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Bhola's Chance

complete the story Bhola was a very cheerful bear. He would tromp around the bear enclosure in the zoo. His parents had been at the zoo when he was born. Later Bhola was kept there while his parents were shifted to another zoo. He missed his parents especially his mother. But now he was on his own.
He liked the place though Shanku, the fox next door kept complaining about the place and the food. But Bhola was happy maybe because he had not seen any other place nor tasted any other food but that given by his keeper. The only thing that irritated him was when the visitors threw things at him. They would throw popcorn or banana peels or paper like the other day which he had eaten out of curiosity and he had almost choked till he managed to spit it out.
His keeper was a good man and would feed him properly and would have his enclosure cleaned periodically. For the past two days however he had seemed troubled. Yesterday he had even forgotten to give him food in the night. Today Bhola had overheard him talking to his friend. He was troubled because his child was not feeling well and he needed a lot of money for his treatment.
After feeding Bhola, today he forgot to lock the door to his cage, and Bhola saw this and became happy. Atlast now he could venture out of his prison and see the outside world which Shanku used to always describe. But as he was stepping out, the thought of his keeper stopped him. If he was found missing, his keeper would definitely be sacked.

What could Bhola do now? Should he escape or should he stay back for his keeper?



Bhola was not able to make his mind but he thought of the keeper and his ill child,so he decided to stay back in his cage. Next day morning when keeper came and found that he had forgotten to lock Bhola but Bhola was sleeping and unaware of whats happened he goes to Bhola and talks to him. He says "I dont know if you can understand what I am trying to say you really saved my life.This job means bread and butter for my family.I am so much thankful to you. You did what even a human being wont do. I love You Bhola. And that time onwards that keeper started taking very good care of Bhola.


He went out of the cage and showed some tricks on the street corners. Bhola collected a lot of money and came back to the cage before dinner time. His master was happy to get the money and let Bhola go out every day.

vishal pawar

Maybe he should stay and his master should leave his job and then Bhola should run away

juhi agarwal

He should not, he should help the keeper in entertainmemt and then tell him he wants to be free.

Ruchi Shrimali

However, Shanku kept urging him to go and bring help for him too. Bhola did not want to take any rash steps that would place his keeper in trouble. Moreover, how could he forget his son, who so kindly visited him often after his parents had gone to keep him company and play the ball with him. No, he couldn't do that. Bhola went straight to the tent of the keeper and entered it. Keeper's wife and son were both surprised and shocked to see him. They were worried whether Bhola was there to take revenge or he had just wandered out of the cage. Bhola had long been with the humans and could sense their fear well. He took the hands of the keeper's son in his hands and patted his head. The keeper's wife had already slipped out of the tent by then to call for help. Inside the tent, Bhola was performing tricks for the keeper's son to make him happy and he was soon smiling and clapping his hands. By the time, keeper rushed in, as worried as anything, his son had already made a remarkable recovery already. Since then, Bhola was allowed to visit the tent twice daily. Soon, the keeper's son was cured and doctors counted it as a miracle. However, Shanku was very very angry with Bhola. He had expected Bhola to help him to be free but here he was craving popularity and love from their captors. Frustrated and angered by the situation, he tried to attack the keeper and was duly punished for it. Bhola on the other hand attained a kind of celebrity-status for his compassion and kind-heartedness. The keeper even took Bhola out sometimes in his van to let him see the outside world. On Bhola's next birthday, the keeper fulfilled his greatest desire of all time out of gratitude and got his transfer in the cage of his parents in the zoo. Bhola deserved the happiness and joy he got and he indeed was happiest of all.

supriya saxena

He should stay back for his keeper because he had taken care of him and was a good man.

Ayush Samdani

He should stay back for his keeper.

aishwarya balakrishnan

Bhola will come back and will not escape and will stay with his keeper


Bhola is a bear who was born in a cage of zoo, and hence he does not know how beautiful and harmful the world is. As he is happy in the cage, he should not run away from the cage, because outside the cage there is no one to take care of him. Shanku is also a good friend to Bhola so he should not leave the cage.


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