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Gopal’s Adventure

complete the story Gopal, a eleven year old boy was enjoying the much awaited summer vacations. He spent his time reading books, playing football with his friends and surfing the net. He often went to his friend Ravi’s house, where they both spent time together. One day when he was returning back home from Ravi’s house he saw some people putting a stray dog forcefully into a van. As he went closer he realized that the stray dog was none other than Moti, the watchman’s dog. He heard Moti cry and shout for help. Gopal ran behind the van in order to save Moti. But it was of no use. The van sped away.

How did Gopal save Moti? Who were those people who took Moti away?



Gopal took a maginifing glass and searced for any clues then he saw the cars tyres sign. He took some tools with him and went on a journey then he reaced the place and he saw that there were many dogs barking loudly even Moti when he saw the enterance there was a big queue of pepole who want dogs for protection in the night somehow Gopal rescued Moti.

gayathri kiran

Then he immediately ran to his house and told his parents who were considered to be animal lovers about the incident. They paid a huge amount of money and set the dog free.


Those people were taking moti to hospital as moti was not keeping well. Then Gopal went to the watchman told him everything . The watchman told Gopal that as moti was not keeping well he had called for an ambulance.


He called the watchman and told about moti to him. The watchman understood that those people were from the muncipality. He along with Gopal went to the muncipality office and freed moti.


Gopal ran behind the van but of no use. The van sped away. Then he put his cycle into gear & went to the watchman & told him about Moti being whisked away. Luckily Gopal had noted the van's number. They together went & lodged a complaint with the police. The police tracked the van in a remote place in the city. The police laid a trap in that particular place & nabbed the culprits alongwith Moti. After interrogating the culprits, they came to know that they were none other than a gang of robbers who were wanted in many burglary cases in the locality. They put Moti in the van with the intention of killing it & looting some houses in Moti's society. Since it was summer time & many houses were locked as they had gone on vacation & this was a nice time to rob the houses. The police patted Gopal's back for noting down the van's number which helped them to nab the gang of cuprits. The watchman was happy that he got Moti back & he gifted Gopal with a bar of ice cream. Moti in turn was happy that he was back with his master started licking Gopal all over his face.

Nitya Bakshi

Just then their next door neighbour, Dr. Batra came along in his car. Gopal waved to him and requested him to follow the van. He narrated the whole incident to him on the way. Dr. Batra soon overtook the van and waved it to stop. They asked the people in the van who they were and why they had taken Moti - the dog. It turned out that the people had a contract with MCD to catch all the stray dogs in the area and take them to the dog pound. Since Moti was not wearing any collar they had picked him up too. Gopal explained to them that Moti was certainly not a stray dog and belonged to their watchman. Dr. Batra also supported Gopal on this issue. The people reluctantly gave Moti back to Gopal and asked him to put a collar on him. Soon Moti was a proud owner of a beautiful collar.

Sayantan Tarafdar

Then Gopal went to the nearest police station and told the police that two men unjustly carried away the watchman's dog Moti. Ramu had noted down the number of the van which he told the police. After a day they found the van with Moti. By asking them they replied that they want to take away the dog and kill it , because of the dog then went to jail five times as each time the dog caught them stealing and running.The two thieves were put into jail again. The watchman thanked Gopal and praised him for his bravery.

Rutuja chhajed

Gopal noted the van's number.Gopal & Ravi found out the owner of that van & his address with the help of Internet. Next Day they went to that place And saw the people who took away Moti ,the watchman’s dog . They saw a pet shop where there were many dogs ,cats etc.They found that these people used to kidnap animals from streets, houses and sell them . They went to the police and told their whole story. Next day the police came & caught the people. Gopal & Ravi were very happy to see Moti back. All other animal pets were also rescued. The police thanked Gopal & Ravi and gave the bravery medals to them.All were proud of the both.These summer vacations were the most wonderful vacations for Gopal & Ravi.


Gopal smartly noted down the van number. He knew it was useless to cycle behind the van. He would just not be able to catch up with them. He went to Ravi's house. Ravi's dad was an Inspector. From the description gopal gave, Ravi's dad realised that the men were 2 of the wanted robbers. With the van number the men were traced and locked up in jail. On questioning they came to know that the men had drugged the dog and were taking him away as he was a good watch dog who guarded the street very well. They had tried to rob houses on that street many times but the dogs barking stopped them. With the dog out of the way they decided to rob some houses (whose people were away on summer vacation) that very night. Gopal was handsomely rewarded by the police.

abhishek malpure

Gopal ran fast to watchman's cabin. He told that the municipal office people took away moti. Then watchman and gopal went to municipal office immediately. They found moti there. They told the people that moti was not a stray dog and thus give back moti to them. The municipal office people gave moti to watchman.


