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Raven and the Fox

complete the story The wealthy family in the huge mansion which sat in grand isolation on a hill, had gone away for the weekend. But they'd left their fierce guard-dog behind. He roamed the garden, at his menacing best.
The thief arrived soon after, fully prepared to burgle the house. He saw the dog approaching and threw a big piece of meat into the backyard to lure it away from the front of the house.
"Soon he'll be knocked out cold and then the coast will be clear," thought the thief.
The dog ran forward eagerly on seeing the meat, but before he could eat it, a large raven swooped down and snatched the meat away.
As the raven half-flew, half-staggered up to a high perch, a fox ambled across. He glanced at the raven.
"Well, well, if it isn't the great king of the skies, the mighty eagle!" he remarked slyly.
The raven croaked, "Oh, no...I...," but too late! He realised his error only when the meat fell down near the waiting fox.
However, the raven remained quite unperturbed at losing such a substantial meal.
"Just you wait, dear fox," he thought. "I have a feeling I'll have to thank you for your cunning!"

Why did the raven want to thank the fox?



The Raven told the Fox,"The meat is poisoned. So don't eat it." The Fox thought that the raven was trying to fool him as it wants the meat back. So the Fox ate the meat and he soon fell unconscious. The Fox realised his mistake late but was of no use. On the other side, the dog was angry on the Raven. He knew the Raven very well as he used to eat his left-overs from his plate everyday. Raven approached Dog and told him that a thief had poisoned the meat and throw it in to kill the Dog. Raven told that the thief's plan might be to loot the house. Dog was sorry for getting angry on Raven. He thanked Raven and pretended to go away from the Garden. The Thief thought as a good chance and entered the house. Dog jumped on him and stared biting him. Hearing the thief scream, the neighbours came there and handed the thief to the Police.


As the meat fell down towards the fox on the ground, he thought he would enjoy the whole big piece of meat alone. But to his surprise the dog came to get his share of the meat, and to get his share from the fox they both started fighting... While fighting they went inside the home where the thief was making his move! Seeing the dog and the fox fighting he got frightened and started shouting like hell by which the family members woke up and ultimately the thief was caught..


The fox ate the meat and it fell dead.

Spandana Ravada

The raven thanked the fox that he had eaten the meat. It was that the thief had added a special powder that would make the victim unconscious. So the raven was lucky he didn't fall in the trap of the thief. Meanwhile the dog was unhappy that someone took his meat. But just then the dog turned around and saw the thief . The dog barked as loud as he could and thief ran away disappointed. The dog was happy that he had saved the house although he wasn't able to eat a piece of the meat.


As all this was going on the dog was searching for the animal who stole his meat as he was not able to eat it. Soon the angry dog reached the perch and saw a fox enjoying a piece of delicious meat and soon understood that it was his[the dog's]. He said to himself 'I was sure it was somekind of bird that stole my piece of meat,maybe I was wrong!'.thinking that ,he pounced on the fox and tore him from limb to limb and took his meat.


The donkey said. "Sir now that you have a car you can take all the load in it. Please let me go with the ox and horse."


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