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The Thorny Ghost

complete the story Mira was a gifted poetess. She loved every little thing about the Enchanted Forest. That is where she got all the ideas for her beautiful lyrics. Her mother was very worried whenever she sent Mira out to the village river to do the family’s laundry. She knew that Mira often dawdled when she was distracted by the beauty of some flower or if she heard the gurgling of some stream. Mira’s mother knew that if Mira did not leave the Enchanted Forest by nightfall, the Thorny Giant, who loved to feast on human flesh, would make a yummy meal out of Mira’s tender bones. Every afternoon, therefore, Mira’s mother would urge Mira to come back before the sun went to bed.
Mira was always cautious, and heeded her mother’s warnings. One day, however, Mira saw a beautiful lotus blossom in the marshes by the river. As she sat admiring the pink blossom, a new poem took birth in her mind. In her glee, she forgot all about the approaching dusk. Suddenly, she was awoken from her reverie by a thundering noise. She recognized it as the footfall of the Thorny Ghost. She panicked. She had to think up of a plan, if she did not want to fall prey to the monster. As she scoured her mind for ideas, she remembered that the ghost could not swim…

What did Mira do to escape from the Thorny Ghost?



She lifted a big stone and threw it into the middle of the water. The ghost, thinking that it is the girl, waited on the pond side for her to emerge from the water. Meanwhile the girl slowly moved away from the place. Then she reached a safe distance, she started running. This is how she fooled the ghost!


Mira swam to the middle of the river and stood on a rock, just below the water's surface. From where she was standing, it looked like she was standing on the water's surface. When the thorny Ghost came tramping along, he was surprised to see a young girl standing on the water. Then Mira spoke to the ghost in a loud voice, Ghost, I am the goddess of this river, and if you come here again I will send my powers on you and you will die! The Thorny Ghost became very scared. He ran away to some other distant land and was never seen again in Mira's village. When Mira got home she told her mother what had happened. Her mother gave her a scolding. So Mira always came home before dusk.


Mira immediately put together logs of wood and built a small raft. She started rowing away from the bank. She could hear the Thorny Ghost coming. She started rowing faster. Suddenly, the raft hit a rock in the river and broke into pieces. Mira did not lose courage. She started swimming across the river with all her energy. the Thorny Ghost was left on the bank staring at her. Thus, Mira escaped and went back to her village.

M L Upasana

So Mira swam to the other bank of the river and ran as fast as she could till she was safe at home. She had learnt her lesson and never ever stayed near the enchanted river till it fell dark enough for the monster to come out and have a nice human feast.

atash ganvir

Then Mira immediately dived into the river. She swam towards the other end when she was again amazed when she saw another thorn monster in front of her eyes. There were two monsters in reality. Mira again jumped into the river & started swimming to where the current was flowing.To her horror there was a waterfall in front of her & also the monsters were running on the bank of the river. Atlast she held a stone which was in the river and sat on it. The monsters were also sitting on the bank for their dinner. Mira stated screaming till the monster could not hold it up & ran away. Mira than quickly ran to her house & slept.


Mira swam to the bank of the river and threw a big stone in the river. The ghost thought that she was who went into the water to save her life. So the ghost waited for her to come out. By that time Mira found a shortcut and went home.


Mira quickly held her goddess necklace that could protect her from ghosts. The ghost was gone. Finally she was safe.


She jumped into the river and swam away. When she reached the bank she started running away from the Thorny Ghost..She reached home and had a night full of nightmares about the 'Thorny Ghost'.


She ran away from home.

Barnana Ganguly

Mira at once had a plan. She hid herself behind a rock and quickly threw the doll which she had found just then to a distance away from the ghost. The ghost being extremely foolish went behind the doll.In the meanwhile Mira ran home and was saved.


Mira was a very clever girl. She knew that the giant could not swim, maybe because he was elergic to water or something like that. She saw a smaall mug and filled it with water and when she turned, she saw the giant approach her. She threw the water on his feet and he got stuck to the ground. When Mira saw this she quickly swam to the mainland and ran back home and told her mother what happened. Her mother forgived her and told her that she was proud of her. Thereafter she never wandered for a long time.


Mira sat behind the tree to fell the ghost, but the ghost saw her hiding behind the tree. The ghost jumped on her and had a wounderful supper and the poor Mira is no more.


Mira was clever enough to escape from the ghost and she had also read many stories about ghosts. She knew that ghosts cannot swim. So she took her mug which she had brought from her home for filling water, and filled some water in it and threw them on him. Thinking that he was stuck up in water, the ghost runs for his life. Now Mira goes home happily with the jewels of the people who had been killed by the ghost. On the other side Mira's mother kept worrying for her daughter as she had not returned for a long time. When Mira returned and told the story to her mother, her mother felt happy and proud. When Mira wrote this adventure of her in the story writing competition held in her school, she won the first prize! She got a scholarship of Rs. 2000/-. Now Mira was the happiest girl than anyone else in her village.

Priya Verma

Mira was a good and kind hearted girl. So she did not do anything that would disturb anybody. She called the ghost and told him that she would like to be friends with her. When they became friends mira came every day near the pond and spent the whole day with the ghost. Ghost told her many good stories. And also gave her many thing to eat. After few days they became very good friends.

Atreyee Samanta

Mira was very afraid because she new that the giant was flesh eating beast and knew that he can' t swim but she can swim. So, Mira quickly covered the pond with woods and leaves. Then Mira teased the monster and ran to the pond and balance at the woods. When the monster also came to balance at the wood but the monster fall down into the river. In this way Mira saved all the villagers.

Pranathi Sana

Mira knew she should have listened to her mother's warnings. She knew this monster couldn't swim. She slowly backed away from the giant. Then she ran straight into the pond and started swimming. She was getting tired but after a while she reached the end of the pond. She climbed out with her clothes soaked. She walked home fast to narrate the story to the rest of her family. Never again will she waste valuable time.


She invited her friends to have a party in the lake and the ghost got sad and he ran away to his mommie.


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