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Pyarelal's Dilemma

complete the story Pyarelal was working in his farm when his wife came running and said, "Pyarelal!! Your mother is very ill and wants to meet you right away!!!"
Pyarelal hurried to his house. His mom said, "Pyarelal, I think I am going to die. Just fulfill my one last wish."
Pyarelal asked her what it was. She said, "I just want to eat 2 bananas from your neighbour Rahul's house. Sumati told me the bananas are very tasty."
Pyarelal's heart almost missed a beat. "Mother, but you know both of us don't go on well together. We just had a fight yesterday. I seem to be his worst enemy."
Pyarelal's mother burst into tears. He had never seen his mother cry. "Okay, okay, I'll get you 2 of his bananas as soon as I can."
Pyarelal was now in a dilemma. He did not want his mother's last wish to remain unfulfilled but at the same time he was not sure how he would approach Rahul for the bananas.

Contributed by:
Raabia Tabassum
Age: 10
International Indian School, Jeddah

Did Pyarelal find a solution?



Pyarelal was a honest man and if he told the truth his mother will be glad. He went to Rahul's house and they both apologised to each other and became friends. Rahul gave him five bananas instead of two.


The first and the second son were very selfish and heartless.The first son took help of a thief to cut the rose for him and gave it to him on the night but as the king and the Minister were there they caught him red handed. As the second son had help of his friend to light the way for him. The same thing happened to the second son he was also caught by the king. The third son was caring unselfish and kind hearted. He did not like the idea of cutting the beautiful part of the nature . He went into the garden and came back bare handed. When the minister asked where was the rose? He answered thoughtfully "sir I went there and smelt it. It is here in our hearts. I don't want to destroy the part of our beautiful nature. They were so happy by the answer that they decided to make him the minister and maybe the future king.


Pyarelal has a idea. He goes to the market and buys 2 delicious bananas and comes back to his house. He says," I brought this from Rahul's house. The mother thinks it is from Rahuls house and eats them!"

Rekha Chander

He was really confused. He did know what to do. Then, he decided that fulfilling his mother's last wish was much more important and decided to reconcile with Rahul. He went to Rahul and hugged him, apologising for quarelling with him and Rahul too apologised and thus Pyarelal was able to get not two but a whole bunch of bananas.


Pyarelal went to the neighbour's home and said,"My mother is counting her days,she wishes to eat your garden bananas. So,forgive all my mistakes, please,fulfill my mother's wish."

Cyprian Monis SJ

When Pyarelal heard from his mother's mouth that Sumati knew the taste of the Banana's of Rahul's house, he thought of sending his wife Sumati again to Rahul's House to fetch the bananas.


He stole the bananas.

krishna barot

Pyarelal decided to work in a merchant 's house because the merchant was very kind so he asked the wealthy merchant for a job and the merchant named Hiten granted Pyarelal 's wish. After a week, Hiten gave Pyarelal one lakh rupees for his hard work. The following day, Pyarelal heard that Rahul had met an accident and he needed one thousand rupees for operation. So Pyarelal gave the needed amount and Rahul could not belive that his enemy was giving him money. So Rahul asked Pyarelal what he could do for him. Pyarelal said 'I want two of your bananas for my mother'. Rahul agreed and so on, Pyarelal 's mother ate those bananas and died in peace. When Rahul recovered, he and Pyarelal became best friends once again.

Priyanjali Bhattacharyya

Pyarelal thought about it at night and saw his neighbour walking too. They bumped into each other, and both of them said,"My mother is dying and her last wish is to"...Rahul said "eat your mangoes" and Pyarelal said "eat your bananas". They gladly exchanged the bananas and mangoes and both their mothers had their last wish fulfilled!

Ipsita Mondal

Pyarelal would wear mask of Ghost at night when he want to steal the bananas. Rhaul will be scared of ghost and Parelal would arrange bananas for his mother. Ipsita Mondal Issu Mondal DPS,Panipath Class-III


Pyarelal took banana from a shop & gave her & said it is from rahul's house.


Pyarelal went to rahul's house to say sorry for the fight. Rahul said,"Don't say sorry I know why are you telling me sorry." He took two bananas and gave him. He said that day I saw you are talking with your ill mother that Pyarelal had felt sorry for the fight.


