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The Fox and The Sparrow

complete the story Once there lived a cunning fox, which used to steal the eggs of the sparrows from their nest.
So the sparrows decided to make their nests on top of a tall tree.
The fox saw the nests and tried to climb the tree but it was very tall and having no branches.
The fox lost his interest in everything else and all the while thought of how to reach the top of the tree.
At last he got an idea. He went deep in to the forest where all the other foxes were living.
After a while the fox returned with a pack of foxes.
They tried to reach the top by standing on one another's back.
In this manner they reached nearly three-fourths of the way up the tree.
The birds saw the foxes and all except one sparrow flew away leaving their eggs.
One sparrow was not ready to leave her eggs.
She quickly started thinking of a way to save her eggs and those of others and came up with an idea.

What was the idea? Was the sparrow able to save the eggs?



The sparrow got an idea and threw one of her egg on the head of the topmost fox due to which all the foxes fell down.


At last the sparrow got an idea to save her and other's eggs from the cunning foxes. She wants to teach them a lesson. She observed the standing posture of foxes ie one on another. Immediately she came out from the nest to the first fox who is carrying all the foxes from bottom.She started tickling it with her nose.The bottom fox lost its balance and all the above foxes fell down.They went away from there in shame. The wise sparrow was praised by other sparrows and they lived happily.


The sparrow thought for a while and started dropping the fruits of the tree which fell on the foxes. She did it continuously by throwing one after the other. The foxes got scared and ran away from there.

Paridhi Rustogi

The sparrow thought and thought and eventually came up with an idea.EUREKA!!! She went ahead and pecked the eyes of the lowest fox and the fox shouted in anguish, lost control of everthing and collapsed. And down came the rest of the foxes. They created such a racket that all the animals of the forest rushed to the scene. They all heard the pleading tale of the sparrow and punished the fox. They were painted blue and black all over. The sparrow thanked all the animals and went and called all the sparrows back. All the sparrows thanked the brave-hearted sparrow and promised to serve him whenever in need as it single handedly saved all the small, innocent birds. They lived happily ever after and the foxes shuddered even from the idea of returning back to the sparrow's nests. And all the animals lived in harmony with no disturbance.

Samanyu Bhandary

The sparrow called other sparrows and all of them shifted the nest to a higher branch in the tree.The foxes which tried to reach the higher branch fell down and broke their bones !!!!

H. Suresh

She saved the eggs by entrusting the eggs to a fox telling him that she will feed with a better feast. Better to leave the house under the custody of an enemy than a friend.

Vinay Shirgaokar

The clever sparrow started shouting, "This cunning fox will eat the eggs alone". Hearing this the other foxes panicked and started quarelling amongst themselves. Each one of them wanted to be at the top of the fox pyramid. Alas all of them kept on disagreeing with each other and refused to cooperate. This way the clever little sparrow saved all the eggs.

Vinay Shirgaokar

The clever little sparrow flew down and bit the fox on the ground level with her sharp beak. The fox was startled and jumped in pain. All the other foxes tumbled down and were badly hurt. They decided it was not worth risking their bones and went away leaving all the sparrows very happy.


The sparrow which tried to save her eggs came down and started tickling the first fox. After this the first fox started laughing and all the other foxes fell on the ground. In this way the sparrow saved her eggs and also other sparrow's eggs from the attack of the pack of foxes.


She quickly chirped to all her other friends and one by one, they started pecking at the foxes backs. Since sparrows were small, they could easily get under the foxes and some pecked at the stomach or the leg or the back. This became too much for the foxes and they fell off of each other and ran off. The head bird asked who's idea it was and they pointed to the one sparrow that did not leave. She got rewarded with many rice grains and all the other sparrows thanked her for if she had left too, their precious eggs would have been destroyed. So the sparrow became famous in the forest and she and her children (the eggs) lived happily ever after!


The Sparrow built a fence of thorny twigs around the nest. When the fox tried to reach for the eggs the thorns pricked her/his hands. The fox howled in pain and with bleeding hands ran away from the tree never to return again.

aparna venkatesan

Yes,the sparrow was able to protect the eggs. She flew to a neighbouring tree of sparrows and asked them to distract the foxes for some time. The neighbouring sparrows agreed and flew to the tree with the foxes. The sparrow who lived in the attacked tree had flown to town where her old master, Bambo lived. Bambo had taught the sparrow to speak human language. As soon as the sparrow reached Bambo she told him of the attack. Bambo took his car and in a few minutes he reached his pet's home. Bambo had brought his dogs and chased the foxes away. The sparrow thanked Bambo and the neighbours who had distracted the foxes to a vine yard nearby. Thus, the sparrow saved the eggs and everyone thanked her.

