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An Unexpected Guest

complete the story Riya was very terrified as she had just heard on television the news about an alien spaceship that had landed in her city.
As a precaution, her father had closed all doors and windows.
Though everyone had slept, Riya could not sleep a wink. The thoughts of the alien in her city kept her awake. It was almost late in the night when she heard the door bell ring.
By now she was really scared. She ran towards the door but her father instructed her to go back to bed. She pretended to go towards the room. But she hid behind the sofa and watched her father open the door.

Contributed by
Raedah Tasneem,
Bhavan's Mehta Vidyalaya,
K.G Marg
New Delhi

What happened then? Was it the alien?


Rohan Tiwari

As soon as Riya's father opened the door, she stealthily peeped out from her hiding place. To her surprise she saw an alien and she screamed. This is when she wakes up from her long and sound sleep and realizes that it was all a dream.

anusha anil

It wasn't an alien. It was my fathers friend, who came to inform that the news was false. He also said that he was there to visit him and his family. I was so happy and was like big and heavy stone removed from my shoulders.

lakshmi keshav

When her father opened the door a man was standing there. He told that there were no aliens, only the scientists who had invented the spaceship and had worn an alien suit to scare the people because it was april 1st.


It was a police officer. He requested to come in and talk to Riya's dad. Riya stayed very still while the officer and her dad talked. He said " Sir, as you know , aliens have landed here. 15 people have been killed. One of them was.... your wife. We have reports that people saw little grey creatures with some type of gun. They shot it at some people and they crumpled to the ground. We think it is some kind of space gun." "What??!!" cried her dad. "My wife is dead?? Who will take care of my children??!! No!". Saying this, her father sobbed on and on. All of a sudden, there was a bright blue light and her father crumpled to the ground. "What the?" yelled the police officer! But then another bright light and the officer was dead too. Riya saw 2 little grey creatures at the window. She began to run, but somehow her feet had gotten stuck to the ground. The guns were pointed at her. "NOOO!!" she cried. Then... black.... She could hear a faint voice moments before she fell. "Riya!! Hurry up!" With a jolt, Riya was sitting up in her bed, her mother and father beside her. Her mom said " Hurry up Riya!! You'll be late!!" And her father said"And what were you screaming about, aliens was it??" Riya replied"Oh, nothing. So her parents left, leaving Riya sitting in her bed confused, but relieved!!


She noticed her father's hand shivering slightly when he opened the door and there was an alien. Her father could not speak and the alien took some device and pointed it to his forehead, he dropped down unconsious. Riya was terrified but quickly she was filled with rage because the alien was pulling his head ,and the mask came of he was a huge man and was looking for valubles and she understood that all of the news about aliens were false. "i must tell the others he must be punished, but he is so big he can overpower me easily." She thought then an idea struck her she slowly neared towards the door very quietly and ran out, locking the door without making noise. Then she ran like mad and told everyone about this. The police were informed and they came and arrested the man who was just about to leave and found the door locked. Riya was rewarded and the man was punished, he had made up this story and invented a device which made people unconsious . What a day Riya had the next day telling friends and attending interviews !


Her Father was also as scared as her, though he was not sweating and trembling as Riya. Her father was getting afraid that it may be the alien but he also wants to know who it is on the door. May be it was riya's mother who had gone to the party at mr.malhotra before the news reached them. Although Riya did not think it was a alien because aliens can't ring a bell because they don't know a thing about the human world but she couldn't tell her father about it bcause he was thinking that she was in her room. If she tells him now she will be in great trouble while she was also worried about the late partying of her mother.


When her father opened the door she was suprised to see her relative.


Though riya went to her bed she was very excited to see who had knocked the door. Her father went and tried to open the door but it was not opening. Riya got very scared and she was secretly watching what was going on. Then her dad opened the door Riya was shocked to see her friends. They had come to wish her for her birthday.

