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Share Your Experience

Why do we have this Section then?
The idea is to have a corner for us.

  • Let’s talk about ourselves ...
  • our dreams,
  • our work,
  • our joy,
  • our frustrations,
  • our likes and dislikes,
  • our fears,
  • our weaknesses and our strengths,
  • our goals and our growth.
  • Let’s share a joke.
  • Let’s laugh at ourselves.
  • Let’s pat each other.
  • Let’s talk and let’s listen to each other.
  • Let’s unwind.
  • Let’s help each other, if we can.
  • Let’s not judge.

It will take a while for contributions to arrive.
Do you have any such personal anecdotes to narrate? Feel free and share your personal experiences with others.
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For Website: editor@dimdima.com
For Printed Magazine: dimdima@amritabharati.com

Poor Doctors and Dishonest Students

Author - Rashmi Menon

College students are notorious for “bunking” lectures. This was the case when I was a student in Mumbai. It is also the case now that I am teaching in a college in USA. The following anecdote reveals the ingenious, and often nefarious, ways in which a student’s mind works.
My friend Poonam, is a recent immigrant. This is her first semester as a college lecturer in the US, a fact most of her students are aware of. One of her students had not shown up for classes many days in a row. In the US, teachers can “drop” students from their roster (essentially striking their names off) if they miss a specified number of class meetings. Poonam was all set to drop this particular student when he suddenly showed up in class again. When asked to explain his long absence, the student replied that he had been very ill. As is the procedure, Poonam demanded proof of illness (a doctor’s certificate) from the student. The student patiently replied that he did not a doctor’s certificate. He then went on to add that Poonam would find this unacceptable, but she would have to understand that there are “cultural differences between India and the US.” While people in India go to a doctor whenever they fall sick, American citizens simply nurse themselves back to health at home.
If this were indeed true, one wonders how the poor doctors make a living in the US!

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Dimdima is the Sanskrit word for ‘drumbeat’. In olden days, victory in battle was heralded by the beat of drums or any important news to be conveyed to the people used to be accompanied with drumbeats.


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