late. My vehicle stopped on the way. So I went to call the mechanic to get our vehicle repaired.But now we have to walk and go back home." Saying this Paulomi and her mother went home.

Gazala Ali

Paulomi waited & waited but no one came. It was growing darker.Then she decided to go home on her own. As she was crossing the road a car came from a distance. A man got down from the car and asked some information about the girl. The man dropped her home. Her mother & father thanked the young man & they lived happily.

kanaga baskar

She went back to the school, and informed here teacher that since the school closed early, here mother would not have got the message to pick here up early from the school. She asked the teacher to make a call to her mother to pick her up from the school. The school teacher also did the same. Thus she got back home early with her mother.


After few hours all the children had left the school except for Paulomi. Surprisingly her mother had not come to pick her up. What had happend to her mother? Paulomi was thinking and waiting in the school. In the meanwhile, every one had already left and she was the only girl left in the school. The school watchman was a kidnapper. He was waiting for a good oppurtunity to Kidnap Paulomi. He told her that he would take her to her house. Without suspecting anything Paulomi accepted and went with the watchman. Meanwhile Paulomi's mother reached the school and found her daughter missing. She became very worried and searched for Paulomi everywhere. Depressed and sad she reached home and was surprised to see Paulomi at home. It so happened that her father left early from his office and went to Paulomi's school. He then saw Paulomi with the watchman. He thanked the watchman for taking care to drop his daughter home without knowing that the watchman was a kidnapper. When will the kidnapper watchman be known to everyone still remains a question. So it is adviced that all children in the school should not go with any strangers.


Suddenly she remembered Momo her favourite horse. She asked all her friends to take a horse and after taking the principal's permission they rode till their house. Paulomi was welcomed with hugs by her mother and father but they were surprised to see a beautiful horse outside. Paulomi told them the whole story. After hearing the story the mother went in and brought some food for Paulomi. On Monday all the childeren brought their horses back and thanked Paulomi or her idea. Paulomi said, "Don't thank me thank Momo and her friends". And they all hugged their horses

Puspita Das

She went to a PCO and telephoned her mother. Her mother told not to be worried, as she was delayed due to floods. Little girl didnot lose her patience. She was alone near the gate but she was waiting as there was no other option to go home because her house was far away. Late in the evening her mother reached the school and picked her up. She was surprised that this small girl has developed so much patience & courage.


After few minutes all went home but paulomi's mother did not come. She walked towards the house of her teacher near the school. From there her teacher dropped her home. Her mother did not come because she was not feeling well. Her mother thanked her teacher for dropping her home.


She got scared because she thought that her mother was not going to come. But her mother eventually came at the normal time because she was at work and did not know that school was being closed due to the floods.


Paulomi went to her friend Geeta's home. From their Geeta's father dropped her home.


Her mother came in the end.


She was very angry with her mother. But then she realised that her mother had told her to come on her own ,that day ,as her mother had to go to the market.


She went home walking. She was surprised that she got a new sister to play. She became very happy.


Then she waited and waited. At last, when her teacher was leaving the school after doing her work, she saw Paulomi and told her that she could stay with her for a night at her house. When they reached the teacher's house, the teacher called up Paulomi's mother and asked her to take back Paulomi the next day. As Sun started to shine and birds started to chirp, Paulomi's mother came and told her that she'll never ever get late for picking her up from School and They lived happily ever after.

ganesh babu

She stayed back in the school.

Megha Bhatia

Suddenly a voice came from her back and she saw a lady who called her with a big smile on her face. But Paulomi ignored her. Then the lady came near her and introduced herself as her mother's friend. But Paulomi remembered the words of her mother,"Never talk to strangers". She said 'hello' to the lady and moved aside. Seeing her not interested in talking the lady went away. At that point her mother came and in the conversation her mother said that she has no friend with that name which the strange lady told. Both of them came to the conclusion that she was a kidnapper. Her mother felt sorry and promised her that she will never get late.


Paulomi had decided to walk home by herself because her house was not too far from the school.On her way back home her aunt saw paulomi walking along the roadside . Her aunt stopped her car and asked paulomi why she was walking alone?Paulomi explained to her aunt what happened and at last her aunt took Paulomi to her home.

Mohini Mathur

Suddenly one lady came offered Paulomi to drop her home. She accepted the offer and told her address to the lady. In few minutes they reached the home. Paulomi ran fast in the home and hugged her mother She and her mother thanked the lady.




She woke up. It was a dream.

harpreet singh

Suddenly she found some money in her shirt's pocket & she hired a auto & went home.


She stayed back in her school till the next day.

adil agith

Paulomi's teacher saw her crying and took her home.


She went with her friend who stayed near her house.


suddenly, it grew darker and Paulomi was scared.She ran for help. Then she fainted. A poor man saw her and brought to his house.After sometime Paulomi woke up. She found herself in a hut. She was a little scared. Then when the poor man came he told Paulomi about the incident. She thanked him. She saw that the rain had stopped. She went to her house and told about this. Her parents were happy and they rewarded the poor man with Rs.100 for taking good care of their child and for keeping her safe.


Paulomi's teacher saw her crying and took her home.


She went with home walking with her friends.

Princi Pal

She decided to go home alone. On the way to her home she forgot the path to her home and started crying. She saw her aunt passing nearby and called her "Aunt Aunt" come here then she went to her aunt's home. Now her aunt called her mother and informed her about this and asked her to come and take her home .


She searched her bag and surprisingly found some money that is enough for her to take auto and reach home safely. She took a auto from the junction and went home safely and narrated the whole story to her mother.


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