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Waiting for a Miracle

complete the story Today Medha would complete a year after her operation. It was on the same day last year that she had fallen down unconscious in the garden while playing and then some kids had run home to call her mother and with the help of some neighbours she had been rushed down to the hospital.
The doctors conducted a lot of tests on her over the next week and then finally the cause was found - her heart had three holes in it! One hole was very big and the other two were small. The big one had to be closed fast and so the doctors recommended immediate operation.
The hospital where she had been admitted was the best one for such treatment and so after some more tests and other formalities, Medha had been operated upon. The operation was successful and she recovered from it soon.
But the other two holes were still a major concern. The doctors said because of her young age she could not be operated upon immediately once again. She would have to come back after a year for a check up and they could only pray that it would not have become more big or a miracle would have closed the holes.
Now today she had come for her check up. As she waited with her parents outside the doctors room, she couldn't stop the anxiety overcoming her.

What would the tests show? Will Medha have to undergo another operation? Or would the holes have been closed?



As she enters the doctors room her heart starts beating faster and she feels a strong pain in her chest and faints. The doctor rushes her into the ICU fearing that her holes might have grown bigger and her heart is tested and it is found that 1 of the 2 smaller holes had been completly sealed but the other one was still there since it was the bigger of the two. So the doctors discharged her saying that they would wait for a few more days and see if it would completly seal else they would operate her. When she returns after some more days for her check up it is found that the hole had completly sealed and that she was perfectly alright.


Soon the doctor came and examined her for one hour or so. Medha became very nervous and anxious and for once she felt like crying but soon the doctor pulled a serious face and said ' I am afraid......I really am afraid........that you have to go home now.' Medha was so relieved that she hugged the doctor in joy.


The tests show that Medha's heart holes would have closed. The doctor said that it was a miracle.


And then nothing happend.


Medha will not have to undergo another operation! The two small holes in her heart were closed! Lucky her!


After the first operation Medha started for brisk walking her mother who was working in a software company had resigned the job and her mother was taking her for walking in the morning and evening and her father was very much attached to her he was bringing nice toys to play and had kept her like anything that through the moments of joy she should forget the operation and the hole should close by itself . By the way of joy and happiness her heart was functioning normally and when she went to the doctor for check up doctor got surprised! The hole in her heart was closed and doctor admired her for the walking and mental peace and she came home happily with her parents and enjoyed the life going to school spending time with her mother in the evening by going walking what she had missed when her mother was working and got distinction in that year.

juhi agarwal

The test will show that the holes have been fiiled. She will not have any more operation. It is a miracle.


When the report was checked doctors were surpised the other two holes were not there. Doctors could not believe thier eyes. They congratulated Medha's parents that she has been favoured by the god. They went home happily.


She was sick so her neighbours called. Then the doctor says she is okay. Her mother was so happy that she even cried and thanked God every day.


Her eyes moved everywhere, waiting for her turn. As soon as a call came Medha rushed to hear a positive reply. The doctor was happy to see her, and to everyone's surprise her heart condition was normal and there was no cause to worry. Medha's and her parent's prayers had been answered. They thanked God and the doctor for everything.


Her anxiety came to an end. It was both a miracle and misery. The miracle was one hole in her heart was closed. But, the other hole became more bigger. The doctor told that there should be an immediate operation to be done before it gets worse. They took her to the operation theater. After a while they told her parents that there was less possiblities for her recovery. They told her to come back after a month. When she came back for her check-up, the doctors were suprised to see the hole being vanished. They told Medha that she was lucky to escape from her condition. Medha went home as a happier girl.


To Medha's anxiety and her parents prayers the doctor called her and her parents and told that since she is young and taken lots of medicines for the operation and healthy nourishing food one of her hole has closed and the other hole has become small and there is no need for another operation, slowly it will close by itself as she is a small child and a growing child. Medha and her parents were very happy and she joined school and thereafter life for Medha was very happy and cool.


The result shows that the holes in her heart has been closed.


The story shows us that the two holes will be closed.


The doctors said they would have to do one more operation but in the morning when they were about to start the operation one hole was sealed and the other vanished! It was a miracle!


The doctor told Medha needed another operation after exam unless she will fall from tree again!!Of course, the two small holes in her heart sealed completely.


At this Sneha became very frightened. She started expecting the worst. Asha continued," Well Sneha as you very well know that you are the only person who has not been called by Dolly and I know that you are pretty upset about that..........." Just then Sneha heard voices outside her house that sounded quite familiar to her. She could even catch a glimpse of Asha giving a slight smile. 'But as a matter of fact" said Asha as if distracting Sneha's train of thoughts on hearing the sudden voices "Dolly had decided many days before her birthday that she would celebrate the same in your house only and so you were told nothing about that just to give you a pleasant surprise. After all Dolly is such a good friend of yours. How in the wide world can she ever forget you? You also need not worry about arranging food for us or anything else. Everything has been beautifully arranged by us all. You just need to enjoy the party at your own house." This surprising news gave Sneha limitless happiness and she proceeded to give a very big hug to Dolly and led every one inside the house to have one of the marvellous parties that she had ever had in her life. After all 'All is well that ends well'


She was turning weaker and weaker everyday. After the few days when she went through heart test it was found that her two small holes had became very large and doctors were not sure that she would live any longer after the operation. But that day a man died in the hospital in an accident. Doctors transplanted his healthy heart to Medha and the operation was successful and she lived happily ever after. Medha's family thanked doctors for saving Medha's precious life as she was their only DAUGHTER.


The two holes had got closed and the doctor said it was a miracle.


Medha was a bit upset. But her parents told her that there were many cases where the holes in the heart were closed automatically. She slowly forgot about her illness. As per the Doctor's advice,the medicines & exercises were continued. Today she entered the Doctor's room expecting a good news from the Doctor which really came true. There were no holes at all ! Medha was lucky to have such caring parents .


Suddenly,she heard the doctor calling her name. She went inside the operation theater with shaking hands and legs. Soon,the doctor operated Medha and found that the two holes had become bigger and worse. Unfortunately, Megha died soon after the operation.


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