Gopal saved moti by telling his master and by giving a complaint in the police station.

Arnav Ghosh

Gopal ran after the van. He was the champion sprinter in school and had no trouble following the vehicle.Luckily the van entered a bylane and stopped near a house. The driver got down and entered the house. Gopal read the name plate which showed that the house belonged to a veterinarian named Dr. Sohail Singh. He made it a point to remember the name. Opening the door on the driver's side he saw the ignition keys and quickly took them off and put in his pocket. He released Moti and the two sprinted towards their house. Gopal immediately telephoned the police about the incident giving the name of the doctor and the van number. The police informed him they were looking for a gang of dog thieves and thanked him for his discovery.

Rekha Chander

Gopal ceverly noticed the van number.He went to the watchman and told that his dog had been carried away by some one and even told the van number.Soon they both went to the police. The policed found the van in a month's time and Moti was saved.The people were actually those who wanted all breeds of dogs so that they could sell it and make a nice amount of money. So as gopal found the people who carried Moti he was handsomely rewarded.


Gopal and his friend Ravi thought of a plan. Taking a shotcut, Gopal sat on the road ahead of the van, while Ravi hid in a bush. The driver honked and honked but Gopal did not move. The driver stopped the van and came down. Ravi quietly opened the door of the van and Moti came out. Seeing Moti safe, Gopal and Ravi also ran away in different directions. They reached home safe and happy.


Raju suspected Madan. He was sure that Madan had slowly taken the pen. He was angry and was about to shout at Madan, but the recess bell rang and he went back to class. He saw that he had left the pen on his desk.


Gopal called the police as he saw the number on the van. He and the police man set a trap. The rouges were trapped. Gopal got a silver medal for saving Moti.

Lim Qi Qing

He was so observant. He noticed the car number and noted it down. He hurriedly ran to the watchman and told him that some men took Moti away.Gopal gave the watchman a piece of paper in which he had noted the car number of the van. The watchman patted Gopal's head and said he is a clever boy. He went to the police station and told one of the police everything and got Moti back.

Kimberly Quah

The van was going too fast,even faster for a horse to catch up.After the van was gone,Gopal went home to think of who those people were and why would they want to catch Moti."Ring,Ring,"the telephone was ringing!Gopal ran to pick up the phone.It was someone asking for ten thousand dollars to release Moti and hung up.It was a ransom! Gopal thought.But again he thought and wondered why did the ransom come to him instead of the watchman.But the ransom caller gave him an idea.He check for the phone number again in the 'who called earlier' section in the telephone. "92334587" the telephone read out. That number was Mr Fraasder's handphone number! No wonder the voice sounded so familiar. No time to waste,so Gopal rushed to the police and told them everything.With the help of Gopal the police managed to arrest the dog theft in an hour. The police called the watchman, Moti's master,to come get him from the place Mr Fraasder got arrested. Moti's master got to it right away and soon Moti was home safe and sound.


Gopal quickly took out a pen and paper to write down the van's license plate number. He wanted to tell the watchman what he saw and started to run to the watchman’s post. The watchman was about two kilometers away and Gopal reached there in about eleven minutes. He told the watchman everything that he saw and gave the number to him. The watchman quickly called the police. The police used some tracking device to track down the van but there was no sight of the thieves. After a week's time the police were able to capture the thieves. The next day the police interrogated them and found out they were from a gang called the Black Armed Gang, even though the police asked were Moti was they would not answer. The police also found out that the thieves were going to rob the bank. The main cause for the thieves to take Moti was because Moti always was around and it would also be easier to rob the bank if Moti was not around. The police found Moti in the basement of the Black Armed Gang's secret hideout. Everyone was happy that Moti was home safe and sound.


The mud ball said 'How will we escape?'.The leaf said 'My uncle lives nearby. We can go to his home till the thunder is over.' The mud ball agreed. They went to him and were saved.

Kirsten Anne Tan En

Gopal copied the van's license plate number and ran to tell the watchman. After hearing the news the watchman thanked Gopal and quickly called the police. The police tracked the van down but the theives were not found, but had left their fingerprints. In one week, the theives were found and Moti came back safe and sound.


