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Who Was The Thief?

complete the story Raju, a eight-year-old boy was very happy as his school was reopening. He was going to meet his friends after a long summer vacation. Another reason why he couldn't wait to go to school was he wanted to show his friends the brand-new red pen which his uncle had bought him from Singapore.
In the recess when he opened his pencil-box to show the pen to his best friend Suresh, he found the pen missing. He was in tears. He remembered that when he had taken it out to write a sum in the Maths notebook, Madan who sat besides him had commented," What a lovely pen! Where did you get it from?"

Where could it have gone? Had someone stolen the pen? Did Raju get back his pen?



Madan had stolen the pen and kept it in his bag. Then Raju told his class teacher about the incident. Then the classteacher told every one to search for it. The teacher had a doubt on madan. When the school was over the class teacher called madan and started unpacking his bag. She found the red pen of Raju. She gave it to Raju and scolded Madan and told him not to this again. Madan apologised for the mischief he did as he had learnt his lesson.


Raju started crying pointing towards Maddan. He told Madan to return his pen otherwise he would complain to the principal. But Prachi advised Raju not to panic and be calm. She asked Raju to take out all the things from his schoolbag. He checked all the books and he cried with joy "oh,its here." The pen was there in his maths book.every body including madan was happy because all class mates were looking towards him as if he was thief.

Ashritta Ramesh

Raju had a feeling that it was Madan . Instead of telling Madan himself , he decided to tell his parents to tell Madan's parents that Madan had stolen Raju' s pen . He told his parents that his pen was missing and that he thought that Madan had stolen it . His parents told Madan' s parents that Raju' s pen was missing and they thought that their son ,Madan, had stolen it . So, Madan's parents questioned Madan when he came home. "Have you STOLEN Raju' s PEN?", asked his father. "Yes" said Madan in a small voice. His father said he was ashamed of him. So Madan gave back the pen and the two of them became firm friends from then onwards.

Clare Peh Wei Ting

He told his teacher,Mr Singh, and he asked if it was a red pen and Raju nodded.He asked if it was the pen that Madan had found on the floor.Raju asked Mr Singh if he could take a look at the pen and when he saw it,the pen was excatly the same as the pen his uncle had brought! He was overjoyed.Mr Singh praised Madan for being honest.From then on, Raju learnt to be careful with his things.


The next day Raju asked Madan,"Can I see your Maths book?" "Sure",Madan replied. Raju saw his book. They had homework yesterday.He saw the homework.The ink of his pen and Madan's pen were the same.Madan was found guilty.He gave back the pen and got a nice punishment from his class teacher. Madan surely learnt his lesson.

k.deepak vijayalu

Madan may have taken the pen during the maths period for writing and must have forgotten to return. It was when suresh told Madan that Raju had lost his beautiful pen, he remembered that he had forgotten to return it. Then Madan returned the pen back to raju and said sorry for being forgetful.


Raju was recollecting what Madan commented about his pen. After recess, when he was at the class, he went to Madan, and politely asked him- "Have you got my pen?" Though madan had Raju's pen, he told Raju that he did not have it. Then, Raju's friend, Harish distracted Madan, so that Raju can search for the pen in Madan's Pencil box. When Harish was distracting Madan, Raju searched for the pen, and he found it. As soon as he found out, he went away from the place silently, and even Harish went away silently. Raju showed his pen to his friends, and from thereon, he was very cautious about his own things.

Caitlin Chay

Raju raced off to find Madan. Once he caught sight of Madan,Raju yelled,"Madan!Wait!" Madan stopped in his tracks. Raju ran up to him. "Did you take my brand-new pen?",he questioned Madan. Madan shook his head and quickly hid something behind his back.Raju then asked ,"Hey!What's that?" Madan suddenly cried. Raju was shocked. "Oh I've taken it!I'm sorry! I just could not resist!It was such a nice pen.Please forgive me!", Madan pleaded.