Pyarelal would go his enemy's house who was his friend before and tell the last wish of his mother to him.He may become pleased and give him 2 bananas and fulfill pyarelal's mother who was going to die.

mona khan


Antara Kartik

Pyarelal dressed up as a brahmin and went to Rahul's house ,he proclaimed he was a palmist. He said if you like I can read yours. Rahul always wanted his palm read but had met no one who could. Rahul asked -" How much will it cost?". "Oh nothing, just two ripe bananas" replied the Brahmin. So Rahul gave him the Bananas gladly. Pyarelal was happy because he had got what he had come for. But he still had to read Rahul's palm. He told Rahul - " You have a bright future. But ou must stop fighting with your neighbour Pyarelal, he is a good man." Rahul was shocked that the Brahmin knew about his fight with his neighbour and promised to never fight with him again. Pyarelal returned home with the bananas and as soon as he opened the door he heard a big screaming sound -"surprise!". He was stunned to see that his mother was walking around normally. That is when he realised his mother had played a trick on him. She was not really dying, she just wanted to eat those ripe bananas from Rahul's house.


Then the crow put pebbles in the pot & the water came up.


He soon became friendly with rahul and brought 2 bananas for his mother.



gurjit rehsi

Then he went to his neighbours house and he reqested him and he gave him the bananas. He was very happy and he went home happily.


He disguised himself as a holy sage and went to rahul's house and said him that he should offer two bananas to the idols in the village temple. As rahul was a superstitious man he did so. In this way pyarelal fulfilled his mothers last wish.

Adithya Kanyadi

He went to his neighbour's house . Told him that if he gave him two of those tasty bananas he would be prosperous with him. His neighbour agreed and pyarelal gave his mother those bananas. But his mother laughed and told him that nothing had happened to her but she wanted him to live in harmony with his neighbour.


Pyarelal goes to his neighbour and tells him about his dying mother and her last wish. Then his neighbour reconciled with him and cooperated with him that makes pyarelal realise his mistake and both become friends again.

shivani chauhan

And so pyarelal went to rahul's house and said "rahul, rahul are you there?" there was no reply so pyarelal shouted again "rahul are you at home?" pyarelal concluded that rahul was not there and had gone to work, so he decided to take two bananas from his place. He went tip toeing to the banyan tree and plucked two bananas from there just as he was about to leave rahul was back home. Pyarelal was terrified and pretty nervous and he couldn't stop sweating at all. Looking at him, rahul asked "pyarelal what are you doing at my place near the banyan tree?" pyarelal was relieved noticing that rahul had not seen the banana in his hands as he was very far away and so he decided to drop it near the banyan tree and replied "nothing, nothing at all yesterday we had a fight so i was just here to see how rotten your banayan tree has become" rahul said "how rotten my banyan tree has become? what do you mean?" rahul was a very foolish man so pyarelal decided to fool him, he said "see your banyan tree has become so rotten that the bananas from the tree has started falling apart, you know sometimes when people have a fight the trees also hear it and so they start falling apart " rahul thought for a while and saw that the banyan tree was really dropping bananas from the top (it was actually the banana pyarelal had dropped) he said" my friend but yesterday's fight was also about the banyan tree right?" pyarelal sudden;y remembered it and said "so see it is actually falling apart isn't it and also because yeaterday's fight was also about the banyan tree so it has got very angry! it is dropping all the bananas slowly you will have no bananas and the dropped bananas will also rotten later on and they will be extremely disgusting!..my friend by now you should know that trees have lives and in your situation this one is angry!.. rahul thought and said"

Elizabeth Swann

He became friends with his neighbour and got the bananas for his mother.

Amritha Ajith

Pyarelal kept on thinking, atlast he got an Idea of stealing two of his bananas from his field. The next day they had a marriage function which was rahul' -s sister's so he needed to go urgently. Pyarelal knew this and took it as an opportunity to solve his problems. Thus pyarelal stole two bananas from his neighbours garden and fullfilled his mothers last wish. The next day his mother died but he was satisfied that he had fulfilled her wish.


