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The Well-behaved Fox

complete the story Once a crafty old fox met a wolf.
"I'm off to a farm to eat some chickens," said the fox. "How about you?"
"Well, I'm going to hunt a lamb," replied the wolf. "And if you promise to behave well, you can come along too!"
"Thank you," said the fox meekly. "You are very kind."
And because he wanted to seem well-behaved, he walked a few paces behind the wolf and to the left. The wolf was very pleased.
"I'm glad you know how to respect your betters," he said.
After some time, they came to a prickly hedge. There was a narrow passage through it, big enough for one to pass at a time. The wolf stopped. He wanted to see what the fox would do.
"After you, sir!" said the fox bowing very low.
The wolf smiled, squared his shoulders and with his head held high, parted the thorns and went through the hedge. The next minute the fox heard a loud noise.

What noise was it?



The thorn got stuck in his leg so he made a noise.


The place was very dark that the wolf could not see a cactus in his path, the cactus pricked him. So the wolf made a loud noise.

sagnik bhattacharya

The noise was of the wolf yelling because a thorn had poked him!


It was the wolf falling into a hunter's trap. Knowing this the fox thought that was the right time. He only hunted the lamb and ate it.


A big stone fell on the way.


The noise was a that of a fat hunter. He just was attacking the wolf. But the fox bit the hunter very badly. So the wolf was very pleased . So when they were going the wolf thought that I will give him a very fat lamb full.And when they Reached there the fox attacked on wolf but the wolf was smart and threw the fox very far, ate the lambp and went home happily.

nanda kishor

The fox heard the sound of the wolf falling in the trap spread by a hunter. The fox had already knew that the prickly hedge was a trap. So,he knowingly let the wolf go first.

Rohan Tiwari

The noise was the wolf's scream as a hunter had shot it. The fox soon followed suit as the hunter shot it next. The cunning fox got his punishment for being cunning as he had seen the hunter ready to shoot the wolf while it was crossing the hedge.


Right in front of them was a huge Bear.

Priyanjali Bhattacharyya

The noise that the fox heard was that of a dog barking. The sheep were grazing a little distance away from the thorny hedge - and guarding them were some dogs. When one of the dogs spotted the wolf, it started barking to aware it's master. The poor wolf had to undergo the bite of the big dogs and the beatings of the shepherd, while the willy fox escaped. He thought, "No need of having lambs for my meal. I'm contented with the chickens."

Tanya Mohanty

The fox was shocked as it was a huge giant. Because of the fox`s well behavior he didn't killed him instead he killed the wolf.

Alolika Chatterjee

It was the scream of the thorns.This is because a bad smell was coming out of its body!


Of course the wolf died.. As a matter of fact the lamb they went to hunt was already killed by a mighty Lion. And seeing the Wolf having no respect for the lion it wounded the Wolf badly.


The farmer came shouting," run from here. how dare you come."

Alolika Chatterjee

The wolf started yelling and it died.


The wolf had fallen down from the passage.


The Place was very dark that the wolf could not see a cactus in his path. The cactus pricked him. So the wolf made a loud noise.

Angelina Martin

The fox was squeezing through. The hedge broke and hit the wolf. It screamed in pain.


A big stone fell on the way.


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