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Cold War

complete the story A bear and a tiger got to arguing about which time of the year was the coldest.
"Any fool will tell you that the winter season from December to February is the coldest," said the tiger.
"I don't agree," said the bear.
"I don't feel cold in winter. It is only when my fur gets wet in the rain that I shiver.
The rainy season is the coldest time of the year."
Just then a man came that way and the two animals decided to ask him to settle the dispute.
The man listened warily to both sides, but before he could give his decision the tiger took him aside and warned him that if he favoured the bear he would eat him.
And then the bear took him aside and told him that if he ruled in favour of the tiger he would tear him limb from limb. The man thought fast....

What reply did the man give the tiger and the bear? Was the man able to save himself from both of them?



The man got scared after hearing the tiger and the bear threatening him, so he started sweating and felt cold. So he said 'The time we sweat a lot is the coldest season". So saying he ran away.


He took a stick out of his pocket, waved it and said, "A great storm is coming we better go!" The tiger and bear ran away, leaving the man safe.

lakshmi keshav

The man became very worried. He thought that both the seasons are cold in different aspects. Then he got an idea. He told the tiger that he had not studied anything because he came from a poor family. The bear and tiger took pity on him and allowed him to go.

inderjeet singh

he told both the seaons are coldest.


The man was very worried but he was not nervous. He planed to play a trick. He told them to wait for wise advice from his friend at his village. The tiger and bear objects. The man told them that it was a big decision. So they agreed. The man went to his village and survived. IPSITA MONDAL CLASS-II,DPS PANIPAT REFINERY

Dawn Ray

He reached into his leather bag and brought out a small umberella and a newspaper. He proceeded to open the paper and read. A few minutes later he opened the umberella. The tiger and bear were getting impatient. "What are you doing?" they asked the man in unison. "Well," said the man, "I am preparing for a storm. I had expected snow, but the newspaper weather report predicts rain. Quite odd for January, don't you think?" "it's January?" asked the tiger. "It's going to rain?" asked the bear. The man smiled and nodded. "I suggest you find shelter. Otherwise, you're going to be very cold." The bear and the tiger hurried away and the man was left unharmed.

Paridhi Rustogi

The man was a clever man and he was fully aware what was at stake. So he said that both the animals were mistaken and did not know anything. The animals got infuriated but then he explained that actually both rainy and winter seasons were not cold it was the transition that was the coldest. The animals fell in deep thought and started thinking of something to defend their point. This was the wise man's opportunity to escape he silently picked up his bags and disappeared leaving both the animals in deep thought....


And then he said atlast- " I feel that both rainy day and winter days are cold. But as I live in an area where I dont experience both, so I think I should experiment. so I will leave now and come back with my results" After saying this he ran away and never came back leaving the both waiting for him.

Gurpreet Singh

"Listen friends",said the wise man, " The time of the year that is the coldest, is the time spent without love, the time spent without friends, the time spent without caring and sharing, the time spent without that golden hug that sets everything right." Saying this the wise man left. The bear and the lion stood there, simply looking at the disappearing silhouette of the wise man.


The man replies,"Neither the rainy season nor the winter season is cold. A season is cold due to the cold winds blown in any season."


The man replied you both are right .


The man said that coldest day might be felt in winter and also in rainy season. At some particular situation a day of rainy season could be colder than the day of winter. Answer to your question depends upon particular situation. So in this situation taking any decision would not be correct. He asked the bear and tiger to think over and discuss. They started discussing. In the mean time he escaped and ran way to save his life.

Rohan Tiwari

The man thought fast. Suddenly an idea struck his mind. He told the bear and the tiger that he first wants to make a painting of them both. The Bear and Tiger readily agreed without thinking. The man told him that he is going to bring it from his home and asked them to wait for him. The man quickly went to his home and never returned back again.

Amit Sukhpal

The man thought fast and he first took aside the tiger and said " see, I think the winter season is the most coldest time of the year. I want to say that to bear but he is not listening. so you better beat him up." Then the man took aside the bear ans said "see, I think the rainy season is the most coldest time of the year. I want to say that to tiger but he is not listening. so u better beat him." After listening to this they both started fighting and the man ran away from there.

yash pradhan

The man thought fast, after thinking a lot he said "the coldest season is from rainy season to febuary" and then he ran away before anybody could catch him.


The man said "Both seasons are not cold because I wear a jacket in winter so I don't feel cold and I wear a rain coat in rainy season so I don't feel cold". Then he ran away before the bear and the tiger could catch him.

P. Meghna

The man says, "I'm sorry, friends. I've come from a city and I'm new to this place. Let me stay here and experience both the seasons, then I'll tell you" Saying so, the clever man runs away from the beasts.


The Donkey said "You have a truck now and you don't need me for carrying goods, so please let me go to the forest to spend my last days". The farmer gave him permission to go.


He said that both the seasons are cold.


The man told winter is cold.


I am very scared because you are canvirous animals.


He ran fast and brought a bowl of honey. He knew that the tiger was right,So he supported the tiger and said winter is cold. The bear got angry and brought him aside to tear his skin.The man suddenly gave the honey to the bear and said "If you want honey then live me alone.The bear agreed and took the bowl of honey and ran away happily.

Sai Sreekar

He told that it is not the seasons which brings the cold weather but the wind.


The man agreed with both of them. He said that different animals feel different types of weather.


The man said that you both are wrong. The winter season is from October to January.So both said wrong.


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