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The Clever Tortoise

complete the story A man was going along when he saw a tortoise playing a flute!
"What a lovely music" he thought and caught the tortoise.
Reaching home he asked the tortoise to play the flute again.
The poor tortoise obeyed him.
Later the man put the tortoise in a box.
The next day he wanted to buy a good cage for the tortoise.
Before going to the market he asked his two children to take care of the tortoise.
Soon after the man left, the tortoise started playing the flute.
The children went near the box to listen.
"Do you like my music?", asked the tortoise, " if you open the box, we can sing and dance together."
The children opened the box and the tortoise came out.
Together they started singing and dancing.
It went on for a long time and all got fully wet with sweat.
"Now we must have a good bath," suggested the clever tortoise.
The children brought a bucket of water…



So the tortoise said this bucket is too small to take bath lets go to near by lake. So children took him to the lake and they all started taking bath and that time tortoise got away into deep water.


The children brought a bucket of water and started having a bath, suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was the man, the children accidentally dropped the bucket. The man told the tortoise to play the flute again so he did, later on the man called the tortoise on his own into an empty room and told him that tomorrow he had to play the flute in front of thousands of people so that the man could make profit. The tortoise said he would not play the flute. So the man hit him and said he had to play the flute and locked him in that room. The next day when the man came to call the tortoise he wasn't there. The tortoise had gone with the children to another country, because the tortoise and the children didn't like the man because he was too mean to them. They had got some money from the man's pocket when he was asleep and ran away. They started a new life without the man and lived happily ever after.


"Oh! such a small bucket. How can we all get into it? If you want to have more fun, let's go to the river. There are other turtles who play drums and guitar. While we will have a bath, they will all play them for us." "That seems fun" screamed the children. They took the turtle to the river where he quietly slipped away to freedom.


On seeing the bucket the tortoise kept its face very sad. The children asked why? What happened? Why are you looking sad? The tortoise told them that he does not know how to take bath in the bucket. Slowly he told them to take him to the nearest river to take bath. Children also felt he was right and so took him to the river and left him in the river telling him to come back after he finishes his bath. But you can guess, will he come back?


They could not take bath in one bucket of water. So they went to take bath in the pond. As soon as the tortoise entered the pond he escaped into the water.


The tortoise was left alone. He escaped quietly without the children's attention. But the man saw the tortoise. The man felt sorry for him and let him free.


When the children brought a bucket full of water the tortoise asked them to put her in the bucket and then asked them to take her to a well and immerse the bucket in and remove the bucket only after she pulled the rope. The children did as told and immersed the bucket with the tortoise. After being let down into the well the tortoise got out of the bucket and pulled the rope. The children then pulled back the empty bucket only to find the tortoise gone.


The tortoise after the bath tells the children that that his flute playing will sound better outside near the pond. They fall for it and soon they're all on the way to the pond and the tortoise jumps in and swims away.


The children brought a bucket of water and ....SPLASH....the tortoise was drenched in water. "Bring ten buckets!" ordered the tortoise. The children went away and bought ten buckets only to find that the tortoise was missing. Mr. Tortoise had gone away to the river....and he lived happily ever after!


The tortoise went near the bucket and with the help of his shell tumbled the bucket. Water flowed. They had no more water at home. The children, fearing their mother, decided to take bath in the pond. There the tortoise escaped.


And then the tortoise said, "Can you bring me a bigger bucket?" The children went to get the bucket. While they were gone, the tortoise crawled through the bushes and went to the ocean. When the children came back, they shouted, "Where is the tortoise?!!!!"


"Actually I'm going to run away" said the tortoise and he went.


The tortoise will cheat the childern. He will make them go away and he will go to river.


The Tortoise said "Come on. Lets take a nap." When the children sleep the tortoise will get away.


The tortoise and the children had a bath and then the children's friends came and they went out to play. But they forgot to check the tortoise. The tortoise got a chance and he ran away from the house to the lake.


When the children bought the bucket, he said "Awww, I'll never fit in there. Let's go to the river outside the house." So they went and began bathing. "I love to swim. let's go!" the tortoise said "But we don't know how to swim" the children replied "I'll show you" And so off he went down the river showing the children how to swim. But soon enough, the clever tortoise set off down the river, never to be seen again.

anshul malhotra

But tortoise did not take bath, he started crying. The children asked the tortoise why he was crying.The tortoise replied that he was missing his mother who used to help him take his bath. Saying this, he continued crying. Soon the man returned from the market. He heard the tortoise cry and asked his children for the reason. The children replied that he was crying because he was missing his mother. After listening to this, the man felt bad and took back the tortoise to his habitat. his parents".after hearing this the man leave d tortoise near his habitat. But before leaving the tortoise gave him the flute which was a magical flute. Anyone who plays it will become rich. Thus by doing good to the tortoise, the man became rich.


