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Budding poets, authors and artists: 
This site is exclusively for you. 
Give vent to your creative talents. 
Send your poem, article or drawing and the best ones will be showcased here in My Page. 
The other readers may also give their feedback to your creation. 
So unleash your creativity and express yourself....
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New Poem
Enjoy the Poem
  • Stars by Divya Sahithi

  • Grandma by D.Ashrita

  • Blunder Mistake by Megha Chakraborty

  • Happy Teachers Day by Abhinesh Bhat

  • Indian Heritage by D.Ashrita

  • A General Store by Ashrita Damera

  • APJ Abdul Kalam by V. Divya Sahithi

  • Nature by V.Divya Sahithi

  • School Bus by Bhargavi Kalyani

  • Mother by Garima Behura

  • My Mother by Manav C B

  • My Teacher by Vriksh Panditpautra

  • Nature by Bhargavi Kalyani

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New Drawings
  • Drawings by Pravish TH

  • Beauty of Nature by Aishwarya Karra

  • Drawings by Aishwarya Goyal

  • Save Jungles Save Animals by Aishwarya Goyal

  • Save Earth - Poster by Aakriti

  • Little Mermaid by Tanmaye

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New Articles
  • Gandhi Needed Now More Than Ever Before by Ashrita Damera

  • Durga Puja - the Festival of Joy by Taruni Reddy

  • Onam by Ananya Ganesam

  • Slow Poison - The True Meaning by Shobhan Dash

  • My trip to Sikkim-The landlocked state of India by Taruni Reddy

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New Stories
  • Bholi's Wedding by Neel Datta

  • The History of Bravery by Akkin J Feroze

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Share with us any article that you have written and also get varied responses on the same.

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 Drawings & Paintings

You may send a scanned picture of your paintings or sketches to
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Or you could even snail mail your work.
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