He went to Rahul's house and apologised for the fight. Later he asked him two bananas. He was very kind and gave two bananas.


After some deliberation with his thoughts he decieded that fullfilling mother's last wish was of utmost importance so he went to his neighbour's home and apologized for all his past behaviours with real regret for his behavior in mind and heart. The neighbour also felt ashamed at his own behaviour and also appoligized. Then pyarelal told him about his mother's last wish. The neighbour himself rushed with the sweetest of the 2 banana to pyarelal's mother. she ate a little of them and gave the rest to the two and said always share sweetness between yourselves and you will both be happy. In reality she wanted the neighbours to live peacefully and happily. Her objective was acheived and she passed away with contentment.


He told the situation to rahul and convenced him for bananas and fulfilled his mothers wish but did not steal.

Alolika Chatterjee

Pyarelal got an idea,'He realized that his mother hasn't had their bananas. So, he brought the tastiest banana of the village and gave to his mother.

Hamna kabeer

Anyway he went to Rahul's house and stole it and fullfilled his mother's wish.

Alolika Chatterjee

When Pyarelal went out of his house his mother died!


rahul forgave him and gave two bananas and his mothers wish was done and she died

D.Krishna Kaundinya

Pyarelal was sure that he should approach Rahul for the bananas.He knew that every person has a quality called as 'humanity'.In such a critical stage Rahul will forget that rivalry and express that humanity.So, Pyarelal understood that rivalry and enemity may be a part of life but not important than a person's life.If he would apologize to Rahul,he would have definitely fulfill his mother's last wish,by approaching him and getting the bananas for his mother.Thinking so,he approached Rahul and apologized him.He told rahul about his mother and about the bananas.Hearing this, Rahul immediately brought the bananas to Pyarelal house and gave them to to Pyarelal's mother.Thus, Pyarelal and Rahul fulfilled her wish.


Pyarelal went to his farm. He brought with him two bananas grown from his farm but told his mother that it was from Rahul's farm. His mother ate the bananas and fulfilled her wish. Pyarelal's lie satisfied his mother's wish. Moral : A lie which saves life is necessary at some times. But the same lie should not hurt others.


pyarelal went to rahul's house and described about his mother and rahul was very pleased to hear and accepted to give 2 bananas.

Mirza Shaji Baig

Pyarelal purchased two bananas from the fruit vendor and tells his mother that he has taken from his neighbour Rahul's house in order to fulfil her mother's last wish. Pyarelal's wife Sumati sees her husband Pyarelal purchasing two bananas from the fruit vendor and tells Pyarelal's mother that her husband has not stolen the bananas from his neighbour Rahul's garden and he has purchased them. Pyarelal's mother becomes very happy and gives blessings to his son and tells him that she is perfectly alright and and she has done all this drama to check how honest her son is.

Kumari Nandini

After thinking lot, Pyarelal decided to end his dilemma and firmed his feelings and said to himself that he is going to fulfill his mother's wish. Pyarelal went to his neighbour Rahul's house and asked for two banannas and stated the reason behind it. At first instance, Rahul was very angry with Pyarelal. After listening to the wish of Pyarelal's Mother, he became very polite and decided to end his enmity with Pyarelal. Rahul not only gave bunch of banannas to Pyarelal but he also accompanied with him. Pyarelal's mother was very happy to see her son and Rahul together. When Pyarelal was about to offer bananna to his Mother, her eyes were filled with tears of joy and said that her wish was not to eat bananna but to see both together for ever. Pyarelal's mother blessed them to live longer and live happily.

Sameer Dambal

He then had an idea. He went to his own house took two bananas and placed it in Rahul's basket of bananas. He then again went to his home and took two more bananas but this time he did not keep it in the basket but he just kept it in his hands. He went to Rahul's farm and called out to him.Placing two of his own bananas in Rahul's basket and two in his hands Pyarelal said "Rahul I am sorry for yesterday's fight. Hence I have brought you two bananas". As he was keeping the two bananas Pyarelal acted as if Rahul had stolen two bananas from before. The two bananas are the one which pyarelal had kept to fool him." "Oh! You stole my bananas. As a punishment I will take 4 bananas of yours and I wont give my two bananas", said Pyarelal and went away home with the 6 bananas in his hand. 4 from Rahul and 2 of his own. He then gave 2 bananas from Rahul's garden to his mother. "Thank you Pyarelal," Said his mother as she breathed her last.