Gopal saw a bicycle at the side of the road. He jumped onto the bicycle and rode it. He pedaled as fast as he could ,however the van was too fast for the bicycle. Just when he was about to give up,the van stopped outside a house. Two men came out of the van and went into the house.Gopal quickly ran to the van and heard some dogs barking.He quietly opened the door of the van and Moti was one of the dogs which came out first. Five other dogs followed Moti and they were barking happily. Moti recognized Gopal and pounded onto him. The neighbours came out to see what was happening and the two men came out of the house. Gopal noticed the two men and shouted out aloud "Thieves!Thieves! The neighbours came out and surrounded the two thieves. One of the neighbours called the police,who came in few minutes. The police arrested the two thieves. The police thanked Gopal and he went home with the bicycle with Moti running behind him after the police had arrested the two thieves. Gopal brought Moti to the watchman and the watchman rewarded Gopal for everthing he had done with an icecream. When Gopal reached home, he told his mother everything that had happened and his mother praised him that he was a good boy. Gopal returned the bicycle to the owner and said sorry and thank you for not asking for a permisson and for using it to save the life of many dogs.

Beverly Tan

"It is reduntant." Gopal said to himself. All of a sudden, a brilliant idea struck him. Without a moment's hesitation, he noted down the car's number plate and then immediately ran to the watchman's post. When Gopal reached the watchman's post, he told every single thing he saw. The watchman immediately called for the police and told the police to track down the car. Within minutes, the incessant wailing of the police car siren could be heard. The police told Gopal and the watchman that the robbers had been thrown behind bars. Justice was finally served and no one could escape the long arms of law. As for Gopal, he was given a medal for his bravery and quick thinking.

Megan Foo Yun

Gopal had a good look at the grey van. He wanted to take down the van's licence plate number, but could not find his paper pad. He dug into his pocket, but to no avail. In the end, Gopal had to write out the number on his palm. He ran to the watchman's post, and told the watchman all that he knew. Everything he described was so detailed that the watchman felt like he was at the scene. They hurriedly called the police. Soon after, three policemen arrived in a blue and white car. They asked a lot of questions. Gopal remembered to give them the van's licence plate number. An hour later,the police found Moti and the theives. Moti returned to his owner, and the crimminals were sent to prison.


Moti's barks and Gopal's shouts attracted passer-bys and they tried to save Moti. A few other people called the police and they arrived in a few minutes. However when they arrived, their help was not needed. Moti was alright and was immediately returned to the watchman. The watchman thanked Gopal and the passer-bys and went home with Moti.

Kimberly Kou

Gopal told the watchman everything and together they went searching for Moti. As they were walking , they heard a dog's barking sound from a house which sounded like the watch man's dog. They quickly hid behind the corner and called the police to catch the thieves.


Gopal ran behind the van. When the van reached the office, Gopal entered the office and told,"This dog which your workers have brought is my dog. It is a pet dog. Please give back my dog." Then the senior officer told him,"There are some formalities to be completed for this dog." Gopal agreed and completed all formalities to take moti back. When they reached home the gatekeeper was very happy to see moti. He loved him very much. Moti came near Gopal and started licking his legs to show his gratitude.

vedant pathak

Gopal asked why Moti was being taken away. The watchman told that Moti had some disease & was not ready to vet either. So the dog speacialists had to take him away forcefully.


Gopal took the van number as they left and he ran fast to the watchman but the watchman wasnt tensed but he was happy because his dog had some kind of disease whch could be cured but Moti refused to go.

vaness lim

Gopal took the van number as they left and he ran very fast to the watchman but the watchman wasn't tensed but he was happy because his dog had some kind of disease which could be cured but Moti refused to go.

Tim Duncan

Gopal had a good look at the grey van. He wanted to take down the van's licence plate number, but could not find his paper pad. He dug into his pocket, but to no avail. However when they arrived, their help was not needed. Moti was alright and was immediately returned to the watchman. Moti came near Gopal and started licking his legs to show his gratitude.

Chase Tavarez

He ran all the way home. He found his parents in the den watching "Cartoon network". He told them what happened. His parents called the watchman. He went to the pound and bought Moti for $10. The watchman thanked Gopal by giving him 3 tickets to a NFL game. 1 for him, other for mom, and other for dad.



Princess Khyati

They took moti to hospital as he was not well and when Gopal went to the watchman, the watchman had told him that moti was not keeping well so he had only called for an ambulance.

mANU bhat

Gopal will run and get on the truck. He will open the door, get the dog go inside the truck , wait until the truck stops and he will get off and give Moti to the watchman.

s.chaitanya nitin

Suddenly,the vans tyre got puntured. The robbers got off the van and repairing the van. Then Gopal took Motu out from the van and he called police from his phone.The police prisoned the robbers,and Gopal was rewarded by the government for his bravery.


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