Suraj Narayanan

An alien had come there in a form of a human. He asked for shelter for the night. Her father let him stay in a room. Riya was suspicious about the man and so in the morning around 6:15 am, Riya went to the room to check. The man (alien) had left only 10 minutes ago and his bike was still there. She called the Register office and asked’’ Hello, could I get the address for Hero Honda Splendor NXG MH 01 BC 3278 Please. The call center guy said ‘’Please wait, madam’’ and said after a few seconds’’ This vehicle was the showroom’s trial vehicle stolen yesterday night. It was registered at Bandra Register office.’’ She told her father and he took the bike to Nariman point police station to tell them about it. ‘’ The USO was at Dadar and the occupants were sent by a special flight to Hyderabad where it will be fixed and they will be sent back to space.'' said the Inspector.


As her father opened the door, Riya felt a rush of fear pass through her body. When the door was opened, Riya was relieved. It was just the city police, making sure everyone was fine, and asking if anyone had seen the presence of an alien. After the police left, Riya got up and proceeded to go to her room. But on her way, she noticed a window was open and the curtain was pulled up. She slowly crept towards the window, having a sense of fear. Out of nowhere her mother jumped through the window and asked why all the windows were being closed. Riya told her mother about the alien spaceship, and they closed the windows, and went back to their rooms. Riya went back to her room and closed her door, running quickly towards her bed. She covered herself with her blankets and turned on her night light. While turning on the night light, she felt something slimy across her arm. She turned around, to find out that the alien was in her bed.


It was not at all an alien. After the alien's spaceship landing in her city ,her father took precautions. The ringing of the door bell,was all a dream.


No they were her friends.

Anisha Arya.

No, it was not the Alien. The security guard came to alert them. He gave information that spaceship landed very far from the city, though we should not go outside.

Mrinalini Thakur

It was an alien. I shouted and told my father to hide but to my great surprise my father started talking with the alien in english and that time I realised that was a dream from a horror movie I had watched the same day.



B.Adhi Narayan

Riya requested to her father not to open the door. But he opened the door and to their great surprise they saw a horrifying monster standing in front of the door. Riya screamed but her father rushed in to take a stick and beat the monster. Meanwhile the screaming was heard by the neighbours but they where too scared to even come out and thought the monster was outside. When her father came back the monster disappeared ! Riya felt a sigh of release but not for long the monster was again seen from the window. When her father came near to the window it again disappeared ! This incident was informed to the police by riya's father. Later the monster was caught when it was walking on the street. when the police man saw the monster he was also scared but with some courage he ran and grabed the monster's shirt. But there no monster BUT TWO BOYS STANDING ON ONE ANOTHER SHOULDER WEARING THE COSTUME OF A MONSTER SCARING ALL THE PEOPLE !! When the police man asked the reason for their mischief, they replied TODAY IS HALLOWEEN. He warned them not to do things without permission or scare anyone. Later the people was informed that today was halloween and the police man was rewarded for his bravery.

Alolika Chatterjee

When Riya 's father opened the door, he saw an alien! But the alien said,' Happy Halloweens Day!

Priyanjali Bhattacharyya

Riya's father didn't want to open the door. What if it was an alien? He also had a weak heart. The wind gushed outside and there was a low moaning. "Oh god!" he thought and immediately called the police. The police came, and instead of finding aliens, they found a neighbour of Riya - who had come to ask for antiseptic cream for his injured son!! The next day all the citizens realised that the story spread by the police was actually an April Fool Hoax!


When her father opened the door it was her uncle and her aunt.


It was her father's friend.He was out of his house and he got scared after he returned from office at late night. So he had come to stay in riya's house for some time.


It was an alien! Riya got so scared that she fainted. When she woke up, she found out that it was all a joke beacause it was APRIL FOOL 'S DAY and the alien was her friend in disguise. Riya was relieved.


It was just an april fool joke planned by her cousin and friend.

eeshta suresh

It was her father's friend and Riya was relieved.

manu bhat

The alien was actually a human dressed up as an alien. To scare everyone because everyone scared him, so that he could have it fair and square. Once everybody who teased him were teased, he took off the costume.


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