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Arya can hear

complete the story The water of the lake was still. There were no ripples too as there was no breeze. No leaves rustled and a strange calm pervaded the area. Arya liked the quiet and was enjoying it sitting on the bench near the lake. Suddenly she heard two voices- "What is this mountain like thing doing here on this bench?" said one. The other voice agreed, "It was not here when we came earlier." Arya looked around but could find nobody. She happened to look down on the seat beside her and she saw two ants near her. Could it be they who were talking? But how can she hear ants talking? Surely she must be dreaming. But the voices were chattering away about the mountain being too steep and when she looked down she found one of the ant trying to climb over her lap. Now she was sure she had heard the ants only talking. But how could it be possible? The ant slid down and so she got up and she heard the voice saying- "Thank God the mountain has moved away and now we can resume on our way."
Arya was shocked. She started walking home when she heard someone saying- "God when is this heat going to lessen a bit. I am totally scorched." When Arya looked towards where the voice was coming from she saw nothing but a crow. So was it the crow that she heard?
"When will mama come home? asked one voice. "She should have been here by now," said another. Those were the magpies on the gulmohar tree. She could see them peeping out of their nest. Suddenly she heard a voice shout," Stop there right now."
Arya was startled and turned back slowly.

Now who was that? What happened next?



Two fairies came up to Arya and said:"You are in a magical world where animals can talk. It's called Gabistan. Now animals think you are a mountain. We will cast a spell. Watch." They waved their wands and suddenly all the animals had become Arya's size."We will help you get back home.This world is not safe for you."And so in a flash, Arya was at her front doorstep!!


A chicken popped up from behind her and pecked the girl's eyes out and she died.


And to her suprise she saw a beatiful angel. She was about to scream but she couldn't as a mighty force was stopping her. She struggled to get the grip off her but it was impossible. A pain shot through her heart and Arya found herself in her nice warm bed. What a nightmare she thought as she tossed her crumbled bed covers on the floor she went outside and the first thing she heard was the animals talking to her. All this time the power of god was being shown to his followers.

malavika s. kumar

She saw one of the magpies looking at her doubtfully. And to her astonishment the magpie spoke to her "Hey, you! Did you see our Mama? The other magpie asked the first magpie "Do you think she will know ? The first magpie said to Arya "By the way my name is Sweety. He pointed to the other magpie, Her name is Cheepy. What is your name ? Well .. My name is Arya. I didn't see your Mama." "Oh..Well..will you stay and talk to us" said Sweety. "sure" said Arya. After a long chat with the magpies, she got up to leave. "Bye.. See you some other day," she said. As she walked away she saw the mother magpie flying back to her nest. Then she heard a noise. A deep growl and a grumbling noise. She looked behind and saw a bear coming towards her. She closed her eyes and screamed. After sometime she heard a gentle voice, "open your eyes, little girl." She fearfully opened her eyes and saw herself in the middle of a crowd of animals. Rabbits, Magpies, Crows, Ants, Pigeons, Squirrels and so on. It was the bear who spoke to her. He gently hugged her and asked her who she was and why she came there? She said with her eyes full of tears, " My name is Arya, I have lost my way and come here." "It doesn't matter. We will take you home." said the rabbit. So the animals took Arya home and she thanked them all. Then she lived happily ever after. Tina shut her diary stretched her arms and said " Well that was a good story about my sister Arya. Now where is she ? May be Arya was having all these adventures in real life. Who knows?! May be she was home after everything. Tina walked out of the house and went to their park, sat on a swing and dropped off to sleep.

A. Ayappan

It was a rat running across the place when Arya walking through. Another rat that came behind Arya gave precaution to another rat for not being caught under her feet. She was shocked by hearing all the animal voices Suddenly she woke up due to extreme heat of sun. Then she realised that was all in a dream world..


She was so worried that she felt like crying and as she started walking she bumped into a crowd of miniature flying people."Help me" she said and fainted when she woke up she found herself in her bed and then she heard her mother's hurried voice. It was all a dream she thought and when she got outside she saw a crowd of miniature people.


She had a tiger behind and she got up from her sleep.


There was an angel. She told her that she is in the magical land and if she want to go to her home she has to say a mantra.


All of a sudden she saw , "prashanth" , who was nearing her with great speed, yelling the same words, that "birds are singing like Asha Bhosle , flowers are smiling at him...............". They both started running towards the village, all of a sudden the alarm clock broke its voice and she opened the eyes with sparks in the them.


It was an elephant .She screamed and got up from her bed.then she knew that it was just a dream.

Rekha chander

Two good witches came to Arya and said that they were training the animals to talk. Now by mistake they had put a spell on Arya's ears so she could hear the animals talk. They removed the spell from Arya's ears and she went home happily.


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