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Tina's Dilemma

complete the story "Balloons, balloons for everyone", there was the balloon man on his usual midday round. But today Tina didn't run in to ask her mother if she could buy one. The balloon man hesitated for some time and then resumed his round, "Balloons, balloons for..."
Tina was lost deep in thought. Her mind was on something and she was unaware of her surroundings.
Reena came running when she saw Tina sitting on the porch, "Tina, are you coming to play hop-skotch with me." "No Reena, I am not in a mood to play", replied
Tina. "What happened to you? You seem to be lost. Are you well?" asked Reena.
"I am well. Just that I am unable to decide on what to gift my mom on her birthday."
"Is that all? Why don't you give some flowers and a hand-made card?"
"That is what I give her every year. This time I want to give her something different. I don't have much money in my piggy bank and I don't want to ask daddy for money."
"When is your mother's birthday?"
"Day after tomoroow."
"I think I know just the gift that you can give your mom. She will surely be happy as it will be something unique", said Reena.

What gift did Reena suggest? What did Tina gift her mother on her birthday?



Soon Tina's mother's birthday came and she gave her a beautiful gift -- a kiss

Ariel Smith

Tina should give her mom a hand made gift that is so more special than anything ever!!!!


Reena said that she should help her mom in the kitchen work. Your mother shall be happy, for help on that day. Tina also did what Reena said. Tina's mother verry happy.


Reena told Tina to make roses in waste /used papers and then before giving she told to paint it. After hearing this Tina told Reena that it is a very nice thing to do and she told her mother will also like it very much. So, she told Thankyou very much for giving me this idea and she went home for preparing roses.


You can give her a Flower vase. I think that will not cost much. You can put your hand made flowers into it too. You mother will be very happy. So she decided to give her mother flower vase & the flowers. Her mother was very happy with her gift & thanked her for her lovely present.


What's that? "asked Tina. "It's very simple.Try to guess it."replied Reena. "Let me give you some clues" "It's something which you like very much and buy every day" said Reena. "Well...I think it's a chocolate!"said Tina. "Not at all. Let me give you some more clues" "It's filled of air completely and it can be made of many colours"said Reena ."I think it's quiet simple to guess now." "Hmm....I got it!" "It's a balloon"said Tina excitedly "Good guessing. You're right" said Reena. "Balloons will be a good birthday gift. Mom likes blue coloured ones and they'll not cost much" said Tina now happy with her friend's choice and completely out of her bad mood. "Along with this I'll also gift mom a hand made card and flowers as usual if there will be some money left in my piggy bank" "Thank you Reena. I don't think without your advice I would be able to select such a wonderful gift for mom's birthday." "I'm sure mom would like it" said Tina thankfully. "It doesn't matter at all" replied Reena ."Now let's go out to play" Both Reena and Tina went out to play. This way Tina was able to select a birthday gift for her mom's birthday.

supriya saxena

Why do you not give her artificial jewellery, suggested Reena.


"Reena do you really know such an unique gift, oh! please tell me, please. "oh! yes sure I will tell you. You said you did not have much money and you dont want it from dad. Then you can surely give Hema aunty a priceless gift. Tina you can continune with the flowers and greeting card right now. I dont think aunty will mind. And then you can study hard and get good marks in the Final exam. You surely do not require money for this and yet it gives your mother priceless happiness." "You are correct Reena thank you." "Well that's what friends are for."


Reena suggested that Tina could gift her mother a kitchen apron and a pair of kitchen gloves. Tina remembered that while cooking food, her mother's clothes become dirty and when she take out the food from the hot oven, she badly burns her hands. So she badly needed an apron and a pair of kitchen gloves. She had little money but sufficient to buy these items as bithday gift. Both of them bought the gift and wrapped it in a beautiful paper. On her mother's birthday, Tina gave the gift to her mother and she liked it very much. She thanked and decided to bake a black-forest cake for her. In the evening, Tina invited Reena to her house and they both enjoyed the cake together.

divya mani

Reena suggested, "Why don't you take charge of the kitchen for that day?" Tina exclaimed "Oh! that's fantastic! I must do so. She will be surely pleased." At last the day arrived and Tina was all set to look after the kitchen. Early in the morning she got up before her mother and started preparing the breakfast. As it was the first time that she had entered the kitchen, she was unable to find the ingredients. After three long hours of strain and excitement, she finally made sandwiches. Her mother was astonished to see this change in her. Tina hugged her mother and wished her a very happy birthday! This was the best gift that Tina ever gave her mother. Both of them were very happy!


