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Where will the children play?

complete the story Where will the children play? - this question was posed by most of the residents of Bellevue apartments. The Playground next door had been closed down as a high rise building was to come up there. That was the only green space available for Bellevue residents. Now where could the children find some place to play? They tried to appeal to the court but their petition was ruled down.
This had been going on for almost a month now. The children used to continue playing there but since the past three days, the builder's men had occupied the place and were driving away the kids. The kids didn't know where else to play. The harried parents decided to hold a meeting.
At the meeting Mr. Pinto made a suggestion- Maybe they could remove the concrete pavement on one side of their building and make a small park there. Everyone was happy at this suggestion. But the main problem was how would they collect the money needed for this? Will all the residents readily part with the amount needed which could run into thousands of rupees? If not then how could they raise the money. It was then that Little Meenu came up with a bright idea?

What was Meenu's idea? Did the children get their playground?



Yes the children will get their playground. Children do have rights also.


Meenu called all her friends. They decided to give a representation to our beloved president, who would immediately come to their rescue. Meenu sent an e- mail and the corporation authorities rushed to their apartment. They immediately accepted their idea and the problem was solved. The members of the apartment appreciated Meenu's idea and the children got a playground.


She said "Let's write to the dimdima magazine about our children's playground matter ". Everybody thought that this was an excellent idea. So they wrote as they thought. You know what?! They were succesfull. Dimdima sent them some money & suggested that they all can contribute for the little more money needed. They did it!!! They got their playground back & all the children were glad to have their playground back & ofcourse to have dimdima & to little Meenu!

shrey marwaha

Meenu said that they could take some money from all residents to create Park Fund. If the amount is not sufficient, they could organise some shows and fete too. The profit collected from these can be added to the park fund. The children can clean the area where the park has to be built and plant beautiful saplings there. The residents can collect waste things from their houses that can be sold and money can be taken for park fund. Everybody appreciated the idea. Then everyone started to collect the profit which came from shows, fete and by selling the things. A good amount was collected for the park fund. Children also worked hard to clean the area where the park was to be built and to plant the saplings. After some months the park was ready for the children to play. The children were very happy and thanked Meenu for her suggestions.

R.Manoj kumar

She told that the residents could donate some amount of money. The people liked the idea. They did so and got the park ready.


Meenu's idea was to collect rupees only from the parents whose children are going to play over the pavement but not others so every parent accepted this suggestion and the childen are now having a new playground.

supriya saxena

Meenu's idea was that everybody will work hard and collect money for a small park for children to play.

shivani kalluri

Meenu felt the money should be raised by selling used items of the kids, food...etc. The kids conducted a show which raised quite a sum of money. They sold used toys, clothes, books, their collections like stamps and coins...etc and raised money. They also raised funds from the near and dear ones.


She said that all the kids from Bellevue apartment would hold a dance programme so that people will come to see the programme and buy the tickets. That's how they will raise the money and build the playground for children to play. Eventually they did it.

aditi chaudhary

Meenu thought that they should organize a fancy dress party for children as well as for elder people. The entry fee will be Rs 100 per person. The one who wins the competition he or she will own the playground. Everyone wanted to own the playground. So many people came to the party. In this way sufficient money was collected to make playground. As for the competition Meenu won it and now owns the playground.


Meenu said that instead of making the concrete ground to a park they can close the terrace and make that 4000 square feet a place for them to play with new imported playing toys. This suggestion was approved by the trustee and they began to start their work.

juhi agarwal

She said that we can sell old things at our homes. By selling them we can get money, that can be used in buying some plot for children and we can repair the slides.


Meenu felt very upset for the children who did not have playgrounds so this was her plan. Every child who would want to play on the playground would have to sell away things or do something. Then they could get money. It was an easy and fun way for the children and for the adults because they could watch their children do things by themselves for building a play ground at schools who did not have any playgrounds and every one would be happy.

pardeep batra

Meenu's idea was that we will go to the houses and collect the money, she said that we will teach the people the importance of game in life for their children. It is sure that money is nothing for them in their children's career.


Meenu said that they would have a park fund


Meenu had suggested that they would collect the fund from the residents who wanted the small park to be there and if the money was not sufficient the children would keep fun fairs, fun times etc; they would make greting cards and things of that sort to get more money and arrange exhibitions. Yes by this the children got their playground.


They organised some shows and collected money

sarthak kalra

...........that Little Meenu came up with a bright idea. Her eyes started shining with happiness.Although the task was a difficult one but not impossible.Her friends and she decided to write to president of the country about the matter.All the children did so and after many days a reply came that "It has been inquired that the land of the playground is a government property and the builder has tried to occupy it illegally. He has got a notice from the judiciary about it and will have to pay a huge fine. So, the children of Bellevue can play there without any fear as the land is reserved for the children's park." All the people of the place appreciated Meenu for her idea and all the children lived happily thereafter.


Little Meenu called all her friends and asked whether they had any difficulty in playing on the big terrace of their apartment. They all thought for a while but then all of them slowly agreed. They soon went on with their terrace work. They all together cleaned the terrace, planted some saplings so that it would look green. Thereafter the children as well as their parents were very happy.

Ramesh Vaidya

As Meenu said the residents of the apartment visited the branch of The Green-Peace Movement. The office bearers of the eco friendly movement listened carfully to their complaint. And the movment took this issue in their hands. They have a plenty of members all over the big city. They announced an awareness programme against the builders constructing a building destroying a green park. It worked and when they appealed in the high court and got their park untouched.


Meenu's idea was to raise funds (collect money) from other society members too. She suggested to prepare a circular and get the signatures of other society members and show it to the members of other society and would also allow the children of other society to play in that ground. It would foster friendship and good relations and they would get the park also. Her plan was accepted and implemented too.

Shraddha Sen

Little Meenu's bright idea to raise money was to take donations from the society.This way they collected money and got back their playground.


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