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Sister Trouble

complete the story Rinkie and Tina were at the shopping mall. School was out for summer and both girls could while away their days shopping to their heartsí content. Rinkie looked on while Tina went from counter to counter trying on new shades of nail polish and lipstick. They couldnít afford to buy anything since most of the stuff was very expensive. So they window shopped all day and reached home in the evening, tired but happy.
The next day, Rinkie was trying to find some change to pay the milkman. Tina told Rinkie that she had some change in her purse. When Rinkie opened Tinaís purse, she was appalled to find three new lipsticks inside. She was pretty sure her sister had stolen them from the store. She had to report this to her mother. But she didnít want to lose her sisterís trust.

Now what will she do?



Rinkie spoke to Tina about this and explained to her not to do this again. Then Tina went to the shopping mall again and paid for it.


Rinkie should talk to her sister Tina, and tell her that she should go and return the lipsticks. After that she should tell her mother what happened and then let her mother tell her sister off...

mohd aamir

She must ask her sister to tell the truth


So she went and spoke to her sister clearly and she decided to make her sister understand her mistake. So she told her mother that she had stolen 3 lipsticks from the store and her mother hit her for doing so. Since Tina loved her sister, she admitted her mistake and she was not punished because she understood her own mistake.


Since Tina had stolen the lipsticks from the mall she pretended to understand her mistake. She lied to Rinkie. Then early the next morning Tina again stole money and bought lipsticks. But Rinkie found out that Tina was playing a prank on her.


she then asked her sister, who in turn told her that she had stolen the lipsticks. She thus made her sister admit her mistake and pay the money at the shop.


Rinkie told this to her mother. Then her mother told Rinkie that it was a gift from her to Tina as it was her birthday that day. so then Rinkie apologised Tina as she thought that she stolen them from the store.

Rekha Chander

Rinkie asked Tina to tell the truth. by showing her the three lipsticks.Tina said that her best friend had also come to the shopping mall. She bought three lipstickes for Tina as a gift for being a good friend. Rinkie apologised to Tina and went away.


Rinkie stormed up to Tina and demanded to know what was going on. Tina started to scream and throw a tantrum. She started to throw items at Rinkie as Rinkie yelled at her to stop. She ran and got her mother and her mom got mad at Tina and grounded her for a month and made her return the lipsticks to the store and volunteer there for a year.


Rinkie talked to Tina about this and found out that she had jumped to conclusions and should have trusted her sister more. It turned out Tina had raked leaves a couple of days ago for their neighbors and earned the money. Moral: DO NOT ACCUSE PEOPLE OF DOING SOMETHING IF YOU DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS.

mary synthia

Rinkie told Tina, "why did you steal it? Don't do this again. If you want it, pay the money and get it. If you don't have money, ask mom for some money." She adviced her to not do it again and to return it back to the shop keeper or pay the amount for it.


Tina and Rinkie went to the shopping mall and kept in the same place.


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