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Education system

Education system needs an urgent transformation

It is not only the collegiate who are facing the problem but also the school going students, who due to lack of infrastructure, teachers and guidance at proper time are leading a meaningless life and a career that they do not want. Youth of today is in dilemma. No doubt that our educational system has improved to a greater extent but still there are certain fallacies. Firstly, due to modernization and demand of the day, computer has entered into the classrooms. But if you ask even a basic question to a higher-class student he will be unable to answer that. So physically we are changing but not mentally. We are more concerned with the outlook rather than implications. Furthermore Indian schools run short of basic supplies.
Then less emphasis is laid on the consultancy, which is required in the junior classes itself. Students do not know any other field except medical and non-medical. They either want to be a doctor or an engineer. Students should be guided in a proper way so that they can get what they want in their life instead of becoming what they do not want to be. The distinctiveness, flexibility and the quality should be the part of the system. Moreover the syllabus of each and every class is stale and not upgraded. Since ages the same thing is taught. The condition of study in the government school is further bad than the private schools. The knowledge level of these students is far below than what it should be.
India produces thousands of graduates and postgraduates in every field. But these students lack the fundamental knowledge. Much importance is laid on the theoretical knowledge rather than its practical implication. Indian youth wants to earn more money in the shortest period but do not know how to. This leads to the frustration, which further gives birth to youth crime. On the other hand students of the reputed institutes are no longer interested to work in their country. This is leading to the brain drain. The reason for this is that the kind of life they want to live cannot be accomplished here, as the pay they get is not enough. Foreign land provides them the necessities of life.
Besides this the education is too expensive these days that it is out of the reach of poor people. As a result 300 million Indians do not stand a chance of becoming literate. Even today students from India’s villages have to go miles to attend a secondary school. Only a family belonging to the middle class or above can afford a private secondary education. In the middle class again there is problem. They cannot put their kids in the schools of their own choice, as private schools demand huge amount of fees. Even for the admission of a child in a nursery class requires thousands and lakhs of rupees. So the literacy rate is still low. We are saying that our literacy rate is 65%, but that also includes persons who only know how to write their name.
To really have a good education system and free the youth from certain problems, it is necessary to take some steps. First of all the need for practical training should be understood. More polytechnic colleges and institute that can provide such knowledge at the minimum cost should be opened. Secondly there should be a link between educational institutes and industry, so that the problem unemployment can be solved to some extent. Then the syllabus, both in schools and colleges, should be according to the time.It shouldn’t be primitive. Latest technology should be introduced.
Furthermore primary education should be made compulsory for everyone. Primary education should be made free to have the positive results. Government should offer low interest rate loans to the students attending any university level education. Government funding to the higher education should only be as merit scholarships. The future of a student depends upon the teaching he gets from his teacher. So regular training should be given to the teachers as well, so that they can run with the time.
On the whole we can say that steps and improvement in every sector of education is necessary. We can get what we want only by amending our present system.

By: Ramandeep Kaur

Words of Appreciation


It's a very good suggestion for a Nation. It should be done as a big agenda.


A very good effort to bring out the cracks in the education system. I think indian children can really relate to it. Excellent article. All the best!


A good article on the true situation of education in the country. I only hope that necessary changes are made in the educational system.


Good article in a simple language bringing out the true facts of present education systems in India. Hope our systems will change in tune with the present needs.


Good but lengthy and Boring.


Good. Politicians & Industries shouldn't be allowed to open school/ college as they make education costly, beyond the reach of people


Excellent suggestion. But better if get implimented.


I strongly agree with all your views. We need to change this memorizing concept, instead it should be more based on practical implementation. Another point is that most students just focus on medical or engineering, we need to introduce them to other fields for which we will have to make the other fields more attractive to students i.e. make changes in the education system.


It is very good to read.


It's a good article. I think what this man said is right. We are the future generation and we must keep education compulsory till 10th.


It's a very good article. The messages are very useful. All the matters are thought provoking. Hope all these words come true with a good education system.


Very nice


I am feeling happy after reading this article because I really need it...I am very thankful to you.


It is not upto the point


It is very related to our system of education.


It is a lifeline for students to get good result.


Hello ramandeep.. Nice article. I have also written an article for this site. But you are a better writer. I feel, anyways nice to read yours.


Hi there is need for good communication between children and teacher and also some recreational activity is needed. I also suggest there is a need of good planning for teacher and having good skill for them to teach in a classic way.


Yes. Whatever you have said in this mail is true and it helped me.


The present system of education is not upto the demand of students. We are making students who are untrained citizens of tomorrow to face the challenges of life. so we have to make a lot changes in the present system of education. The exam pattern has to be changed as the present system compel the students to mug up as the exam system is test oriented. Think to make changes.


I liked your article. Would like to read more.

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