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Crocky to The Rescue

complete the story Crocky was basking in the sun as the water was getting very cold with the onset of winter. Food was getting very scarce. Somedays he even had to go hungry.
The keeper used to feed him but it never used to be enough. And it was always a mad rush during the feed time. There were so many of them in the crocodile enclosure that you had to be quick enough to catch the meat thrown.
Crocky still remembered how he had to go hungry on some days as he would give away his share of meat to the tiny ones who would cry for more.
As he lay there thinking he heard a thud. He saw a child inside the enclosure. Did he jump or did he fall in? Anyways Crocky was worried because it was almost feed time and soon all the other crocodiles would come out of the water.
There was no one around to pull out the child. The child was looking very scared and was crying. Crocky moved towards him to pacify him but the boy got more scared and started crying even louder. So Crocky stopped.

But he could see his friends making their way towards the feeding area. Now what would happen to the boy? What could he do to save the boy?



The boy became very scared by seeing so many crocodiles and cried as loud as he could but soon fainted out of tiredness. Just as the crocodiles were coming near Crocky told them not to come near him because he was a small child as they had and kept his friends busy in this discussion and just when one of his friend decided to eat the chid the keeper came with some more people to take the child and give him to his mother and he was saved. So in this way Crocky could save the child.


Crocky soon came to that spot and asked his friends not do any harm to the boy. But,his friends did not listen to him. They came near the boy. Suddenly the keeper who came there to feed them saw the boy and Crocky fighting to save the boy and saved the boy by throwing the meat in the water. Thus the boy was saved and Crocky got as reward from everyone a special big size meat and he did not go hungry from that day.


When the crocodile came near the boy to eat him, suddenly the keeper came and pulled the crocodiles tail because if he would not have done it then the crocodile would have eaten the child.


Then Crocky went away from the boy & as other crocodiles came near he distracted them from the boy.

swati mohta

Crocky will first save the boy even if the boy was scared. Once he saves the boy he will be no more scared and the boy will be happy with Crocky and will feed him with good food. So the boy is saved too and Crocky is no more hungry and Crocky will not have to give his food to others.

Meghma Ghosh

After that Crocky took one piece of meat from the water and showed the child that Crocky would only feed their young one and go to bed without eating. Then, he told the child that don't be afraid. Climb on my back and go out of the crocodile enclosure. As now it is time for all the crocodile to come and have their food.


Now Crocky could not understand what to do. He thought for sometime. Suddenly all the crocodiles came there. Seeing a boy they came near him. Crocky tried to stop them. But they were so much hungry that they did not listen to him. Suddenly Crocky got an idea. He knew there was one more place where anyone could enter. Only a gate was there. So he stopped them & said that there were many other boys near that place making picnic. He also said that there were enough boys for all the crocodile. So all the crocodiles got fooled by him. They went there. Now there was only some hope. Suddenly the keeper came. He saw the child & took it away. He was the same boy who was there in picnic. By mistake he jumped there. Now other crocodile came & saw whatever was happening. They got angry & when the keeper went they, in anger, killed the crocodile. But still some of them felt guilty but it was late.

Thomasina Osborne

As Crocky saw his friends make their way towards them, Crocky decided to run the other way from the feeding bin as if he had seen food. This would make sure that the other crocodile would turn to look at what Crocky was doing. And sure enough they all looked to see what was going on with Crocky. As Crocky ran fast to the other side of the pit...Crocky said did you see that..{What said the other crocodile?} That man just throws that meat all over...One of the crocodile said No the man throws it inside the pit. Crocky spun around and jumped and made all kind of sounds to make sure that the crocodiles would not hear the child cry...All the crocodiles laughed at Crocky...The keeper told Crocky that the boy was out

poonam gupta

Crocky stopped and saved the child.

laiba javed

Crocky did not know what to do next as he stopped the child stopped crying. After a while the baby started crying again so crocky gave him some coconut water. Days passed by and one morning when crocky woke up, he saw a lot fishes infront of him and a beautiful shelter. He becomes very happy and found a note that said "Hey crocky! I was the baby who was with you and I wanted you to know that I was actually an angel and you took such good care of me that this is your prize". Crocky was very happy. He now never had to search for food. LESSON:-BE NICE TO OTHERS

Karishma Changlani

Crocky knew only one way of stopping his friends from moving towards feeding area and divert their attention. He started crying loudly as if he is in great pains and he told his friends that he is going to die soon. He requested all his friends to shout for help so that the keeper can arrive soon. Crocky was loved by all his friends very much so they all were very worried. All of them started crying loudly. Keeper heard the noise and came rushing. He noticed the child within the enclosure and all crocodiles gathered near Crocky. Immediately he removed the child out and felt that since the food is in scarce that is the reason crocodiles are falling ill so he started taking better care of them so no one should ever fall sick or die. Thus Crocky not only helped the child but helped himself and his friends also...


Suddenly a boy jumped inside and took the child out just in time when the crocodiles were about to reach and eat the child.


Crocky called his friend monkey and told him to throw coconuts at the crocodiles . The monkey did so and the crocodiles got hurt and fainted. The keeper came and took the child out of the water.Thus crocky saved the child.


Crocky did not know what to do. So he tried pushing the boy out of the water. But the boy was too heavy. So Crocky tried stopping his fiends but they would not stop. At last Crocky shouted for help and a human pulled the boy out of the water.


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