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complete the story The school was preparing for its annual fete. It was going to be on for three days. All the teachers and the students had been planning it for a month now. They had decided how many stalls they were going to have. They had decided what stalls they were going to have. And they had decided who was going to look after each stall.
As the days for the fete drew near, the excitement mounted. Construction workers were putting in the bamboo frameworks for the stalls and then covering them with cloth. The students of the higher classes were painting posters with the names of each stall. Other children were wrapping the prizes and preparing the badges that all the staff and students on duty would be wearing.
Finally the day arrived. Gaurav and his friends were some of the first to enter the grounds.
“Let’s first walk around and have a look,” said Amir, after they had bought their entrance tickets. “We can then decide which stalls we wish to visit later on. Remember, we have the full day to enjoy ourselves.”
“Yes, let’s,” agreed the others. So, off they set.
There were several games at the first few stalls. Rohit felt he would do well at the shooting range, because he had shot with an air rifle before.
Gaurav was interested in the lucky dip. He liked the idea of definitely getting something for his efforts, even if it was something quite stupid or useless.
After they had passed two food stalls they came to the biggest draw of all- The Haunted House. They stopped and stared at it. They tried to peep in but the doors were firmly shut. They couldn’t resist it. They bought their tickets and in they went.

What happened next?


Pranjal Jain

They noticed that no one was there in that stall as it was newly opened. It was quite dark inside and amir started getting scared. "Be Brave" said Gaurav. Then a door came and when they passed through the doors, they saw many skeltons glittering and flying above them and skeltons were their which were doing many noises and many beheaded people were there. Gaurav , Amir , Rohit and other fellows were scared and started screaming. Suddenly the lights were switched on and two men came. One of them said "What are you doing here? I think you came the wrong way. This part of the haunted house is to be checked as we think its too scary for children." "Oh, that's why there are no children here", said Amir. "Yes", said the man. The boys hurried out and decided to go there only with any adult with them.

Rekha chander

There was a ghost over there. So that's why no body was in that stall. They tried hard to kill the ghost there and killed it. Then when they came out everybody gave them a huge gift and some money. So they were very happy.


They were shocked to see a 3D picture which had a skeleton. The children got very scared.

Smruthi Balaji

They went inside and saw many glittering gold coins,rubies,emeralds & diamonds. Amir said, "Hey,I think there is a thief here". As soon as he said those words,the police came. They congratulated Amir and gave him and his friends each 10 tickets! "WOW! COOL! Thank you officer," said Goutham.


When they went inside it was all dark. Then there was a cackling type of noise. Rohit shivered. Gaurav who had eaten so much food became dizzy and took a wrong turn. Then Amir found out that Gaurav was missing. And Rohit was so scared and started screaming "HELP HELP". Amir had to give him a quick slap to make him keep quiet. Then they all searched the haunted house and finally found Gaurav on the ground sleeping. Rohit found a bucket of water and threw it over Gaurav's face. Gaurav woke up. Then they ran out of he Haunted house to the ferris wheel. Little did they know somebody was following them.


That was a bhool bhulayia. They went into it and lost their way. But suddenly a guard came in and took them out and they went to another stall. In the evening they went home and told the entire thing to their parents.

Namita Bhatia

Though they seemed to be really valiant to each other, but deep doown in their hearts, they were scared. They had been to haunted houses before, but this one was different - more scary, more silent, and darker. They had to move on foot. After they had reached the middle of the place, out of the killing silence, they heard a noise, of footsteps, from the opposite direction. And gradually, the noise merged with a faint voice that called them 'FRIENDS'. Though a sweet gesture, it frightened them. Gaurav said in a trembling tone, " Please let us go. Please." And then, the supposed ghost popped up a question, " Are you afraid of me?" To this, Rohit replied fearfully, "Yes. We are." Then the ghost asked,"Why is it so?" And Amir said that they had heard stories of ghosts. And very politely, the ghost explained,"Its not true. Stories are framed. Ghosts are not there among you all. You don't need to be scared of them. Whenever you hear a ghost story, just tell yourself one line - " God is there with us. Why would somebody harm us if we haven't done any intentional harm to anyone?" So stop believing in ghosts and keep up with your work and duties." Quite astonished at the fact that a ghost himself was telling them not to believe in ghosts, the children were almost spellbound. Before they could say anything, there was light - a bright one all around. And in front of them, stood their class teacher who said, "Students, I was not here to frighten you, but to remove fear from your hearts, to tell you that ghosts and spirits are just imaginations, they do not exist in reality." And thus came out of the house, brave, realistic and confident students.