Paridhi Rustogi

Raju was a careless boy and was rather very exited about his pen. So,when the period before the recess ended he forgot to put his pen back in the pencil box and it accidently fell into his bag.The day at school ended but he could not find his pen,so disheartened he returned home. He was very sad that his pen was lost and even his parents scolded him for being so careless.And when he was unpacking his bag to do his homework suddenly he started shouting and running around his house,for a moment even his parents thought that he had gone insane but then they saw his very own pen in his hand and were very happy. Raju found his beloved pen at the bottom of his bag,then gradually he figured out what happened and he promised to be more careful and alert.His family rejoiced.And he also promised that he would never blame anyone without any proof.


The biggest pen stealer in the class had watched that. His name was John. Raju thought that John must have stolen the pen. He complained to the teacher and she checked John's bag but it still was not there. Then suddenly he saw a red glittering thing under his bag.When he picked up and stared, the teacher asked''what happened Raju?'' She looked at Raju and understood that he had found his pen.

Kavita Sivaramakrishnan

Raju said proudly that his uncle got it from Singapore. Raju was very happy that Ravi and all his other friends have noticed his beautiful, unique pen. So he knew heart of hearts that Madan was the culprit because it was he who commented on his pen. Raju was furious with Madan and immediatedly reported the matter to his teacher. The teacher came and questioned Madan. Madan felt sad that Raju had suspected him and said that he only commented about the pen and never had anything to do with it. Still Raju knew heart of hearts that Madan was the culprit. Raju was upset the whole period after that. He couldn't even eat his lunch properly. As Raju bent down to take his waterbottle from his lunch bag and he found something shining. He knew he had seen it before, it was after all his brand new red pen. In his excitement to show his pen to Suresh, he had carelessly put the pen down which had fallen inside his lunch bag. Raju felt sad that he doubted his friend without a reason. Raju's teacher wisely added , " Your hasty decision could have made someone a culprit. Never jump to hasty conclusions Raju without carefully analysing the circumstances and situations behind it." Raju realised his mistake and said sorry to Madan.


The thief is Suresh. Raju checked Suresh's pencil box and found that Suresh was the thief. Raju scolded Suresh , took the pen back from him and broke the friendship with him.


Madan had stolen it.

pratibha bagdy

Madan was jealous that Raju had got such a nice pen. Then Raju complained to his teacher. The teacher Madan's bag and box. She got it in Madan's box thus Raju got back his pen.


Actually when Raju had taken out his pen he had actually given it to the teacher who had asked for a pen. The teacher actually forgot to give it back. But the next day when the teacher came back she remembered that the pen was with her and she returned it happily,and in this way Raju got his pen. MORAL: Be truthful

Preeti Kale

Raju sat on his chair and cried in the recess when no one was around him. Along came another friend of his-Gopal. Gopal couldn't bear to see his friend! So he went to him. Gopal knew that Raju had lost his pen. Gopal said, "Do you know what, Raju?!" Raju asked," What?" "I have always wanted to be a detective". Raju who was already upset said,"So what?! What's the big deal about being a detective? Huh!!" still crying. Gopal said, "Raju, please take it easy. You have lost your pen and I want to be a detective. This will be my first mystery case to solve as a detective!! The mystery of the red pen!" Gopal exclaimed a little mysteriously. Gopal suggested that they should go looking for clues about the missing pen. This cheered up Raju immediately and he agreed. He wiped his tears and brightened up. They went out of the class and Gopal asked, "Now , who was the first person you showed the pen to?" Raju said, "Madan". "Great! Let's go to the field" Gopal said. Raju asked a bit surprised, "Why do we have to go to the field? Gopal said that they had to go to the field because Madan always played cricket in the field and had his lunch there. So both of them walked to the field and saw Madan there too! Raju went over to Madan who was playing cricket. Raju and Gopal asked Madan to come to the class with them as they wanted to ask him a question. So Madan went with the two of them. When they reached the class, Gopal asked Madan, "Did you take Raju's red pen? Show me your pencil case!" Gopal said in an almost stern voice. This almost scared Madan. Madan asked, "W-W-W-W-Why?" But without answering Madan, Gopal went over to Madan's place and took his pencil case and opened it and.................HE FOUND THE PEN!!!!!!


Madan had taken his pen .