Pyarelal went to Rahul and told him, "I am very sory about yesterday. I need some help from you. Actually my mother is going to die and I want to fulfil her last wish. can you help me?" Rahul told Pyarelal, "how dare you talk to me? You never wanted my help. Now why do to talk to me?". Then Pyarelal told Rahul," If today you were in my position, then tell me what would you do?" Rahul replied," Okay, Tell me what help do you want?" Pyarelal said, "I want two bananas from your house." To this Rahul started laughing loudly and told Pyarelal "you are a fool and your mother is alright. This was only a drama for you to learn a lesson."


Pyarelal went to rahul's house and said,"I have heard that your bananas are the worst in the village." "No they are very tasty," replied rahul. "ha ha then prove it to me. give me 2 of your bananas. me and my wife will taste it."


Pyarelal approched Rahul and explained his situation, as the humanity plays the vital role in everyone, sure Rahul would have given bananas as Pyarelal requested. So Pyarelal satisfied his mother's last wish and he became friends with his neighbour. Forgive others u will be forgived.


Pyarelal went to Rahul's house and apologised for the fight they had yesterday and told him his mother's last wish. Rahul was touched for Pyarelal's love for his mother as Pyarelal did not even hesitate to apologise to fulfil his mother's wish. Rahul too apologised to Pyarelal and promised to be his friend. They became friends and Rahul gave bananas to Pyarelal's mother. Both of them then realised that Pyarelal's mother only tried to remove hatred and build friendship between them.


Pyarelal approched his neighbor's house with caution. He finally knocked on the door. One, two, three times before his neighbour answered the door. "What do you want" said the neigbor meanly. Pyarelal took a deep breath and said, " I m so sorry for fighting with you yesterday and I would like to make up." His neighbor said "well it took you long enough." Pyarelal was so confused but didnt ask what his neighbor meant. Parelal said " Now that we are friends could you please give me 2 bananas. My mother is very ill and could die any moment and that it is her last wish, to eat your finest bananas. I will repay you later, I'll even do whatever you want I just need only 2 bananas." His neighbor replied "well sure buddy, here you go. You can repay me by having lunch tomorrow at the park." They shook hands and off Parelal went back to his mothers house. She was so ill he had to hand feed her the bananas. She passed away in his arms with a smile on her face. He knew he had done the right thing.

bb gupta

Pyarelal went to his neighbour and narrated the last wish of his mother to rahul and asked banana for his mother. He said that he could pay for the bananas. Then rahul quickly brought the bananas and told pyarelal that he cannot charge from him as Pyarelal's mother is like his mother too. Pyarelal apologised for the fight they had the other day. Pyarelal's mother on receiving bananas told pyarelal that her basic purpose was to make rahul his friend again before she died.


Pyarelal went to his friend rahul's house and told him sorry. He asked him for two bananas for his mother who was very ill. Then Rahul understood his friend's problem and forgave him and again they became good friends.


Pyarelal would go to Rahul's house in the costume of an trader and says to him,"I have heard about your bananas.The people say that they are very sweet.I would like to buy them."Then he buys them and take them to his mother.Her mother eats it and utter praises of lord and passes away.


He was thinking what to do . Suddenly an idea came to him .he went to Rahul 's house and said sorry Rahul my friend. My mother is ill she wants two bananas from your farm. Can you go and give it to her . It is her last wish. Pyarelal 's mother winked at Sumati and said " see my plan worked." Pyarelal was surprised and happy that his mother is all right . He said he is ashamed of his behaviour towards Rahul.


