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Have you written a poem which you would like to share with others.

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Remember they should be original. Do not send reproduced ones.

New Poem
Enjoy the Poem
  • I Love You Dear Mom and Dad by Vriksh Panditpautra

  • Tribute by D.Ashrita

  • The Doe and the Prince by Lavanya Chillara

  • I think mice are rather nice by Rohan Sai

  • Mum you are the only one.. by G.Ananya

  • Rolls Royce by D. Sri Krishna Srihan

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New Drawing
Appreciate the Drawing
  • Scenery by Diya

  • Scenery by Ashrita

  • Yogi by Syamantak Roy

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New Stories
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  • The Clever Fisherman by Firoz Minoo Tata

  • One Rotten Apple by Lavanya Chillara

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New Articles
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  • The Autobiography Of The Himalayas by Firoz Minoo Tata

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 Share An Article

Share with us any article that you have written and also get varied responses on the same.

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 Drawings & Paintings

You may send a scanned picture of your paintings or sketches to
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 For Printed Magazine: dimdima@amritabharati.com

Or you could even snail mail your work.
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