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The Overconfident Fox

complete the story Once a fox and a wildcat met on the outskirts of a village.
"This is a dangerous place," said the cat. "Infested with dogs."
"Dogs don't bother me," boasted the fox. "I know a hundred ways to get away from those stupid animals."
Just then they saw a pack of dogs coming.
"Good bye, friend," said the cat. "I'd better be going. Unlike you I know only one way to get away from dogs and that is to climb up a tree."
And saying that the cat sped up a tall tree.
The fox waited there for the dogs to come nearer to demonstrate the tricks it knew to get away from the dogs.

What happened then? Was the fox able to save himself from the dogs?



By the time the fox could play its trick all the dogs attacked the fox. Its always good to be humble than to boast.

Kim KyuSik

The fox climbed the tree. The dogs waited day and night. The fox was hungry. It climbed down the tree and ran. But the fox was caught by the dogs.

Jonathan Castil

As we all know the fox is a very cunning animal. It can outsmart other animals with its tricks. When the dogs surrounded the fox, it said: " You are all cowards to attack me as a group. Let the strongest among you fight me singlehandedly." This challenged the dogs and so they argued as to who is the strongest. It wasn't long before they fought biting and lashing at each other. They didn't even notice the fox as it got away and went into the village.


No,the dogs surrounded him and he was killed.

Sebastin Santy

After the dogs came near he ran and tried every trick after trick but he failed to do so and ran and ran until he was tired and at last the dogs killed him.

Sneha Sharma

First, the fox tried to make friends with dogs by telling them how he could help in getting the cat down from the tree. After telling them his plan and making them busy, he slipped away.


The fox challenged the dogs to a race saying dogs are slow. The dogs started to run fast and the fox went the other way knowing that the stupid dogs would keep running.

bhavika devnani

The cat climbed up the nearest tree to see the demonstration how the fox escapes as she thought there could be a few tricks that she could also learn. First the fox stood confidently with a smile on his face. The cat thought he was mad. All the dogs surrounded him and his courage level went down to zero. The most ferocious dog grinned saying "Think you are very smart? eh?" what are you upto?" Listening to this the boastful fox smiled meekly and took a huge leap and ran away. Later the cat met the fox and said "I thought you would teach me a new trick.But you used the same old boring trick".


The fox told the dogs a few jokes which they enjoyed and instead of killing him, let him go and added him as a friend.

Alolika Chatterjee

No! He can't save himself from dogs.


He got afraid he forgot all the hundred ways. Meanwhile the dogs killed him. The cat took pity but ran away.

Meera Ganesan

The fox also belonged to a dog family, so it let all the dogs come nearer and it started barking like a dog. All the dogs started barking with the fox without knowing that it was a fox. They barked at the cat and when the cat did not come down for a long time, all the dogs went on their way. Thus the fox was saved from the pack of dogs.


The dogs came closer to the fox who was now scared. He did not know what to do. He regretted boasting to the cat. As the dogs came closer the fox began to run as fast as he could. The pack of dogs followed him barking loudly. The fox saw some bushes and ran into it for protection. The dogs stood there barking for some time and went away. The poor fox came out, he was exhausted and a bit hurt as the thorns of the bushes has scratched him. But now he was a wise fox.


No the fox was not able save himself from the dogs because at his first trick itself the dogs caught him and ate him up.


The fox did not manage to escape. All the dogs ate the fox up and the dogs ate the fox for dinner and supper.


The fox boasted that it could play a trick that could chase away the dogs. However it failed to realize that this was not the time to play tricks but to save himself. Unsuccessful in its task, its overconfidence had resulted in its death. Moral: It is always better to accept one's weakness instead of boasting and getting into trouble.


He ran as fast as he could. He was tired and hid behind a bush. But the dogs smelt the fox and pounced on it. It was the end of the fox.


The fox was only standing by the tree. The fox didn't realized that the dogs are near him already. He ran for his life, but it was too late. The dogs ate him.


The fox tried all the tricks but failed. He thought of a clever idea. At once he ran as fast as he could and he howled. Soon there was hundreds of foxes near him. The fox said a clever plan to chase the dogs. They saw a lion sleeping near by. They ran a little distance away. The foxes ran in the path where the the lion was sleeping. Suddenly the dogs heard loud howling and the lion woke up. He roared 'Who dares to wake me up ?" When he saw the pack of dogs he chased them till they were tired and killed them. The foxes were happy as the plan worked.

Bobby Lee

The fox died however, he learnt a lesson.


The fox was died because he was so overconfident.


The fox cried loudly as he could .He then fought and died.


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