He went to Rahul's house and told him about his mother's wish.

hridya harikumar

He thought that if he goes and says sorry it will be better.But then he realizes that he had also broken up his friendship with Rahul.He thought a lot but could not find an idea.Then he got an idea;if i give him something in return maybe he might allow.But then he remembered that Rahul said he will not recieve anything from him.He was in a real delimmma now.He thought the best thing to do is to tell him the truth otherwise his mother would cry.So he went to Rahul and told him the truth.Rahul was so happy that his friend apologised to him and he gave him a bunch of banans instead of two.When he came home he realized that his mother knew he had broken friendship with Rahul and wanted them to be friends again.He then thanked his mother for helping him realize his mistake.

arshita acharya

Pyarelal went to rahul's house & apologised. Rahul forgave pyarelal & gave him two bananas.

Nessa D'Silva

He will ask his friends to go n fetch the bananas from Rahul's house.


He asks Rohan a good friend of Rahul to help him & get 2 bananas from Rahul.


He went to his neighbor's house and apologized for his mistake.


He stole the bannans from Rahul's house.


Pyarelal bought bananas from a nearby market and told his mother that he had bought bananas from Rahul's house as he had a fight with Rahul the previous day.


Pyarelal decided to get the banana from rahul. This is because he loved his mother very much.


Pyarelal sneaked into his neighbour's house. His neighbour was not there so, he quickly went and took 2 bananas and came back. His mother ate them and sadly died. But Pyareal was glad that he had fulfilled his mother's last wish.


Pyarelal requested Rahul to excuse him and said that his mother is in last stage and she requested for 2 banana's from his garden. Then Rahul thought for a while and said ok and gave to Pyarelal. Pyarelal gave the bananas to his mother.

Aditya Kannan

Pyarelal went to his friend's house to fulfill his mother's last wish. He then told sorry to his friend Rahul and who in turn forgave him. He then told Rahul about his mother's last wish. Rahul immediately hugged him and gave him 2 bananas from his house for his ailing mother and accompanied his friend Pyarelal to see his mother. Seeing this Pyarelal's Mother got up in happiness with good health and condition. She then blessed both the friends and wished that they should be always be good friends everafter and behave like own brothers for long life. You should always accept the mistake you have made before others , if you have done it and should never hurt other's feelings. Should always be polite.


Pyarelal stole the bananas from Rahul's house and fulfilled the wish of his mother.


Pyarelal was clever. He exchanged things with Rahul's bananas.

Rohini Henriques

Pyarelal thought long and hard. Finally, he mustered up enough courage to knock on Rahul's door. Rahul opened the door & glared at him, "Now, what do you want ?", "Nothing!" replied Pyarelal gently, "I just want to make a peace offering, here are the tastiest mangoes ever, fresh from our ancient fruit tree, planted by none other than my Grandfather who had won a prize for gardening! Here! take three...just for you..as a sign of peace & friendship between our families. Making amends is a sign of good breeding". Rahul, was taken aback & not wanting to seem rude or less well bred immediately offered Pyarelal 5, yes 5 of the delicious bananas!!! Pyarelal rushed home to his mother with them who was delighted with the taste and made a speedy recovery! The moral of the story: If want something badly, think of something equally good enough to give in exchange! : )


Pyarelal stole the bananas from Rahul's house.


Pyarelal went near Rahul's house and wondered how will he find a way in. Just then he thought of a plan. He went near Rahul's window and screamed "FIRE! FIRE! THERE IS FIRE IN THE VILLAGE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES". Rahul just ran away without turning back and in such a state of fear he forgot to lock the door. Pyarelal seized the opportunity and went in to snatch the bananas. He fed them to his mother and she passed away happily with a big smile on her face.


Pyarelal went to Rahul's house and apologised. Luckily he was a good man so he called him to his house and gave a gift. Pyarelal hurried home and opened the gift,t was some bannanas. He gave it to his mother and the mother was happy and breathed her last.


Pyarelal was in an utter state of confusion.On one side was his ailing mother who was on the threshold of life and death and on the other side was rahul someone with whom he shared a bitter relationship with. Just then an idea struck Pyarelal,he ran to the closet located in one corner of the house ,drew out his grand wedding sherwani and disguised himself with an artificial beard and posed as a rich zamindar. He entered Rahul's farm and said," Rahulji ham viratpur ke raja ranvijay singh hain. We have heard that Rahul's farm grows the best quality bananas. We are here to taste a few so that the same can be exported to England's queen." On hearing this Rahul's excitement had no limits he jumped on the offer and brought the Raja one dozen of fresh and tasty bananas and Pyarelal ran to his mother with them. The ailing mother ate the bananas and recuperated. She began feeling better, her happiness knew no bounds, her only son had fulfilled every wish of hers.

