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The Flashy Motorbike

complete the story Govind was the only son of his parents. His parents doted on him. He was never denied anything. They would at times sacrifice their own needs to fulfill his.
It was Govind's eighteenth birthday. His parents asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted one of those new flashy motor bikes like the one Rahul had.
Govind's father was worried. He had gone to the showroom to enquire about the cost of the bike and was shocked to hear the price. It was going to cost a packet. He didn't know how to get the money. He had already taken a loan from his office for Govind's education. Now what could he do? Should he speak to Govind that he could not afford a bike and should he gift him something else for his birthday? But he knew that Govind would be disheartened? How could he see his only son upset?
While he was thinking so, suddenly a thought came to his mind. He knew that would solve his problem about the money.

Did Govind get the bike for his birthday? How did his father arrange for the money?


k.deepti reddy

His father had a friend who lived in the next town nearby.When his friend needed money for his mother's operation Govind's father gave him two lakhs. His father's friend had told him that he would pay back the money when he would be in trouble. So,Govind's father went to his friend and asked him to repay the money politely.When he got the money he became happy and bought a new flashy bike for Govind. From that day onwards Govind rode only his flashy new bike and appreciated his father a lot.


Govind's father decided that he would work extra hard. Everyday he came home at midnight. Govind was very surprised to know that his father was working extra hard and he was so curious about it that he went to ask his father the purpose. Father kept quiet and diverted Govind's mind. Soon Govind's father's salary was doubled and he got Rs. 1,0000 every month. Soon, he was able to buy Govind the flashy motor bike. He went home and told his wife that he had bought a motor bike. They parked the motor bike out in the shed. The next day Govind was surprise to see the bike. He thanked his parents. Wasn't it a good trick of the father?


Govind's father did hard work and got 160$ and then he got the bike. From then Govind lived happily ever after.


His father told his wife to give some of her jewellery which she didn't like. He took them to the jeweller and asked how much money I will get if I sell these. He told ten lakhs. He sold them and got the money. With that money he bought his son a bike. His son was very happy.

manasvita lakhotia

Suddenly his father got an idea, he worked in a car factory, so getting the parts would be easy and he also knew where which part would go. He got from the local shop and some he made himself using fiberglass. He worked hard for many tiring days and at last, his hardwork was rewarded. He took the finished bike to his car factory and they gladly painted it for a small sum of money. His father was very happy and when he gifted the bike to his son, the smile on his son's face was so radiant that his heart soared! His son decided to test his new bike but alas, the pedal broke due to the force that his son exerted and the bike did not start but somthing much more terrible happened! His bike fell apart. His son was astonished, when he came back to his senses,he started to laugh and his infectious laugh affected everybody and all burst out laughing. His father then explained everything to his son and his son understood and did not even look sad. Next day he had a huge smile on his face because he knew that his family cared for him. As the saying goes -" you can't have the cake and eat it too!"

jinal vijay shah

His father takes a loan from bank for the bike. There he meets bank manager who asks why you are worried. He said what had happened. Then the manager told from now you are the manager as he was going to be 60years old and Govind's father also got a bonus rupess 1crore and from that money he gave Govind the latest bike. And gave the loan of his bank and resigned from the office business.

juhi agarwal

Yes, his father arranged the money by selling his cycles & a radio.


He went to everyone he knew, and got $ 5.00 each. Then he had so much money, (because he knew a lot of people) that he bought the bike for his son.


He took Govind's money and made him realise his mistake.


After some time, Govind realized that it was a very big problem. And so Govind asked his parents not to get him a bike and was happy with what he had. Instead they gave him some pocket money. His parents were very happy that their son had changed.The family lived happily ever after. It was Govind's best birthday.


Govind's father thinks of selling his own bike and buying a bike for Govind. After some time Govind understands that his father is facing lots of troubles without his bike and gives away his to his father.

Soham Nayak

Govind's father suddenly remembered that he had given a loan to a poor friend who was now rich and the wealthiest merchant of the city. He went quickly to him and told him to repay the loan. The merchant gave him the required money and from that Govind's father bought him a bike.

disha shah

Govind indeed got a flashy bike because he had got a secret friend who use to help him at times of need. As we say 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.'


The cadet was such a bad shot that he missed himself entirely!

Hari Vikram

Govind's dad decides to sell his kidney for money and approaches a hospital. When he talks to the doctor, he finds out that this doctor is Rahul's dad. When the doctor comes to know about the cause for which this patient wants to sell his kidney, he decides to go to Rahul. He scolds Rahul to teach him a lesson to not show-off in front of others and also sells his 'Flashy Mobike'. Rahul learns a lesson and so does Govind. Here goes an old indian saying: 'Na Rahega Baas, Na Bajegi Basuri.'

atindriya ghosh

Govind's father worked day and night to accumulate enough money to buy the bike. But in order to do this he had to face numerous difficulties. Govind's father was a salesman. He travelled all day long to sell people his products. This put a huge strain on his already fragile health. Atlast after a month's perseverence he finally saved enough money to buy the bike. The night before Govind's birthday, he bought it and parked it near his house. But that night the over exertion on his body finally took it's toll. At four in the morning Govind's father took his last breath. Govind got his bike but at the cost of his father.


His father won the lottery.

pardeep batra

Govind's father did not arrange the money,he thought that companies have many schemes then he will pay the money after every month


Govind's father thought... if I present him a bike now for the next birthday he will surely ask for something which is much costlier than a bike..... may be a car!!! so Govind's father speaks to his son regarding this, and he tells his son... see my son... we are going through a very difficult phase and I cannot afford to buy a new bike for you... and according to the true indian tradition....WAT BELONGS TO THE FATHER... BELONGS TO THE SON.... so you get my bike altered according to the latest trend by fitting some latest accessories to your bike.... and Govind agrees to his fathers suggestion and lives happily ever after.


Govind's father decided that it was time to teach Govind to do some work. He told Govind, "Dear son, if you will work and earn money and hand over your earnings to me, I will buy you a bike with your own earnings." Govind agreed. He worked as a waiter in The Royal Hotel Service (a hotel which was near their house) and earned Rs.300 every month. After 2 yrs, he presented his father with Rs.2,19,000 and said 'Here are my earnings.' Govind's father went and bought a better bike than what Govind had expected. In this way his father not only taught Govind to work but also gave him a bike earned by Govind himself. Govind was very happy. His father was also happy.


Govind's father told him that he could not arrange the money for him and thus Govind bought the motorbike from his money.


Govind's father bought a bike which had the same cc and mileage but at half the cost but was not at all flashy. So he took it to the service station and told them to make it flashy from outside(modify it). The bike now looked like the one of rahul. Govind was happy with that and realised that looks are not everything.

Chun Siew

His father bought him a new flashy motor bike. Govind felt very happy to get his new motor bike and to go riding on it. But, how did his father arrange for the money? Actually, his poor father visited his uncle who was very rich. He had taken a loan from his brother and promised he will pay the money back by next year.

sun rider

Finally Govind got a new flashy motor bike and he felt very happy to ride on it . But, how did his father arrange for the money! Actually his father had got a price about $2000. So his father had money to buy a flash motor bike.

jia qian

His father borrowed some money from his friends and bought a new flashy motor bike.


Govind got his flashy motor bike. His father borrowed a sum of money from some people by knowing that it's very risky but he took the risk just to fufill his son's need.

Kashmira & Kaustubh

Govind got his motorbike.His father took the money which he had deposited in the bank.


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