The tortoise sang along with the children to the river and sank deep unknowingly. The children later felt disappointed that the tortoise deceived them.


But when the children came back with the bucket the tortoise seem confused at the size. The tortoise asked " is there a more bigger sized bucket then that one?" The children said "yes! we'll go get a bigger one" As the children came back with the bigger bucket the tortoise still seemed confused. The tortoise said " I know we are not all going to fit in the bucket, so how about we go down to the big lake and take a bath there, then we will all be more comfortable." The children agreed. They all set for the lake and began to take a bath. As the children were taking their bath, the children forgot all about the tortoise. During that time, the tortoise had slipped away to the other side of the lake and set off to return to his home. The children were very sad when they realized he had played that trick on them bcause they liked the tortoise very much. The children never saw the tortoise ever again.

Yashvi Patwa

When tortoise was sweating too much the children decided to go for a bath. At that time the tortoise got an idea and told the children that he had a friend near a lake.They thought that it was a good idea and went for bath but did not realise that it was the chance for the tortoise to escape.

Chew Kar Chin

The children brought a bucket of water for the tortoise. At the time, the tortoise got an idea and told the childern that he wanted to go to the lake for a swim with them. The children thought that was a good idea, so they took the tortoise to the lake. They didn't realise that the tortoise will take this chance to escape. When they reached the lake, the tortoise jumped in the lake and quickly swam away.


When they were finished their bath, the clever tortoise decided to play near a river. The two children brought it there and they played together. After they played, their bodies were dirty. So, they cleaned their bodies in the river. Suddenly, the man was back. He saw the tortoise was swimming in the river and he worried that the tortoise will swam away. So, he shouted his children to bring the tortoise to the riverbank. But the clever tortoise already swam away. Since that day, the two children never saw the tortoise again.

Yahya Noman

The tortoise said "This would not be enough for all of us. We should go turn by turn to the bathroom. First you two can go, then I will go." In the meanwhile when they were taking bath the tortoise ran away from the door. After that they never saw the tortoise again.

KWa Sin Yee

The tortoise said "Today is very hot, we should go to the river behind your house to bath." The children siad" Yes! Let's go." So, they brought the tortoise to the river and bath. When they reached the river, the tortoise jumped into the river and said" Bye! " The children knew that the tortoise told a lie. They were sad and scared. They went home. When they father came back, they told their father what was happened just now. The father scolded his sons.

Mohini Mathur

When children brought a bucket of water then tortoise said this bucket is too small I want to take bath in the bathroom. Then he went to the bathroom and locked the door. He quietly escaped through the other door.


So the tortoise said this bucket is too small to take bath lets go to the nearby lake. So the children took him to the lake and they all started taking bath and at that time the tortoise got away into the deep water.


He is clever.


And so the children brought him the water, but what they did not know was that in this very bucket in which they brought him, the clever tortoise had hidden an esacpe portal! so when the children were not look he jumped in. Thinking to himself "haha i have escaped once again" but what he did not know was that the boy had fallen in! As they were falling the boy relized what was happening and called to the tortise, "hey, whats going on? where are we going?" and the tortoise replied "this is my escape hole, and you were not supposed to fall into it aswell!". After about 30 secounds of falling they came slowly to a stop. As they climbed out, they soon realized that both of them were only taken outside of the house. The boy said "You are a very clever tortoise and I'm going to let you go home". "Many thanks!" said the tortoise. And so he went slowly back to his home, with his trusty flute!


The tortoise said the bucket is broken so buy a new bucket. So the children went to buy a new bucket. In that short while the tortoise went out. When the man came to the house he was very unhappy to lose his tortise.


The tortise escaped from the house when the children went to fetch some water.


When tortoise saw the bucket,he was sad and told the children that they should visit the nearby river. The children agreed and when they started swimming, tortoise went deep down the river that the children could not get hold of him again.


The tortoise was intelligent.It begged freedom from children.It told them that one should care for one's liberty.


The children returned with the bucket but the tortoise said "That's not enough water! Lets go to the river and we can play while we wash." One of the older children smiled. "Silly tortoise. We will do no such thing! We know tortoises can't swim!" The tortoises' eyes opened wide for such intelligent children. "What does your pappy do?" he gulped. "Our daddy works as the reptile curator at the zoo!" one beamed.


When the children came back they found out that the tortoise had ran away and they were afraid because their daddy is going to beat them so they decided to run away when their daddy came back he couldn't find the tortoise and his children then he started crying and said that he will never mistreat anybody again.


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