Kimberly Quah

Madan was very sorry for Raju,and told him that he did not have it.It was later when Nina, Madan's twin sister,found a shining red pen on the floor. Thinking it was nobody's,she picked it up and began to use it. "Hey!That is my pen!"Raju shouted to Nina.Nina asked Raju a few questions about how the pen was talking before giving it back to him. Raju was so happy to have his red pen back and could not wait to tell his mother about what happened to him today.

Sahithi Ravada

Raju then complained to the teacher. He said that somebody had taken his pen and in the maths lesson he had it. He thought why would any one take it. He thought that maybe Madan might have stolen it.Just then the teacher incharge told every one to clear their bags. It was Madan who stole it.The teacher asked Madan "Why did you steal his pen?".He replied "Miss,I liked it. Never ever do that. Raju then got his pen and said sorry to Raju.

Shruti Gokarn

Madan was fascinated with the pen. Immediately, Raju was convinced that Madan had taken the pen, he also confronted Madan about this. Madan was very upset about this and denied stealing the pen. He was on the verge of tears as his friend doubted his honesty. Their teacher Mr.Ramnaresh Tripathi was an intelligent man. He saw the predicament Madan was facing and promised the boys that he would look for the pen and give it to Raju by the next day. Mr. Tripathi organised a competition for the primary department. He announced a big reward for the student who could get the most expensive looking pen to him by the next morning. The areas for the search were specified as the canteens, the school verandahs, the toilets and Raju's classroom. In the recess, the school kids got busy, the entire primary dept was searched. The pen was found in the toilet right besides Raju's classroom. It was given to Raju the next day. He did remember carrying the pen in his pocket with him while visiting the toilet. Raju apologised to Madan profusely and bought him an ice-cream. When Raju thanked his teacher, the only thing his teacher told him was to never doubt any one without proof and to keep unconditional faith in his friends under all circumstances.


There was something in his pocket ...it was his pen.


Madan would have taken it.

akshata prabhu

Raju went back to his house but was really depressed as he loved his pen. He spoke to suresh about the pen. On hearing the matter ,he said "hey,I saw a pen exactly like how you described! I saw it in the second hand shop. So, raju went to the second hand shopkeeper whether he had bought it from a boy of his age. The shopkeeper replied that he had. So,the next day, Raju somehow coaxed Madan to come to the second hand shop. When Madan saw the shop, he broke down and confessed to have stolen the red pen but he said that it was suresh who told him to do it. When Raju asked Suresh he replied that he had seen Raju had become careless and absent minded lately so he had done this to put him back on the right track. Raju thanked suresh and went away to his home happily.


Raju saw something stick out of Madan's pocket. IT WAS RED! Then that night Raju sneaked in Madan's room. He saw his pen on the floor. He asked Madan did you lose something? Was it red? He pulled out his pen is this what you're looking for? Madan told Raju,"Sorry please forgive me!" Thus, they became best friends.

Ananya Mohanty, Bhubaneswar

He went home and told his parents. But his parents told him that he should search for the pen again in his bag and he shouldn't suspect Madan without any proof. Then the next day he asked his maths teacher that whether she had seen the pen. The teacher told him that yesterday after doing maths assignment he gave the pen to the maths teacher to check the notebook and forgot to take it back. The teacher was so busy that she also forgot to give the pen back to Raju. By this way he got a lesson that he should not suspect anyone without any proof.


Raju was searched for his pen all over the school and asked his schoolmates, but no one had it. As he went home, Raju changed his clothes and put them at the laundry. The next morning, as his mother was doing the laundry, she saw a red pen in Raju's pockets and showed it to Raju. Raju was very happy and no longer sad.


Raju went to his teacher and complained about his lost pen and also told that Madan had stolen it.Then the teacher asked Madan to stand and asked him "Is it true Madan?".Madan did not say a word and hung his head down. Teacher shouted at Madan "Are you deaf?" Madan told "Sorry ma'am. I realised my mistake. Raju, here is your pen is" sayins this he sat down and started crying.Just then bell rang and teacher walked out of the class.Then Raju sat down and told "I forgive you".Madan asked with joy "Really?" and hugged Raju tightly. From then they both became best friends.


Raju went back to his classroom and found the pen under the table, he took it back and showed it to his friend.