Natasha Dhodi

Pyarelal went to Rahuls house and told Rahul about his mothers last wish.He told him that even though they had differences Rahul was like a son to his mother. On hearing this Rahul had tears in his eyes and thought this was no time for grudges He broke two bananas from his garden and ran across to give them to Pyarelals mother. On seeing this gesture mother hugged both of them and said, "The last wish in my heart was to always see you both together and burst into laughter. Now I shall munch these in peace."


Pyarelal's mom wanted Pyarelal and Rahul to get friednly since they were neighbours. This act of pyarelal's mom made him humble himself and go to Rahul and just polietly request Rahul for two bananas. Seeing this behavior of Pyarelal, Rahul also forgot the bitterness he was carrying against Pyarelal and just gave him a helping hand by offering bananas and also came to see Pyarelal's mom to his house. Seeing both, Rahul and Pyarelala, together, Pyarelal's mom got happy and got up from her bed and explained them the importance of love and friendship between neighbours.

Sukhendu Roy Chowdhury

Pyarelal goes to meet Rahul. First he apologises to Rahul for having fought with him earlier. He tells him about his mother being on death bed. He also mentions his mother's last wish to have two bananas from Rahul's garden. Rahul takes two bannas from his banna tree. He accompanies Pyarelal to his mother. Pyarelal's mother blesses Rahul and they become friends again.

sapna garg

Then he went to his neighbour to ask for two bananas. He told Rahul that his mother was going to die and she wanted to eat two bananas from his house. When Rahul came to know this thing he brought bananas from his kitchen and gave them to Pyarelal and said,"Fulfill the last wish of your mother". Pyrelal was surprised and burst into tears. He embraced Rahul and ended their fight.Rahul also went along to Pyarelal's house.Then Pyarelal gave the bananas to his mother. Mother said,"I didn't want bananas. I only wanted that both of you should end your fight and become friends." Saying that Pyarelal's mother died. Pyarelal began to cry and understood the lesson given by his mother.After that Rahul and Pyarelal became best friends.

Aditya Kannan

Pyarelal went to Rahul's house and asked for the bananas. He apologised for whatever had happened between them and brought the bananas for his ailing mother.


He should talk to Rahul and tell his mother's wish to him. Then it entirely depends upon Rahul.


Pyarelal stole two bananas from Rahul's garden. But, unfortunately for Pyarelal, Rahul found it out. so he came to Pyarelal's house to fight with him. Rahul accused Pyarelal of stealing two bananas, but pyarelal denied of all knowledge. So, Rahul took Pyarelal to the court. The judge of the court hated Pyarelal. so, naturally, the decision went against Pyarelal. The judge asked Rahul, " what punishment do you want to give Pyarelal ?. Rahul said that he wanted to put chilli powder in Pyarelal's eyes. The judge asked his servant to put chilli powder in Pyarelal's eyes. Pyarelal screamed in fright and woke up. It was all a dream.




Pyarelal could not do anything and his mother died.


Since this being his mom's last wish ,as a son he must surely fulfill. He should speak patiently to his friend and tell him about the situation and ask him to lend two bananas. If he is not lending ,he might buy bananas from somewhere else and tell his mother that it was brought from his home. and she will also be happy that her last wish was fulfilled.

Shantanu Jain

Pyarelal went to the market to buy two mangoes. When he bought them, he went to his neighbour to exchange two of the mangoes. Rahul wasn't there but his wife (not knowing anything about the fight) exchanged them. Pyarelal then went to his mother and gave her the bananas.


Pyarelal was walking back home when he saw a little boy. Then he spotted a truck coming towards the boy. He jumped and pulled the boy aside. The boy thanked him and told him to use his mobile to call the boy's father. Imagine pyarelal's surpise when his father turned out to be none other than rahul. He told rahul about his mother's wish and Rahul agreed. Thus Pyarelal mother's wish was fulfilled.