Kumar Saket

They saw various types of ghosts. They were totally scared. They didn' t find the way to go out. Then Gaurav' s friend Amir dashed against a thing. When he turned, he was scared to see a man wearing white clothes. Then he shouted," Ghost ! Ghost !". Sunidhi came to see Amir by listening his voice. Then she said " Don' t get scared, he is Gaurav." Then they heard the sound of the gate opening. Then the lights were litted. They saw their teacher Mr. O.P.Jha. Then he took the children out of the The Haunted House.


"O.K, But can you please let me stay in this house?" asked Ashok. "You can do so as long as you like" replied the old man. Ashok went in through the gates, the old man handed over the keys to him. "Wouldn't you come inside?" asked Ashok. "No! That house devoured my wives & children." Ashok went in & early in the next morning the old man found him hurrying out. "What happened?" he enquired. "There is some kind of very strong power in that house. It got into my brains & forced me to commit suicide. I somehow escaped. Please, never let anyone else stay in this haunted house." "That's what happens to everyone who is as curious as you" said the old man to himself while closing the gates with a cruel smile on his face.


As they went in,the door closed on its own.The children started screaming and yelling. Gaurav calmed the others. They went further in. Suddenly the lights were on! They heard a loud threatening noise. The children stared at each other in astonishment. Then Rohit saw a white figure which was nearing them. They tried to run out ,but alas... the door was shut! The children started shouting for help and suddenly,..................... "Gaurav, wake up. Stop dreaming. I've been waking you up for the past 15 minutes!" Alas, it was all a dream! If only it could be true...


The haunted house was really exciting. Once they were seated a man came and spoke to all- informing them that they were here at their own risk. If any one was still scared they could leave the room. A few got up and walked off. The show began in few minutes. All lights were switched off. The sound effecs were great as the whole show was simulated. With ghosts, demons, it was exciting. It went on for 10 minutes and the show was over.


When they went in they saw a theatre where they showed a haunted house where two people had died. Their souls moved everywhere and scared other peole coming to the house. If someone entered the house he would never be able to go back and thus get killed!!


The Children got scared and ran out of the school.


They heard a small child's voice shouting for help. They saw that it was the kidnapped boy rahul about whom they had read in the newspaper yesterday. They ran out of the house and called up the police. When the police came, they guided them to the HAUNTED HOUSE where they arrested the kidnappers.And the children were rewarded.


They walked into the haunted house and were shocked to see the lights flickering and mechanical people and things popping out at them "WOW THIS IS GREAT!" exclaimed Rohit. Then they saw something that made them think something else. There were two red eyes glowing in the darkness just ahead of them " YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE!" the thing with the red eyes said. "Wow that actually sounded real, nice sound effects!" Then the ride completely shut down and something started walking towards them. "OH MY GOODNESS LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" They scrambled out as fast as they could and figured out a few days later that the haunted house was really haunted!


They found many chocolates inside. They ate it and continued their journey. Then they saw many skeletons playing basket –ball. Gaurav asked the skeletons the way out. The skeletons showed the way out. Thus they escaped.


But it was a trap! The skeletons were big liers and they told a lie. Suddenly BAM!!!!. A trap door on the floor opened and they were never seen again! THE END


The children hit the ghost with a wood and ran away.