Megha Bhatia

Raju decided to complaint about his lost pen to the class teacher. But his best friend Suresh suggested him not to disturb the teacher for such small things. They will try to find it out on their own. At this point Raju had a doubt. When Suresh went to toilet ,Raju checked his desk. And lo! the pen was found there. Raju was shocked. For sometime he couldn't even believe that his best friend could betray him. When Suresh came, Raju told him everything. Suresh realised what he had done. He confessed to Raju and asked for forgiveness. Well! he was forgiven but had lost the trust of his favourite friend.


Madan had stolen it.


He suddenly felt something in his pocket. When he put his hand in the pocket it was his pen.


He decided at first not to blame Madan. So Raju searched his own bag and found the pen. It had fallen from his pencilbox.

Gee Wei

He decided that Madan had stole it. So during the recess time, he checked his bag quitely. He found something inside the secret pocket. It was the pen!!!

Grace Wong

Raju wanted to complain to his class teacher, Mr Kelvin about this incident. At this point of time, Raju's best friend, Ahmad stopped him from doing that. He asked Raju to search carefully before approaching the teacher. They started searching and at last they found the red pen in Raju's pocket. Raju had put it in his pocket accidentally after using it.


Raju went to Madan to ask if he had taken her pen and Madan told Raju that he had taken it out from his pencilbox when Raju was not around. Then, Raju told him to put the pen back in his bag immediately because he was rushing to the canteen.


He suddenly remembered that the pen was borrowed by the teacher.


He told Raju to buy a new pen for himself.


Madan decided to help Raju to find his pen. First they decided to go to Raju's class first. There they found Raju's pen under his table.

Loh Wei Mun

Raju thought his pen was stolen by Madan. Raju wanted to break the friendship between both of them. Madan was very upset and he tried to explain to Raju that the pen was not stolen by him. But Raju never listened to him. Suddenly, their form teacher, Mr. Wong was coming in. He returned a pen to Raju. It was his missing pen!!! They found out the truth that Raju had kept his pen besides the mirror when he had gone to the toilet. Then, he forgot to took back his pen and left the toilet. After a few minutes, Mr. Wong found his pen when he went to toilet to wash his hands. Finally, Raju felt sorry for blaming Madan but Madan forgave him.


Raju searched for his pen all over the classroom. When he checked in his bag again he saw something under the book. That was his pen.


Suresh and Raju was also suspicious of Madan. Then they checked Madan's bag when he had gone to the toilet.They found that Madan had stolen it.They complained to the form teacher. Then the teacher asked Madan to write 500 times "I will never steal anymore". Raju forgived Madan and they became good friends.


Raju felt very angry and complained to his form teacher. He said that somebody had stolen his pen and he thought that maybe Madan did it. The form teacher asked Madan to give back the pen ,but Madan said that he had not taken it. Then the form teacher told every one to check their bags. They found that it was Suresh who had stolen it. Suresh realised what he had done. He confessed to Raju and asked for forgiveness. Raju also appologized to Madan for suspecting him.

chong zhuang shen

Raju saw something stick out of Madan's pocket. IT WAS RED! Then that night Raju sneaked in Madan's room. He saw his pen on the floor. He asked Madan did you lose something? Was it red? He pulled out his pen is this what you're looking for? Madan told Raju, "Sorry please forgive me!" Thus, they became best friends.

Eric Lay

He went in to his class room and tried to find it out with Suresh. Suresh saw Madan was loooking at Raju with a worried face. Suddenly Suresh saw Madan was putting something in to his pocket quickly. "Show me what is in your pocket!" Suresh told Madan. "I...I...nothing is in my pocket!" Madan said and tried to run out from the class, but Suresh caught him up. Raju took the pen out from Madan's pocket. In the end, Madan was punished by the teacher.


Raju thought Madan had stolen his pen and told his teacher -Encik Wu about it. The teacher was very angry that his student, Madan was a thief. He called Madan up to the office scolded Madan. The next day, Raju saw his pen on the floor and told Encik Wu that he had made a mistake. Raju told Madan that he was very sorry for blaming him.

