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Parents: A Child's Best Friends

complete the story Peeboo the bear loved going to school. She used to spend many hours there while her parents were busy at work. On Sundays and other holidays, Peeboo became very sad. She felt bored at home and missed her teacher and her friends. “Play with me little one,” said Peekri, her mommy. “Sing with me little one,” said Pokri, her daddy. But Peeboo was inconsolable. “How can I think of mommy and daddy as my friends?” she wondered. After a lot of thought she made up her mind. “I’m packing my bags and will live at the school from now onwards,” Peeboo announced. Mommy and Daddy were shocked and sad. They tried to explain to Peeboo that she was not making the right decision and that they were her friends also. Finally they realized that she would have to experiment and find out the truth herself. So they let her go. Peeboo made her way to the school…

Did Peeboo realize her mistake and come back home?



When Peeboo went to the school, she found that it was deserted. Peeboo was shocked and frightened and ran home to her parents.


On her way to school, she met a very young fairy. Peeboo was surprised! The fairy was very nice to her. She explained to Peeboo that she should stay at home with her loving parents. And so, Peeboo realized her mistake. She went home happily. She hugged her mom and dad.


She went to school and someone killed her.


She reached school and felt quite better. At that moment her parents felt guilty that they had no time to give to their daughter. So they made up their mind to bring Peeboo back home. On the other hand, Peeboo became scared because there was no one in the school at night. She prayed to the Lord to help her. In the meantime a fairy reached there. She loved Peeboo amd told her that her parents loved her too and worked for her benefit. Meanwhile her parents reached there and kissed her on the forehead and took her home.Then they lived happily ever after.

ketki Shah

Peeboo started going to the school but on the way she met one of her school friend who was playing with her parents and enjoying. A litte further, she saw another boy who was playing and helping his parents with their work. After seeing her friends, she started thinking ,"I can also play with my parents like I play with my friends in the school and can also help my parents with some house work so that they feel little relaxed." Thinking that, she immediately turns around and goes home. She hugs her mom and dad and apologises for her behaviour. From that day onwards she always found ways to play with her parents and and help them too.


On her way to school, she met a friend who was bit elder to her and asked her to go back to her home because no other place is better than home where we can live happily with our parents(family).


Peeboo went to school and stayed there for a couple of days. Suddenly she remembered the days when she used to be happy with her mommy. So she went back home.


When Peeboo reached her school, at night, there she felt lonely and she was hungry. No one was there to feed her and no one was there to take care of her. So, she realized even though her parents are busy with their work, they never forget to take care of her and moreover they are suffering and working hard only for Peeboo's future. So she came back to the house and there she saw her parents crying for her. She went and kissed her parents and told them "I will not go anywhere and I love you both". Her parents were happy and they also promised to spend some time for playing with her.


When she was about to reach the school, she saw her teacher standing on the road side. Peeboo's parents told her teacher to advise her. So the teacher told her to go to her class and enjoy with her friends. But when she entered, the classroom was deserted. So, she returned to her home with dissapointment and anger. After a while she thought and realised that her teacher had told her a lie to make her realise her mistake.


When she left her home, she was feeling very happy. But on her way to school she saw a man having a crooked face and she also saw that he was kidnapping a child. Nobody saw this only Peeboo saw this. WITH GREAT HORROR she went running home with her eyes filled with tears. She hugged her parents with happiness that she has returned back safely.


When she went to school there was nobody there except for the guard. He said that the students and teachers would come only in the weekdays. Peeboo had to wash her clothes and make her own food at school. There in the school she felt more bored than at home as she had nobody in school. Atleast at home there were her parents. So Peeboo realised her mistake and went home and apologised to her parents.

Namrata Babu

When Peeboo reached school there was nobody there. Then she realized it was better to stay at home with her parents.

Sanika patil

Peebo went to the school but on the way found many of her freinds playing or working with their parents. Peebo felt sorry for her parents and went back home asking and forcing her parents to play, dance and do what not things with her! Her parents too were very happy!


and stayed there. At night she decided to leave, so she went to Pluto on the back of a flying unicorn and lived happily ever after.


Peeboo attempted to start a life of her own at the school. Though she was very scared to be alone at school, she made it through. She begged her friend, Jacques, to come stay with her at the school. He apolgized and said he enjoyed his weekends with his parents and wouldn't give it up for the world. Peeboo, both confused and hurt, decided she should give her parents a chance. She went home feeling rather guilty and her parents gratefully accepted her. With a long embrace, she decided that no matter how old her parents were, they were still little children in heart.

Rekha chander

Nobody was there in the school. No teachers, no children because it was a sunday. So Peebo went home sadly.

harpreet & bablu

yes, because when he reached school he saw that there were no children playing in the school. Everybody were busy with their parents. Then he realised his mistake and he came back to his house.


She went to school and saw her friends being very rude to her. So she came back to her parents and stayed with them.


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