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Confidence and its Origin

Don’t you have the confidence to do this work …… Come on, you can do it……. Have confidence… What does all this mean? Why do we say all these words when we are expecting somebody to do something? Why do these words generate zeal to win and achieve the target? Why this word has so much to do with truth, trust, win, achieve, and move forward in life? Why do we react so positively after hearing this word? What if nobody uses this word ahead of some challenging task? Does this word guarantee your success and win?
There are so many questions which come to my mind whenever I hear somebody using the word ‘confidence’. There are so many words we speak but only few enter the mind, the heart and the soul. Whether it is an exam, a football match or a stage show, you are showered with this word ahead of all such events. Does this so called ‘confidence’ come only when somebody says it to you or is it somewhere inside us and needs to be stimulated by one’s brain itself? One day I asked my father what is confidence and where is its origin? He smiled as if I asked something really funny and not very seriously he pointed his finger towards my heart and then towards my head and then rotated his finger around my body from head to tow, and said, “Confidence generates from your heart, then is sent to your brain for processing and is later supplied to your body’s each and every nerve”. I was old enough to understand that his reply to my question was not a serious one and he said what immediately hit his mind.
It was a rainy evening the same day and I sat alone in my room with my eyes closed and my hands locked behind my head. In these few hours my brain had done something which changed my attitude for the rest of life. My father’s words were transformed into some equations which I was not able to distinguish clearly. My eyelids were down but there was movement inside. I was feeling the pressure in my forehead. Suddenly I began to realize that my body’s temperature was higher now and there was sweat in some portions. With my eyes closed I began to think about this. I started concentrating on my father’s words. They continuously echoed in my brain. Suddenly the sentence was reduced to few words which said ‘heart’, ‘mind’, ‘soul’ and ‘confidence’. I opened up my eyes. The mind state was a bit different now. For a moment I felt that I have solved those equations and I knew all the answers. I came out of my room, a deep breathe, stretched my body with my arms up in the air and stared at the sunset and I don’t know how and why but the first words which came out of my mouth were, “Confidence generates from your heart, then is sent to your brain for processing and is later supplied to your body’s each and every nerve”.
Even today I am not able to exactly define and locate the origin of confidence but I have a clear vision about confidence, which in times has always proved to be correct and perfect. Confidence is actually a characteristic which is possessed by every human being. Confidence to speak, confidence to trust, confidence to do something, confidence to face some competition and list goes on. It is in every heartbeat and flows in and out with every breath. Confidence is a symbol of positivism, truth, trust, happiness, win, and achievement. Confidence reflects your personality, the way you think, the way you react to situations, your abilities and your capabilities. It is a representation of your mental strength which is the root to your physical strength. Confidence is a tool which acts as an amplifier to your abilities. Confidence acts as a protective layer to your abilities and capabilities. Higher the confidence, more is the protection. Confidence is a result of positive attitude plus knowledge plus hard work, accompanied with four Ds, i.e. Discipline, Determination, Dedication and Devotion. Each of these constituents are essential. Confidence does not come with any wishes. You are confident when you know what you have to do, how you are going to do it and why you are doing it. Confidence is a major player when you face almost equivalent or better competition. Whatever you do, if your efforts are accompanied with confidence, your chances are better. Confidence can be realized, since it is an inborn quality, from anywhere and anybody. An ant who tries to pull a sugar crystal much bigger than her size is sometimes the source of confidence.
The biggest enemy of confidence is fear but confidence always beats fear. To be confident fear must be murdered and murdered brutally. To kill fear you don’t need a knife or a pistol but confidence itself. Trust yourself. Be honest and face the reality. Don’t expect others to come and support you. This is not your job and it does not lie in your hands. All you need is the support of your heart, mind and soul. Hold them together and see yourself as a winner. Confidence and fear cannot go together. If your heart, mind and soul are full of confidence then there is no room for fear.
Now I understand that it was not my father who was not serious while answering my question but it was me who didn’t have confidence in my father’s reply. Now whenever somebody asks me, what is confidence and where is its origin? I say, “Confidence generates from your heart, then is sent to your brain for processing and is later supplied to your body’s each and every nerve”.

By: Anmol Rana
Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal, India

Words of Appreciation


Great - Confidence is state of our mind which one has to mould to achieve success. Your article fully depicts the true spirit of confidence.


Great. Your article truly increased my confidence. Confidence is a state of mind which one has to mould suitably to achieve success.


Great spirit of confidence


Dear anmol, this article is energetic. When I was reading this article I really feel that I am feeding with positive thoughts and energy. and now I do have the same sentence for confidence "confidence is generated from heart, goes to mind for processing and gets distributed to each nerve to execute" with best regards Asheesh


Dear Anmol, You have explained the term very beautifully, it is a great job you have done for us to know what exactly the term means. Keep writing.


Hello Anmol Rana, you are really depicting your name, the way you explained the meaning of confidence, its really very true, really when I was reading I was feeling the same and was thinking that if it really creates confidence in me,it will be ur success, not mine. As I have lack of confidence but after reading this little bit confidence is coming in me. Well thanx for helping me. And yeah keep writing always.


Please send me some articles about terrorism


It is a very nice website. The advice given is nice.


Can you send an Article on Dinosaur as soon as possible.


Very good article.


hi abhi.Your article is excellent and energetic. Specially that quote,is really superb. On reading your article,we get confidence in ourselves and it shows your confidence too. Good,keep writing and get many more fans for your writing.


hi, anmol.Today I really need such type of confidence dose because my hubby doesn't get transfer to dehradun. I have lost my full time maid. so, lots of problem in managing a home and a baby. But after reading this dose I'm confident to struggle with life again. Thanks, with lots of best wishes and confidence. Enjoy your life.


You provide a good description of the word. I believe its roots come from the two Latin words con (with) and fideo (God). Thus confidence is the state of being which arises from being with God.


It is a very nice website. The advice given is nice.Please send me some articles about administration thinkers from India.


Good articles. Keep it up but add some genuine reasons to it.


Hai Anmol Rana,You have given a nice advice. Can you please send some information about the participants who are participating from the oter contries for the Election of U.N.O. this year(2006).


you've outdone your self.

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