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Unity in Diversity

complete the story Ms. Fox was really disappointed in her students. They were all beautiful, brave and capable. But each was so proud of his or her achievements that they did not care about the others. Everyday they would come to Jungledom, the best school in the district, and wreak havoc. Rabbit was proud of his quick speed, Nightingale was proud of her sweet voice, Tiger was proud of his sharp claws, Snake was proud of his poisonous fangs and so on. Ms. Fox was upset with this attitude of theirs. She tried to teach them that every person had a place and a purpose in life and only if they worked together would the world be a happy place. But in vain.
Then one day while they were deep in the forest, fighting amongst themselves, they fell into a hunter’s trap. All except Rabbit…

How will they escape now?



Rabbit with his lightning speed, raced to tell Ms Fox the bad news, which she spread all over the area. Many creatures all came to help the animals, until finally, they were freed.The others were very thankful to Rabbit, and congragulated him for his speed and quickness in finding help.In the end, all the animals thought about the other creatures around them and were all very pleased with themselves...


The rabbit was very worried and he ran as fast as he could to everybody and said the bad news and they all came to help the three. They all had struggled for hours to free them. At last they suceeded in freeing them and all the four learnt a lesson.

Ashley D'Souza

The rabbit ran fast as he can to tell Ms. Fox the bad news. Then all the other animals came to free them. They spent a lot of time trying to free them. At last they were freed. And the animals realised that if they work together lot could be achieved. United we stand Divided we fall.


Because amongst them rabbit had the ability to run fast and so he went up to his teacher as he saw his friends fighting.


The rabbit who was proud and thought that he could free the animals by himself. But pride comes before a fall. He fell into the trap while trying to save them. Ms Fox felt that something was wrong and sent the snake to find out what had taken them so long. Mr Snake saw what had happened and rushed back to tell Ms Fox. She saved them with the help of the other animals.


Rabbit called the people from the nearby village. And thus he was able to save his friends.


The rabbit which also had a capability of biting quickly went and tore the net with his sharp teeth and set all the animals free. After that incident , everyone in the jungle understood that all the animals care for each other from inside but they did't want to show it,as the rabbit endangered his life to save the other animals. And thereafter everyone lived together,cared and helped each other.

vikas pratp singh

actually this is very simple to do ending but i say somthing becoz theme of this story is unity in diversity so it means he are here for the purpose and purpose for us so finally mr. for is worried because those students are having good knowledge but the have proud on our knowldege so mr. fox is worried finally he gave the lesson for the unity and diversity becoz after it they have a knowledge of what is the power of unity with in diversity so rabbit were help to all student or we say mr. fox teach the lesson of unity in diversity


The rabbit saw his friends in danger. Worried, he ran to inform his teacher. The teacher was very upset to here the news and rushed to the spot. When she reached there, she saw a sight she had never imagined. The snake with her poisonous fangs kept the hunter away, nightingle sung an lovely song calling for help and the tiger gave out a roar to call the other tiger friends. All the animals gathered to help the trapped animal and finally freed them. This made them realise each other's worth and celebrate their unity and diversity at the same time.

preeth jose

The rabbit was shocked to see this and he ran to his teacher to inform about it to her. She rushed to the spot and called many of her friends. They all spent hours to free when a fairy appeared. She used her magic wand to free them. The fairy explained that they should not be proud. All the animals said sorry as they had realised their mistake.


Rabbit ran away and told the story to MS.FOX who took the animal police and saved them.

pooja sravanthi

The rabbit went to Ms.fox and told the matter. She saved them and taught them to be united. Then all the animals felt ashamed and realised their mistake.

abdul ali

Rabbit ran away and told the story to MS.FOX who took the animal police and saved them.


Rabbit went to fox and told about the fate of other animails. Fox realized that rabbit is now alone and brought out its real cunning nature. It killed the rabbit and made a nice feast. The fox then went to the hunter and made a nice deal to sell all the animals for a hefty amount. It got all the money and constructed a bigger school, with more animals joining the school.

Nisha Martyres

The rabbit ran fast to get some help. While the nightingale sang loudly so that someone would come and help. The tiger tried very hard to cut the net with his claws. By the time the rabbit came back the tiger had cut the net a little bit and many other animals had come there. The rabbit called mr.fox and she set them free. Then all the animals learnt that it was important to be united.

Ankur Singh

Rabbit will tell them to work together and at last they will able to save themselves. They realise that unity is the best policy.

Andrew Newton

Rabbit was jumping ferociously to fight the hunters until finally, the US air-force came and stopped them.


The rabbit tries his best to save his friends but he cannot. So the friends make a plan. The tiger climbs up with his sharp claws and then he takes the snake with him. Then he pulls the others up by putting the snake down and telling them to hold on to the tip of the snakes tail while the rabbit and tiger pulled. Suddenly a thorn stucks in the tiger's paw. The rabbit runs fast to get a doctor while the nightingale sings a song to comfort the tiger. The doctor comes and soon tiger gets cured. They understood that "Unity is strength".


The rabbit digged a hole, went deep inside and went to their school and told the teacher that they are all trapped. The teacher goes there to save them and teaches them to be united.

namita arya

Rabbits are fast and smart so the rabbit tore the net with his teeth and ran towards the school to inform Ms. Fox. Ms. Fox rather than wasting time in calling other animals for help accompanied the rabbit to the place where all the animals were caught. She advised all the captured animals to unite, collect their strength and break the net. To their surprise when they worked together they freed themselves from the net.


Rabbit was so shocked to see this and so he called all of his friends including Mr. Fox to free them. After many hours, they finally freed them. When they went back to school, their teacher asked each of them to share their experience and what is the difference if there was no unity. Everybody realised their mistakes of being so proud.

Doodeep Gogoi

All were worried. After a while two hunters appeared, the rabbit with his speedy legs raced to tell Ms. Fox. Now, the hunters went near the trap. The snake and tiger started attacking them. There was a dangerous fight going on. Meanwhile the rabbit went to Ms. Fox and together with some villagers they made a rescue team. The rescue team had lost its way, as it was a deep forest. The Nightingale sang loudly with her sweet voice making them know their position. The rescue team rescued the animals and captured the hunters. By this incident all the students of Ms. Fox understood the meaning of Unity.

Akshithaa Annamalai

Rabbit was scared and he ran as fast as he could and said this to his classmates. Everybody realised the need for unity.


The hunters return and all the three using their strength save each other and mean while the rabbit helps the three by running fast and gathering all the villagers.


Rabbit was scared and he ran as fast as he could and said this to his classmates. Everybody realised the need for unity.


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