achyuth c sekhar

The sparrow thought of an idea. She called some ants and told them about her idea. Then,the ants began to bite the foxes. The foxes began to fall down. The foxes got scared and ran away.

bhavika devnani

She had noticed that some travellers had left a white cloth. She wore it and went back to the tree. She started dropping fruits which made the foxes extremely angry. Then they saw the bird covered in white cloth and got scared and thought this tree was haunted. The other birds watched the scene from far off and praised the bird for its wit and made it the leader of the lot.

chooi wei jun

Sudenly she saw some hunters were having their meal under a tree so she stole the sandwich of the hunters. The hunters were very angry and they chased the sparrow until the tree. The foxes saw the hunters and ran away. Thus the smart sparrow saved her eggs.

Chong Chi Cheng

After a while, the sparrow thought of an idea. It looked worried about something. The foxes noticed about that, so they asked the sparrow why it looked very worried. The sparrow did not answer them but shouted:''Help!Help!" The foxes quickly asked it to shut up it's mouth. The sparrow stopped that.Then,it said:"I saw many tigers walking towards here, I thought they wanted to eat us!" On hearing this the foxes got scared and ran away. The pack of foxes fell down because all of them wanted escape from there. So the fox could not steal the sparrow's eggs.

Yap Kim Cong

The sparrow called her friend to pick stones and throw on the cunning fox. Thus the eggs were saved.

Neoh Chia Choon

The sparrow pecked the last fox which was carrying all the other foxes, then all the foxes fell down."


The sparrow thought for a while and started dropping the fruits of the tree which fell on the foxes. She did it continuously by throwing one after the other. The foxes got scared and ran away from there.


The sparrow thought of a plan. First, it made the top fox jump up and down by tickling his back. When he tumbled down, he took with him two other foxes. In the ensuing confusion, the sparrow poked in the eyes of Fox standing at the bottom. The fox was blinded and jumped out of the stand. Finally, the other foxes ran away and all the birds came back and thanked this brave bird.

Teh Selina

The sparrow flew into the forest to find her friends. She gathered her friends and told them what must they do to save their eggs. Later, they flew to a river bank and took some small rocks. They flew back to the tree above and dropped the rocks at the foxes. The foxes felt pained and ran away.

wong sim yen

Tomy cat kept Tamir upside down so that she can not escape. But this was in Tamir's favour as the trunk of the tree on which she was sitting was half merged in water. When the cruel Tommy cat was busy following his prescription to eat tortoise, Tamir the tortoise managed to slide down in the water with his back. And yes this time , too, Tamir fooled Tommy!!

Chase Tavarez

The sparrow thought until.... "I got the idea!" Yelled the sparrow. The sparrow flew from the tree. Half of the foxes followed her. Then she flew over a nearby river. The foxes tried to jump over but sadly, they were twarted by the sparrow.*SPLASH* the foxes fell into the river. They jumped out and scampered home, soaking wet. Then the sparrow flew back to the tree and pecked the top fox. He screamed and fell off, then wimpered to the fox's territory. "I will get you next time sparrow!" "Yea. We'll see you dumb fox!" Yelled the sparrow. The fox started to walk off, then he turned around and ran at the sparrow at top speed. "Uh hello, I'm a sparrow." She said. She flew to her nest then *BAM* the fox hit the tree. He yelled in agony then ran back in fear of the sparrow.


Clever Sparrow flew down and started walking in front of the bottom most fox,acting as if it had broken its wings. Fox tried to catch the fox and jumped on sparrow,sparrow flew away making all the foxes falling one on another and breaking their bones. Wounded foxes some how managed to reach back the forest cursing their friend.


"I am old now.I can't work as fast as I did it before. So it's waste for you. Master to feed me it will be loss for you. So please send me to forest I want to spend my last days in forest."


The sparrow had a diamond in her nest. She told the topmost fox,"look brother,you will not get any food by feeding on us. I have a diamond with me .If you go to foreign and sell this diamond you will get much food' Immediately the sparrow threw an artificial diamond which was a stone. The stone contained poison and as soon as the fox took it in his mouth to go away,he swallowed it and died.

Sai Sreekar

The sparrow threw fruits at the fox as hard as she could. It hurt them and they fell down and died.


The sparrow told "Brother,go to the banyan tree. I am having 4 of those 8 eggs". So the foxes went there and the sparrow saved her eggs and also saved eggs of the other birds.

surya prakash

The sparrow threw fruits at the fox as hard as she could. It hurt them and they fell down and died.


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