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Terror At The Sanctuary

complete the story There was a lot of terror among the rhinos at the Sanctuary. Of late many of them were getting killed under mysterious circumstances and their horns were found missing. The officials suspected poachers but inspite of strict vigil were unable to nab them.

The rhinos held a meeting to discuss the impending threat on their lives. At the meeting it was decided that they would always move around in groups and no one would venture out alone.

But inspite of this, one more from their group was found missing the next day and later during the day his carcass was found minus the horn. Now the rhinos were at a loss. Inspite of all their precautions if this could happen, then soon their number would decrease.

Then they heard the tiny voice say, "I have an idea". They all turned around to see who said it and were shocked at what they found...

Who was it? And what was his idea? Could the poachers be caught?



The youngest of the lot cried out with the idea. He suggested that each of them would tie around their necks a slender branch of a tree. As they go around in groups it would produce a peculiar sound which would be known only by them. When they hear any other sound the others would know that he was in trouble. This was a clever idea and all of them agreed. The poachers could not get near them and the rhinos were very happy and moved in groups.

supriya saxena

The tiny voice said that we should ask the forest officer to build a sanctuary for us and that should have no doors for entering and only the forest officer would be there then he thought we should run away from here.


The rhinos looked up and saw a little eagle on the tree. The little eagle told the rhinos not to worry. I will tell my parents and their friends to help you the little eagle told them. The next day when the poachers arrived, a big group of eagles flew towards them and pecked them on their faces and eyes. The poachers never returned again.


It was a tiny mouse.His idea was to ask some rhinos to act as if they were dead. The poachers will try to eat them. The other rhinos would attack then and the poachers will be caught. No more rhinos will be killed and they thanked the mouse.


It was Fluffy, the rabbit. He said,"It might not be the poachers who are killing the rhinos but other animals because I've heard that a lion and two lionesses have escaped from their cages and come into this area. They are probably attacking at night." The rhinos after having a meeting decided that they are going to travel in groups and also while sleeping, they are going to have three rhinos on guard. After some time, they will switch places. One night, the rhinos saw that the killer wasn't exactly an animal, but they were forced to kill the rhinos. The animals were the two lionesses. The person forcing them was one of the officials. When the watchrhinos saw this, they immediately woke up and alerted the other rhinos. They thought of a plan. 14 rhinos charged at the lionesses while the remaining six at the official. Disturbed by the noises, the other officials came to investigate. They saw the "poacher" trying to kill the rhinos and soon got him arrested. He also confessed that he had released the lion and lionesses as he used them for killing because he was getting money for the rhino horns. After he was taken away, the rhinos thanked Fluffy profusely for all his help and lived happily ever after.


It was a small rat who said,' I know a way.' He tells the plan to the rhinos and they decide to carry it out. Next day when they were going in their respective groups, the leader went to the lake to drink water. As planned, the poachers decided to go and kill the leader. After all the rhinos were nowhere about, but actually they were hiding nearby. When the poachers reached there, the leader pushed them into the lake. There was a crocodile in the lake. The poachers ran to safety but were caught by the forest guards.

Louise Baker

A leopard cub stepped forward. "I know what to do." They gave the leopard a chance to explain. "You could get one rhino to stand alone then everyone else hides behind in the bushes. But on the other side of the rhino you have a hole and a pile of leaves on the top with the pile of dirt next to it. Then when the poachers come all of the rhinos could rush out and pick up the poachers with your horn and dump them in the hole so they can't get out." "Good Plan" said one of the rhinos "but how do we dig the hole?" "Do you know any giraffes?" "yes." "then tell him we need his help." So they asked the girrafe to come. The little leopard dug a really deep hole and got out by getting the giraffe to put his head down the hole and letting the leopard scramble to the top. "there. Lets give this plan a shot." Said the little leopard. The plan went forth and the poachers were caught. They celebrated and made friends with the little leopard.


It is a little girl. She said she had an idea. The poachers could be caught if a monitor is set inside everyone of them!


It was a girl. She told them that if some act to be dead and then we will attack on them while they try to take their horns.

Chong Woon Hxx

yes. the poachers caught it.


It was a tree that was talking to them. The tree told the rhinos that they need "The King of the Jungle's" help ie a tiger. The tiger can scare the poachers away easily and they would not come back.


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