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Chicken Fun

complete the story The chickens in Uncle Macdonald’s dirt farm were in a frenzy. The wily fox was getting wilier by the day. He was now attacking the chicken coops every night. The chicken population was beginning to dwindle rapidly. Matters reached a head when Queenie, the matriarch fell victim to the fox’s charms. Uncle Macdonald began getting very concerned. If this kept up, his business would be doomed and he would soon starve. He, therefore, thought up a plan to outwit the fox.
The next night, he stayed up, waiting for the fox to make his nightly jaunt towards the chicken coop…

What was Uncle MacDonalds Plan? Could he save his chickens?



Uncle MacDonald was thinking hard but he was not getting a plan at last he got a plan he made a trap fully covered with leaves and a dead chicken inside. As full of hunger he ran inside and was trapped. So uncle cleaned the farm and started living happily.

Prasun Mishra

And when the midnight struck the fox was seen on the way. Uncle MacDonald let him enter the henhouse and as he entered it he found no chickens and before he could get out Uncle MacDonald closed the door. Now the fox tried to get out but he was unsucessful and was stuck in the the dark henhouse forever and the chickens were saved forever.

melba mary johnson

Aha there comes our foxy dear with a large sack that seemed to be full of hens(that he must have caught fom mrs matilda's poultry) as the fox headed towards the the chicken coop he stepped on some thing that felt like marbles,and there he goes sheeeeeeeeeeeppphhh he falls into a ditch. Uncle Donald comes running towards the ditch but when he heard the the fox's apology and saw his crocodile tears he felt pity for him and let him go. Even though he stopped troubling Uncle McDonald he did not forget Mrs Matilda's poultry. (AFTER ALL, A FOX IS ALWAYS A FOX)


and that was the end


Uncle MacDonald waited for the fox to come. Uncle had actually made a few hen and cock dummys out of cotton and sprayed it with chloroform. As night fell, the fox came near the coop, he saw some fat chickens, which were the foolproof toys. His mouth watered. But as he pounced on it and sunk in his teeth, he fell flat on the ground. Uncle MacDonald was very happy to see that his plan had worked beautifully. He took the harmless fox to the jungle and left him there. The fox was never to be seen again, and uncle MacDonald became a happy and prosperous farmer.

Nimish Agrawal

He waited there for the fox for a very long time. The fox finally came very late at night and rushed out of the bushes and pounced on the chicken. All ran except one which had been somehow left behind. The fox killed it and went away. Uncle MacDonald slept the next night peacefully as the fox didn't come back ever. The fat chicken which was left behind was actually tied by its leg to the nearby pillar but poisoned using a slow poison and was only there so that the fox's stomach was filled and he was a drowsy, slow and simple target for Uncle MacDonalds hunting dogs who were not able to catch it till then.

Amanda Sea

Uncle Macdonald set up a cunning trap, first he dug a very deep hole and he put a dummy chicken in the middle of the hole. The wolf thinking it was a real chicken, jumped in, the wolf comes to know that it is a trap and tried to jump out but found he couldn`t. Soon, uncle Macdonald went to the edge of the hole and aimed his rifle at the cunning wolf. The wolf soon died.


Uncle Mc donald put a trap on the ground. The wolf fell in and the wolf died.


But, the fox never did show up. After hours of waiting, McDonald looked around the coop and realized he was alone. The chickens were all gone. Did the fox already know this? Is that why the fox didn't show up this night? McDonald thought to himself, "we had 13 hens and a rooster earlier today". Then a shiny object caught his eye. He bent over and picked the object up and closely examined it. Sure enough it was that belt buckle that his neighboring farmer, Mr. Tedneedles had always worn. But where was the belt that used to be attached? And what was Mr. Tedneedles doing in his chicken coop? So McDonald grabbed his rifle and hopped in his truck and headed over to the Tedneedles Ranch. Upon arrival he got out of his truck and started walking towards the main house, when he was startled by a bloodcurdling scream. Sure enough it was the scream of his prized rooster, John Thomas. What was that fiend Tedneedles doing? Why was John Thomas in the Tedneedles main house? Sadly, McDonald would never find that out, because just then, out of the blue, he was caught in a tractor beam of an alien space craft. He was beamed up to the ship, never to be seen again.


Mcdonald was thinking very hard but couldn't find any solution to it. So he gave away all the chicken to the fox. From now on Mcdonald never kept chickens but worked for a better company improving his work each time he passed on to the higher grade and now he has almost become as rich as the landlord. He leads a very happy life now.


Having thus dispensed with the annoying Farmer Macdonald, the wily fox impersonating chicken-stealing scoundrel Mr. Tedneedles chuckled softly under his breath, which, today as always, smelled strangely of 11 herbs and spices. "You are mine, all mine!" he intoned ominously to his hapless victim. Swiftly handcuffing the terrified rooster to the foot of his unkempt bed, Mr. Tedneedles began throwing odds and ends into a worn duffel bag. "That's right, my little feathered friend... We're going camping!" The rooster crowed dismally.


The Wily fox suddenly had a heart attack and died and that was the end

supriya saxena

He should save his hens by making a very fat juicy hen of marble so that wolf will eat that and he will die and because it is made of marble and if he would bite it and it will give him a lot of pain and he will die.


So, that night the fox sneaked up to the farm and it just so happened that farmer Mac Donald was outside so the fox ate him.


He removed the real chicken and he replaced it with clay chickens. The fox did not like the taste and stop coming.

big bad bob IV

Then the chickens massacred farmer Mc.Donald and that was the end.


Uncle Macdonald stayed up and the wolf snuck up behind him and bit off his pants. Uncle Macdonald started running and ended up running for the rest of his life.


Uncle Macdonald tied one chicken to a stand. And when the fox came to eat it ,it went to sleep because he had coated the chicken with a sleeping drug.Then Uncle took the fox very far away and then left him there such that the fox could never found his way back.

Rekha chander

Macdonald called his friend who had a very wild dog with him. So when the fox saw the wild dog the fox ran as fast as he could and never found his way back.

Ashritta Ramesh

Uncle Macdonald hid in the bushes near the chicken coop with an axe in hand. As soon as he saw the wolf, he swung the axe in the direction of the wolf' s neck ! He killed the fox and his chickens lived happily ever after !

sotong c

After that ,Uncle Macdonald used his shotgun and killed the wolf. The chickens and Uncle Macdonald were very happy because they were saved.


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