He went to Rahul's house and said the condition of his mother. When Rahul heared this, he was very sad to hear that. After hearing this Rahul went to his garden and pluck some bananas and gave to Pyarelal.


He will get the bananas from outside the market and give to his mother by saying that it was from Rahul's and she dies happily.


He went to rahul's house and instead of calling him he called Rahul's daughter Smeetha. Since she was not aware about the fight between her father and Pyarelal, she gave him the bananas.

Anuragini Suresh

Pyaralel went to Rahul's house and told Rahul that he was sorry for what he had done.Pyaralel told that his mother was dying and his mother told that she wanted two bananas from his garden. Rahul was very sorry for Pyarelal's mother and he also forgave Pyarelal. He gave Pyarelal not 2 bananas but a dozen bananas.

eeshta suresh

Pyarelal went and told the matter to Rahul. He understood and helped Pyarelal to fulfill his mother's wish. This way both Rahul and Pyarelal became friends.


He would buy two bananas from the vendor.

Kevin joseph

He decided to apologise to his neighbour, Rahul. So he went to Rahul's house and said sorry. He told him about his mother who was going to die and she needed two bananas from him. So he gave him two bananas and Pyarelal gave them to his mother. Finally she died happily and her son and neighbour never fought there after.


Pyarelal went to a fruit seller and got some bananas.


Pyarelal apologises to Rahul and asks him for some bananas.Rahul instantly agrees, quickly forgives him and gives him the bananas. So in this way Pyarelal fulfills his mother's wish.


Pyarelal went to Rahul's house and said "Oye Rahul, let's have an other fight and who ever wins ,the other should grant him whatever he wants. Then Rahul agreed. The game was whoever goes to the banana tree first and picks two bananas from the top will win. Pyarelal won the game. Then Rahul asked angrily,"What wish do you want?" Pyarelal told that he will ask for it whenever he needed. Then when he went home to give the bananas, his mother had already passed away. He was very sad. He went back to Rahul's place and called him and said that he wanted the gift of friendship. Rahul agreed and they became happy.


Pyarel thinks of a plan. The next day, he goes to Rahul's house disguised as a police-man and says, "We have got information that your bananas are poisoned. We need to check thm. Give us two bananas as a sample." Rahul gives it, who gives it to his mother. His mother praises his quick-wit and tells him that she is alright. She played this drama to test his wit.


Pyarelal had to fulfil his mother's wish. He was a honest man. So he requested Rahul to give him 2 bananas. Rahul was impressed by Pyarelal's honesty. Rahul not only gave bannanas but also became his friend.


Pyarelal went to Rahul's house disguised as a traveller and said "I have come a long way to your house because I was told that your bananas are very tasty.So can you lend me two of them?" Rahul was very happy that his bananas are so famous. He immediately gave Pyarelal two bananas and Pyarelal went to his mother and gave her the tasty bananas.


Pyarelal was a humble man and asked Rahul to forgive him for their previous enemity. Rahul was filled with sympathy for him and they became good friends. Then Pyarelal asked Rahul if he could give him two bananas from his garden. Rahul readily agreed and thus Pyarelal fulfilled his mother's wish.

K.Sai Sreekar

Pyarelal came to the road thinking. Suddenly he noticed Rahul 's son Tinku playing in the road .And he saw a car coming towards Tinku !!! After 5 minutes Tinku thanked Pyarelal.Rahul came to know it the next day. He took Pyarelal 's hand and kissed it and asked him what he wants. Pyarelal replies that he wants just 2 bananas for his kind gesture.


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Dimdima is the Sanskrit word for ‘drumbeat’. In olden days, victory in battle was heralded by the beat of drums or any important news to be conveyed to the people used to be accompanied with drumbeats.


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
K. M Munshi Marg,
Chowpatty, Mumbai - 40 007
email : editor@dimdima.com

Dimdima Magazine

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
505, Sane Guruji Marg,
Tardeo, Mumbai - 40 034
email : promo@dimdima.com


Dimdima.com, the Children's Website of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan launched in 2000 and came out with a Printed version of Dimdima Magazine in 2004. At present the Printed Version have more than 35,000 subscribers from India and Abroad.

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