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The Wise Fox

complete the story Sheru, the king of the beasts is tired of hunting. He does not any longer want to go to the jungles for his food. He tells this to his minister, Crafty, the wolf. Crafty suggests an idea to the King . Sheru agrees to his plan and sends a message to his animal subjects. Crafty makes an announcement:
"The King is ill. He is receiving visitors, but one by one, please!"
Every day, one animal goes to see the sick lion. Finally, it was the turn of Willy, the fox to meet the lion.
Willy arrives at Sheru's den. The moment he reaches the den, he smells something fishy. He hesitates and peers doubtfully into the dark interior of the cave.
"Come inside, my friend," says Sheru weakly. "Why are you waiting there?"
"I shall stay outside, Your Highness, thank you!" replies Willy.
"But why?" growls Sheru with an effort.

What did Willy answer? Why did he find the cave fishy?




ramesh vaidya

"I see all the footsteps going only inwards but no footsteps coming outwards", replied the fox.


Willy found the cave fishy, because he found, footsteps going into the cave, but no footsteps seemed to return from the cave. Willy the fox was clever enough to sense what was going on. As a precautionary measure he did not dare to enter the cave as he was sure that Sheru would make him his meal.


"But, your majesty I forgot to get the fruits and flowers which I had plucked for you! I'll get them right away. I'll be back in an hour. See you, your highness." The beast got angry but waited patiently. Meanwhile, Willy ran to the neighbouring jungle and begs the beast of that jungle Meru to kill sheru who was meru's rival. Meru agreed and pretending to be willy entered the cave and killed Sheru. The animals of the forest thanked him and lived happily without any rule.

Lynne King

The king had told his subjects that if they came to visit him they were to bring a fish for him to eat as the local medicine man had predicted that his sickness was curable with a diet of fresh fish. As he was obviously too weak to go fishing, his visitors wouldn't mind fishing for him if they knew this would heal him. The king had gorged himself on the gifts of fish brought by his generous subjects, but hadn't bargained on so many so he had laid the excess in a pile in the corner of the cave. These were now beginning to rot, though, and were giving off a disgusting smell of fish putrification that his visitors could no longer tolerate. The King would soon have to leave the cave as well as he was becoming genuinely ill from the stench himself. The lesson taught here is that the person who is greedy and lazy will soon have to find his own way as all his friends will desert him when the stench given off from these two ugly character flaws becomes intolerable.


He told,"I shall bring a herb as a medicine for your illness. I just came to see you and hearing your voice I did get the idea of your illness".He went back and brought a poisonous herb and told Sheru, "You may have this medicine so that you will be cured and be active soon." Willy knew that in the black cave Crafty was hiding in the name of Sheru so that he would get to eat each animal without working.


Willy found the cave fishy because sheru had a nice meal. But he wanted something special that day so he told Willy to come and share the food with him. But actually Sheru had planned to pounce on Willy when he comes and eat him up. But Willy was intelligent he told that he did not want to share the food and he had to go out for some work. So Willy escaped from the traps of Sheru.


"Because I'm not a stupid to risk my life",said Willy. He found the cave fishy because Sheru killed all the animals and a bad smell was there. When he peered into the dark interior of the cave, he saw the bones of the dead animals.


"I think you have eaten all the animals", said the fox and walked away.


He saw the animals going inside but not coming outside. So he told the King,"Your Highness, I forgot to bring flowers and chocolates for you. Give me some time to bring those things." Saying this he ran away from there.


"Your highness, if you want me to come inside, just send the other animals out. I know the animals are decreasing everyday. You aren' t sick at all .You are eating up all the animals.",said Willy. And from that day, Sheru used to be not be the king of beasts but the king of wise animals.


Then Willy said, "If you want many visitors, I will bring you my family as well." Sheru agreed, but he said' "Crafty, you go with Willy as his family might be reluctant to come." Crafty agreed. Then Willy thought that if Crafty was following him he couldn't escape. So he said, "Oh!!!!!! Dear Crafty, I forgot to tell you that while I was coming to meet the king, your wife told me that your son had died." Crafty replied, "I don't have a son!" So Willy said, "Oh!!!!!!!!!! I was going to tell you that you are going to have a son and so I advise you to return home immediately or your wife will be angry with you." So Crafty ran home. Then when he reached home he said, "Where is the baby??? I can't see anyone." He saw the baby and fed it. By that time Willy had reached home and shifted his family to another place. MORAL: NEVER BELIEVE IN CRAFTY PEOPLE.

sudeshna chaudhuri

Willy saw the footsteps of the animals who visited the lion. There footsteps were going in but not coming back. He also noticed some of his friends who had gone to visit the lion had not came back. Willy also smelled something dreadful.


"I see all the footsteps going inside the cave but no footsteps coming outside.", replied the fox.

Chong Kit yau

The fox told, "I shall bring some medicine for you. I just came to see you and I now got the idea of your illness". The fox went back and took some poisonous medicine and told Sheru, "You may have this medicine so you will be cure and be active soon."


"Your Majesty, when I saw you are old, I have thought for myself because I was as old as you. If I die, I can't see my children and my grandchildren."

Chase Tavarez

"I do not want to catch your illness so I will stay here." said Willy. "Why are a few foxes missing. First Jill, then Remy, then Alsada, and now me. Well maybe me. Willy pondered for a few minutes. "WHY DON'T YOU COME IN HERE AND GIVE ME SOME SUPPORT!!! Oops." Squealed Sheru. "YOU ARE NOT SICK! YOU ARE EATING THE FOXES AND YOU ARE THE KING OF THE BEASTS SO YOU CAN EAT ANYTHING!!" Yelled Willy. He ran at top speed to his cove (yes cove not cave). Sheru ran behind him. "My diet plans will be ruined! Foxes are good in protein and not full of trans-fat/ trans-fatty acids. Just like grass." Said Sheru. Suddenly he got an idea. "I got it fox or I believe your name is Willy." Sheru said. Sheru bent over and started...ew... eating grass. "Ugh. Why Sheru?" Wimpered Willy. "Because my boy. Grass is way healthier then you foxes. I will just keep my collection of fish Crafty gives me and eat grass after my meals." Said Sheru with a full mout of grass. "I will spare your life, but tell anyone and I will think twice and you don't want that, got it?" " Yes Sheru." "Good then Willy. Now go. I need to eat my grass."


The thirsty crow looked around and saw few pebbles scattered in the yard.He had an idea. He picked one of them and dropped it into the pitcher. The level of the water rose a little. Then he dropped pebble after pebble, till he could reach the water drink comfortably and quench his thirst.


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