Lim Su Yin

Raju was afraid that the pen was stolen by Suresh and started to feel a bit dissapointed. He tried to tell himself that Suresh will not steal his pen. He then decided to ask Suresh about the pen. Suresh was a bit thrilling but he still told Raju that he didn't steal the pen. Raju was then really very dissapointed because he knew that the pen was stolen by Suresh. He cried sadly on a bench under a shadowy tree during the recess. His form teacher saw it so Raju told him what had happened. His teacher was a kind and wise old man, he went to look for Suresh and tried to take back the pen for Raju. Suresh was quite sorry for what he had done and asked for his forgiveness. At last, Raju forgave him and they became friends again.


Raju immediately went to asked Madan because he thought that Madan had stolen his pen but Madan didn't admit it. So, Raju went to see the class teacher. The teacher asked Madan and he listened to his explanation. Then, the teacher called Raju to find the pen again. Finally, Raju realized the pen was in his bag. He quickly apologised to Madan and they became friends again.


At first, Raju though his pen was stolen by Madan or his classmate. But he didn't want to believe that his friend was a thief. So he checked his bag and pencil box again and agin. But he still could not find it. Then he felt disappointed with his friend who had stolen his pen. He wanted to tell his teacher. When he stood up, he saw his pen had fallen down under his table. He felt happy and luckily he had not told his teacher.

Sree Phani Kishore Devineni

He thought, "I should not blame Madan, he is my good friend. First, it is my mistake to lose it off my hands!" Just then, he heard Madan's voice on top of all voices, "Hey Raju!, Have you lost your pen? I found this under your table." So he returned the red pen to Raju again.


After maths period, raju had recess.MADAN had took it during recess and suresh had seen this. That is what suresh exactly told Raju. He told his teacher about this and his teacher warned MADAN to give it. MADAN first told a lie but his teacher threatened him and so MADAN returned the pen to Raju, he asked for apology. Then they became friends.


First Raju searched his bag. He looked inside each and every notebook. when he was looking at the maths notebook he got his pen from the notebook. He was very happy to see his pen back. He showed the pen to his best friend Suresh and other friends too. He also told them that his uncle had bought it from Singapore. When he went home, he told the incident to his parents and they told them not to take that pen to school anymore.


His pen might have fallen some where or Madan would have stolen it.


Before anything else Raju went to tell the teacher. "Mr Len, Mr.Len" he cried, "My favorite pen is missing. It belonged to my uncle and it was the only memory I have of him after he passed away." "I will help you," Mr.Len said, "But first, do you have any idea who might have taken it. Anyone who asked you about it or used it?" "Well," Raju said, "Madan was looking at it and asking me about it. He seemed suspicious." "I see. Let's go talk to Madan." "Uhhhhh. OK" They went to the playgroud to talk to Madan, who had the pen in his hand. "Thats it!" Raju screamed "Thats my uncle's pen!" "Madan" Mr.Len said, "Is this true, is this Raju's pen?" "Yes," Madan said, "Well, He gave it to me. He said 'here take it I dont want it.'" "Raju, I cant belive you would do something so bad." "B-b-bbut I didnt say that" Raju said "Yes, you did" Tana, a girl in their class said "I sit right behid Madan and he gave it to him. Raju was punished.

Pratyush Das

Raju followed the Sherlock Holmes method and found his red pen in his school desk!


Raju thought that his pen was in his bag and if he did not find it he will search Madan's bag.when he did not find it,after school he went to Madan's house but Madan wasn't there.He politely told Madan's mother,"I had given Madan my pen as his pen wasn't working and at the end I forgot to take my pen back,could you give it to me?". So Madan's mother searched Madan's bag and gave the pen to Raju.


Raju went to the teacher & and told that he has lost his red pen. Then the teacher went into the class and said that "everyone check their bag and if found then please return it to Raju. Madan realised that he has taken the pen so he returned it to Raju.

B.Vidyanand sagar

I think Madan had stolen it from Raju.


The next day Raju asked Madan,"Can I see your Maths book?" "Sure",Madan replied. Raju saw his book. They had homework yesterday.He saw the homework.The ink of his pen and Madan's pen were the same.Madan was found guilty.He gave back the pen and got a nice punishment from his class teacher. Madan surely learnt his lesson.


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