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Fearless Grandma

complete the story There was once an old woman, who had a hump on her back. She lived all alone with her two dogs, Ranga and Bhanga. One day she decided to visit her granddaughter.
“Wait here until I return and come to me only if I call out for help!” she told the dogs. Then taking her walking stick, she began her journey through the forest.
On the way, she saw a wolf. The wolf was about to pounce on her, when she cried out, “ Stop! Don’t eat me now, I’m nothing but skin and bones. Wait until I return from my grand- daughter’s house for then I’ll have more flesh on my body.”
Looking at how thin she was, the wolf reluctantly agreed.
The old woman heaved a sigh of relief and continued on her journey, but she hadn’t gone too far when she saw a leopard.
“Hello grandma! You’ve come at the right time. I’m starving!” said the leopard, smacking his lips. The old woman tried the same trick again.
“I have only skin and bones, not enough to satisfy your hunger. Wait until I return from my granddaughter’s house, when I will be nice and fat, and then eat me,” she said.
The leopard agreed that it was a good idea and let her go.
Happy that her trick had worked a second time, the old woman began walking a little faster. All of a sudden, a tiger charged from a bush. But the woman did not lose courage. She convinced the tiger that he would get more to eat if he waited till she returned from her granddaughter's house.
At last she reached her granddaughter’s house. She ate and slept and was so happy with the love and attention her granddaughter showered on her that she began to put on weight. Soon she became as round as a ball. When it was time for her to return home, she told her grand daughter about the animals in the forest who were waiting to eat her up.
The grand-daughter told her not to wrorry. She found a huge gourd, put her grandmother inside it, sealed the open end and made tiny holes so that her grandmother wouldn’t suffocate. Then she gave the gourd a mighty push and it went rolling down the hill.
The tiger saw the gourd coming. He went near it and when he saw what it was, kicked it in disgust. The gourd rolled on, with the old woman inside. Soon it passed the leopard. The leopard hated gourds and repulsed by its very sight, he kicked it out of sight .
When the gourd reached the wolf, his curiosity was aroused and he went to inspect it. He tore it open with his sharp claws, and ...

What happened next? Was the old woman able to escape from the wolf?



An old man who had passed by saw that and killed the wolf.


The wolf killed the old woman and ate her.


The old woman took a stick and beat the fox dum dum and then the old woman went safely to her house.

Aditi Lakshmanan

found the grandmother inside the gourd. Then the grandmother shouted 'Help' and her dogs came running and scared the wolf away. When the grandmother reached home, she made a delicious pie for her dogs for saving her from the wolf. The next day, the grandmother told her granddaughter to stay with her forever, so that she could be safe from the wolf, leopard and tiger.

Aishik Dhar

There she was healthy and fat but terribly white out of fright. It was time, the wolf thought, to finish her off, but the woman had other plans. The woman cried out,"rang-bhang." The wolf, being foolish thought she was telling that she was colour blind and hence started to teach her all about colours. But just then, Bhanga and Rhanga, the woman's dogs, came running like a leopard and pounced on the wolf like a tiger and before long had finished the wolf just like the wolf would have liked to finish the 'humped-woman' off.


The lady was not able to get away from the wolf. The wolf and the lady made friends with each other.


Yes she called her two dogs and when they saw the old woman in trouble they quickly bit the wolf ' s tail and the wolf squealed in pain and by the time the old woman and her dogs escaped and in this way the old woman escaped from the wolf.


The old woman did not escape.


When the old lady thought that the dog was so hungry she was scared and she escaped.


The wolf opened the gourd and saw the grandma. The grandma stepped out of the gourd and told to the wolf "Don't eat me. I am very fat and if you eat me you will become fat too; You are a wolf and you don't have the right to kill me. I am a god's creature, do you know about god?" The wolf told "no I don't ". The grandma told the wolf about god and how he is great. The wolf was moved by the grandma's story and agreed not to eat her. It also came along with her and became her friend. Everyday the grandma would tell a story about god to the wolf when it comes. Thus the two dogs got a new companion. They all lived happily ever after.


He found the old lady inside and asked, "woman why are you in this gourd?"


Then the old woman ran away as wind and lived happily ever after.


The wolf ate her


The old woman pretended to be dead and as the wolf did not recognise her he too kicked the gourd.


The wolf was about to kill the grandmother.The grandmother screamed for help.The father of the grand daughter was a woodcutter and he had an axe in his hand.As soon as he heard the scream, he knew it was his mother's scream and he killed the wolf.

swati nair

The old woman called for her dogs and and the dogs chased the wolf away and lived happily ever after.

marikanohira rakaii

The old woman took the ceramic pot that her granddaughter had given her and cracked it over the wolf's head.When the dizzy wolf was still spinning around and clutching his head,she ran off to her home back in her own village.

Etsomi Haraguya

The grandma took some cookies and offered them to the wolf,saying,"Here,these are better-tasting than me.I baked them myself.Want some?"The wolf tasted the cookies and said,"These are indeed better-tasting than you.Can I take the whole jar?"The grandma said,"Okay"and the wolf took the cookies and ran off.The grandma then went home.

shruti joshi

Grandmother got scared. She closed her eyes.Suddenly,she heard an aaa... thapp... sound. She opend her eyes and saw her two dogs Ranga and bhanga.They had killed the wolf. Grandmother burried the wolf and went home happily. She gave her pets a pleasant look and gave them a lot of food. And so ever after they lived a happy life.


He saw the Grandma. But she pretended to be dead. The foolish wolf thought that she had died a long time before. He said to himself "This woman is rotting . I will fall sick if I eat her." He closed the gourd and kicked it.The gourd went down the hill and stopped. When the grandma found that the gourd was not moving,she used her walking stick to make an opening. She got out and found that her little cottage was 20 miles away from there. Being old and fat, she got tired quickly. She called her dogs who carried her home. Pleased with them, she baked a lovely blackforest cake and a blueberry pie for her dogs and herself. While they were eating, she received a call from her grand daughter.Grandma told her that she was fine. And the trio lived happily ever after.


The grandma said that she will go to her house and eat more food so that she could become more fat and there will be more flesh for the wolf to eat. The wolf agreed and the clever grandma went home happily.


The wolf didn't do any harm to her because it saw a divine light in her eyes.


Grandma was now so strong that she beat the wolf with her stick and the wolf ran away.


The old woman befriended the wolf.


Grandma shouted for help and the dogs came running to help her. The dogs frightened the wolf away.


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