The best gift ever to give a mother is to be nice and a lots of love everyday. This will make every mother happy. This will be the best gift ever to give to a mother


Sometime later Reena went. Again Tina started thinking. Something struck her mind. Mother is God's gift then why should she give her mother any gift? So that year she didn't gift anything, she only wished her mother "Happy Birthday"


Reena suggested Tina to give her mother a big hug and tell her thanks for everything that she has done. Reena did exactly that because no money can ever buy a gift more precious than a few loving words.

sara galadari

"Lets make a two layer cake with my secret recipe and a batch of homemade cookies and a...SURPRISE PARTY! I just made this sort of perfume that will smell lovely on your moms B-day! And her favourite movie!!!


"Give her love coupons, silly!", said Reena, as if she knew just the thing for Tina. "What's that?", asked Tina naively. Reena explained that she could make five, seven, or any number of coupons in which she can write any chores that her mother likes Tina to do like 'cleaning children'e room', 'packing her school bag', 'keeping her things in place', 'doing laundry', 'picking up clothes' or other little things. Then her mom can cash that coupon whenever she likes. It would be a promise to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. One coupon can be 'Give me a hug or a kiss'. She can then staple the coupons and pack it nicely. Tina thought it was a wonderful idea. The load of her mind was relieved and she happily went out to play with Reena.


Why don't you give her some flowers they are women's best friends.


Reena told Tina that a gift doesn't have to be bought. It just needs to be made with love and a memory. So Reena tells Tina that she should paint her hand place it on a paper and write a few loving words and draw a heart. So Tina does this and gives it to her mother. Tina's mother loved the present. The moral is love can't be bought but it truly can be made.

Rekha Chander

Reena suggested to Tina that she could celebrate her mother's birthday in her terrace. Tina liked the idea. On the day of the birthday, Reena and Tina together decorated the terrace very beautifully. Tina's mother was very happy to see the beautiful decoration and kissed Tina.Tina kissed her mother too.So the kiss was the beautiful gift that Tina gave her mother.

Aman Jain

Tina promised her mother that she would try hard to make her mother the proud mother in the entire world and she would not leave any stone unturned to do that.

ayushi gupta

Reena tells Tina all kinds of things like: necklaces and jewellery. But Tina decides that a really unique gift would be something she always asks her mother for .......A BALLOON!


Tina helped her mother in the house hold work.


Give her your love.


She said that she had money that they can put together and buy a diamond and rubie watch from the Dollar Store.

nupur maheshwari

Tina should give her mother a unique gift made by her.


Tina gives her mother a hand made card with some flowers.


So she sauntered to the shop and she could get an amazing smell eminating from nowhere.Slowly she went to the smell ans said to the man where did u get the amazing food from . I got it from the other shop.oh cool she felt stupifiied as she had a idea. she said i will give my mother this amazing thing.


Tina gave a good look at reena. Maybe lets paint something pretty. she said. ok said reena. The birthday was very good and mum liked the painting.


Tina didnot buy any thing. She just gave the most wonderful of all gifts and can you guess what it is. It was a sweet kiss. This was Tina's idea to give her mother a gift.


I think she went home that day and made a homemade card along with a big lush rose and did the chores for the day so that she could let her mom relax. That is the best gift of all.


I think that Reena will give her mother a necklace for her birthday and she will have a brilliant time on her mother's birthday.


Soon Reena said,"Why don't you give her a balloon? It will not cost a lot of money. She will be very happy.


"What are you talking about Reena?" said Tina "Give your mum your love" said Reena. It will surely make your mum happy.


She gave her mum love and respect.


Reena said,"hey,why don't you make her a card and list things that you will do for her and plus it is hand made. I think that she will love that gift.


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