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The Scare

complete the story Shashi had chicken pox and was not allowed to leave her room. Her brother Dilip was in the 10th and with the board exams starting the following week, Ayee did not want him to get infected.
At 11am Ayee brought her soup. When she had finished drinking it, Ayee said, ďShashi, our neighbour Usha Taiís old mother is leaving this evening. Iíll wish her goodbye and return in half an hourís time. Thereís no one in the house but donít answer the phone or the door. You just lie down in bed. Iíll be back soon.Ē
ďIsnít Dada at home?Ē asked Shashi.
ďNo, heís gone to his friendís house to study,Ē said her mother.
After her mother left, Shashi did not know what to do. She didnít feel like playing with the dolls anymore. She hated being left alone in the house. Actually, the silence frightened her. The house even felt different when there was no one around. She heard a car reverse and pull away. She looked at the clock. Only five minutes had passed since her mother had left. All of a sudden she heard a creaking sound as though a window had opened. And then she heard a soft thud!
Shashi thought that Ayee had left the kitchen window open and Kitty the gurkhaís cat had jumped in. She waited for the tabby to push open the door to her room. But it didnít. The house was silent again. Perhaps Kitty had as usual gone to sleep under the cushion on the sofa.
Then she heard another sound - like that of shuffling feet. She got out of bed and walking on tip toes with her heart in her mouth, she opened her roomís door...and then froze with fright as she saw...

What did Shashi see? Was it the tabby? Or was it someone else?


pravitha warrior

It was none other than her brother Dilip.


She saw a thief. The thief gagged her and tied her to a chair.Then he stole all the valuables and ran away. Ayee came back and set her free. Shashi gave the police the thief's descripsion and he was caught.


She saw that the kitchen door was locked and the noises were coming from outside.

Paul Santos

Her elder sister looking for something to eat.

sohini samaddar

A Man. He was wearing a black dress. At once shashi realized that he was a thief. The thief was going near the family locker. The locker had many valuable things. Shashi was scared at first but then she thought she would not let someone steal her family's valuables. She saw a stick nearby. She grabbed the stick and rushed at the robber. Soon shashi heard ayee call her and felt a hand on her shoulder. Then shashi suddenly opended her eyes and realised that it was a dream.

Abolee vaidya

Shashi saw that it was her dada 'Dilip'. Then Shashi did not feel sacred .After a while her ayee came. She realised that she should not have left Shashi alone. After few days, Shashi was cured of chicken pox and she started playing outdoor games as well as indoor games.


It was someone else.

Susana, Hana, Camila, Gabriel

It was a monster. She screamed ' ahhhhhhhhh', he also screamed ' ohhhhhhhhh'. "you are a monster, you should not scream. Are you afraid of me?", said Shashi. "No I'm a good monster, I don' t like to scare people. I only came here to eat something", the monster said. "But the refrigerator is in the kitchen", she said "But I didn't come to eat food", he said. "So you came to eat me", Shashi said. "No,no,no I came to eat your chicken pox",he said. "Ok,ok,ok I will let you eat my chicken pox", Shashi said. So he ate her chicken pox and went away. And from that day onwards whenever Shashi had chicken pox Monster chicken pox came to eat them.

Bradie Joan

A BEAST THAT ATE HER HEAD OFF. The next day her parents found her and killed themselves.

Manya punjari

It was her dada Dilip.

Amrita Ramkumar

She saw that the Gurkha's cat was hurt while trying to enter her room and was bleeding badly. She nursed the cat and asked the Gurkha to take the cat to a veterinary doctor. She was happy she saved a cat and did some noble thing even though she was sick and was at home.


She saw God.


She saw a person in a shawl. When she noticed that the person had seen her. She got scared and tried to run away, but the person caught her. The person kidnapped Shashi and tied her up in a room. When the person left shashi got scared and tried to escape. This time too the person was too quick, and when Shashi tried to hit the person, the person stabbed a knife in Shashi's stomach. Shashi Shouted "Ayee help". But Shashi found herself in her room on her bed and Ayee beside her. Shashi was dreamng. When Ayee asked "what happenned?".Shashi laughed and said "that was all over." Now Shashi has a nice story to tell all her friends. Soon Shashi recovered from chicken pox.

Anuraag balaji

It was just a dream.

swati nair

It was her mother and shashi asked her why she had come so early and her mother told her that the neighbour's old mother had already left.

Rekha Chander

It was an angel who had come to take away the chicken pox away from Shashi. As Shashi shouted, the angel got scared and ran away. Thus Shashi had chicken pox for one more month. It was then Shashi realised her foolishness for shouting at the angel.


It was the air.


It was none other than her brother Dilip.

yogin sawant

It was her mother who shouted at Shashi for not listening to her order.


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