Preeti Kale

They tried to open the door & it suddenly opened. They explored the haunted house. Suddenly Namrata,a girl screamed becase she had seen a ghost. She shut the doors.The ghost came out of the doors. Meanwhile, somebody lifted up the white sheet. And it was GAURAV.


Then, the children hit the ghost with a wood. The ghost got scared and it ran away.

Lee How Syh

when they were inside the haunted house , they saw many skeltons glittering and flying above them. Seeing that they ran as fast as they could run.

Chun Siew

When they went into the haunted house, it was dark and mysterious. They saw someone was moving in the room and heard some monstrous sounds. Gaurav was shivering because it was very cold in the haunted house. They wanted to leave the gloomy and cold place quickly but there was no way out and they did not know how to find the way out! Suddenly, a green and long hand pulled Rohit’s leg! They got scared and screamed loudly! Unexpectedly, they had found a way out by the end of the room and ran away from it faster! They felt lucky and decided never ever to go into any of haunted house.


They went in. Suddenly many skeletons appeared dancing and singing. Then Gaurav screamed and collapsed on the floor. Then the skeletons yelled " One more victim" and to their shock they found that Gaurav had got an heart attack and died. Unable to swallow this, the others also got an heart attack and died. The creator came in and said "Hmm. Very funny but there are 5 extra skeletons now."

CHin Yunn SHiang

They go into the haunted house and find out that the decoration inside is very interesting. But later on, they feel there is a bloody smell inside the haunted house. They call the teacher immetiately. After the teacher reached the hauted house, the teacher found out that someone had fall down and was still bleeding. They took that person into the sick room. The student thanked them very much.

jia qian

His father visited one of his friends and borrowed some money. So they had the money to buy a new flashy motor bike.


Small childen get scared of small things so we should not leave them alone.


At first they took the matter very lightly.When they entered the room the door shut itself.Then they heard a faint noise telling them "SCARY,BE CAREFUL".Then the children got afraid and held their hands tightly as possible.They saw a glitter at a distance. They walked slowly towards it.Gaurav unknowingly touched the glitter.As he touched the glittering thing it opened itself and caught hold of Gaurav's hand as firmly as possible.The rest shouted like anything but no one came for help.As the place was isolated.Suddenly an idea struck Amir.He took out a wood from the ground and lighted it at the end.The ghost got afraid of the fire, left Gaurav and vanished away.They hurriedly rushed out of the room.Just then two students came from the back of the room and told that it was just a White Glitery Dhoti.And the hands which emerged were their hands. The students laughed with a frightened face and moved away!


The ghost killed the children.


They saw that there was no one in the hall. They just came across the stage and with a bang a hammer fell. A construction was going beside the hall. They then went up onto the stage where they could see many scary pictures.Gaurav was so scared that he ran away from that hall. He was lucky he got the door open.His friends laughed at him but soon they sensed the trouble. A scary witch came along from behind the stage. Amir said ''Oops,sorry we have come into your home''.The witch laughed at them. They suddenly remembered that they could go out of that room. As soon as they ran to secure themselves they found out that the witch has closed the door.Gaurav was out of the hall so he ran to tell his teachers about it. Many teachers inquired about it and at last they found out that the door was closed. Many months later they again tried to open it, this time they achieved success. But nothing came in sight. There they saw a letter which said: SORRY,BUT THE STUDENTS WERE TASTY. As soon as Gaurav read the letter he was almost dead.




He went out for searching what is the shadow. Then he saw the space craft and with fearing he went to others house which was closed for many days the house looks like as his house so he though that it is his house and ran to rooms which were empty and realized that his parent's and his brother disappeared.


They noticed that it is a haunted house. You know what will be in a haunted house. They will try to scare us with their tricks and they laugh at us when we are scaring. The same thing happened in the story too. Gaurav and his friends went to the house they saw some of them feared and some of them had a fun of the haunted house.




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