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The Farmer and the Tiger

complete the story Ramu was a hardworking farmer, who lived in Ratanpur. Every year he used to get a good harvest and was able to support his family well. But this year the harvest was poor as there was hardly any rain. A disappointed Ramu, went to meet the king.
As he was walking through the forest, he broke a few twigs and aimlessly threw them on the ground. Little did he realize that one of the twigs had fallen on a sleeping tiger. The tiger woke up angrily and pounced on Ramu.

Story idea by Karan Kothari

What happened next? Did the tiger kill Ramu? Was Ramu able to meet the king?



When the tiger was about to eat Ramu some hunters who had come there killed the tiger.


Ramu requested the tiger not to harm him. He said, since he had become poor due to lack of rains,he was on his way to meet the King for help. On his return, he shall part out the gift which the King is expected to give him. The tiger agreed. Ramu met the king & told him about his plight & the encounter he had with the tiger. The king ordered his servants to accompany him to his house with the presents so that no harm will come to him. But being an honest peasant, Ramu did meet the tiger and give part of his gifts. Moved by his honesty, the tiger allowed him to proceed without asking to part with his gifts.


Tiger killed Ramu.

Joanna Isaac

Ramu said " Please do not kill me. I am very sorry, I did not mean to hurt you. I am on the way to meet the King." "Why do you want to meet the king?" asked the tiger. Ramu told him his sad tale. The tiger said " I am sad too because there is no rain. All the animals have left to look for water in other places and I am very hungry. So why should I not eat you?" Ramu said "Why don't we both go the King and tell him our story and he can make the rain come. Then all the animals will return and you will not be hungry again." The tiger agreed. So they both started walking towards the palace. On the way whoever they met got scared to see a man and a tiger so friendly. The news reached the King before Ramu and the tiger. The King was very surprised and wanted to meet them. So his soldiers bought them to the King as fast as they could. They too were scared of the tiger but Ramu was not. When they met the King and told him the problem he said " I cannot make the rain come, but I can help you till the rain comes." "How?" asked Ramu. The tiger will be kept in my royal zoo, where he can roam about freely and he will be fed everyday so that he will not be hungry " said the King. The tiger agreed. Ramu said "What about me your Majesty?" You will work in my palace and thus you can support your family" the King said. When the rains came next year both Ramu and the Tiger went back to their houses and lived happily. Thus the king was kind to both.


The farmer died.


The tiger woke up angrily and pounced on Ramu.


Ramu and the tiger became friends and both together dug a well.

javaria fatima

He died and the tiger too because the hunters killed them both.


The tiger killed ramu. Ramu was not able to meet the king.

sotong c

Ramu was killed by the tiger.

Teh Selina

Ramu took a stick quickly and pretented it as a gun. He pointed the stick at the tiger. The stupid tiger was frightened and ran away. Poor Ramu walked to the palace slowly with full of pain. When he arrived at the gate of the palace, he couldn't walk anymore amd fell down. The guard in front of the palace brought Ramu into the palace to see the doctor. When he felt better, finally, he met the king.


Some hunters had come there to kill the tiger. And Ramu was safe. Thus he was able to meet the king.

Chase Tavarez

Ramu kicked the tiger off of him and ran. The tiger chased him but little did the tiger know Ramu was 1st in a tree climbing contest. So there was a 15 foot high tree. "Yes thank you Lord!" Pleaded Ramu. Then up, up, up Ramu went. The tiger broke his nails slicing an antelope and couldn't climb up the tree. The tiger growled and walked off. After 10 minutes Ramu went down and went to the king.


Ramu hid behind the bushes. But the tiger saw him and ate him.


Ramu told "Be friendly with me or I will report it to the king and he will kill you." But the clever tiger did not hear it and ate him.

umar farooq khan

The farmer and the tiger both died.


Ramu said "Don't kill me. If you will let me go I will bring food for you tomorrow." The foolish tiger lets him go in the greed of food. The farmer ran away and never visited the forest again. We'll never know how long he stayed there before he realized that farmer had tricked him. Perhaps he is still there.


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