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My School

1st July '91, one5 year old cute and chubby girl walked into the arms of St Joseph to learn the toughest lessons of life. She was scared and shy when she entered the huge silver gates, little knowing that this huge statue was always standing there to hold her, comfort her and love her whenever she needed it. On her journey to the kindergarten section she saw girls elder to her in maroon tunics and lemon shirts smiling at her and talking amongst themselves. Finally she reached her destination, a red coloured three-storeyed building. Mrs Fernandes her class teacher smiled at her and took her to her class, where she saw 59 other children and she knew that they were her batchmates for the years to come. It was me.
I am sixteen now, studying in high school. It has been 12 years of journey that I can't afford to forget. They have been years full of love, laughter, life, disappointments, excitement, frustration and of course punishments. Its this school where I first had a best friend, it was this school where I first broke my hand, it was here where I first realized what betrayal and disappointment is, it was this school which made me live and not exist, it was here that I realized that I may be one for the world but I am the world for my parents.
Twelve years of unforgettable experiences are hard to pen down but they have made my childhood. But now as our batch prepares for the farewell party to the twelfth class, I sit back and think about the years that I have spent in this school. The very thought that next year I will be bid farewell brings tears to my eyes because I have been loved and cherished, and also I have suffered and because of that I stand with my head held high. My teachings have made me fight my darkest hours. I have learnt what life is all about, it's an endless journey of a boat looking for a shore called satisfaction. It is a sea of emotions where the sun of my hopes rises and even sets down. It is like a seed which has to fight with the earth below to come up to the world above and has to withstand the four seasons in order to bloom.
My teachers from Kg to Eleventh class hold a special memory in my heart, I've locked them and thrown the keys away and this one year which I still have in my hand, I am going to impart all the things that I have learnt from my seniors. Whenever I needed some suggestion or books I had to just go and ask, and then I would have it. But just to know that our batch will soon be the topmost class gives us a sense of responsibility and I hope to carry the responsibility diligently. At such a cross road, my heart is like a sea, where each wave of emotion is being overlapped by another, my dreams are like the blue sky above and the love for my school is like the unimaginable and unreachable thin line where the sky and the sea meets.

Anuradha Banerji
11th grade,
St Joseph's Convent,

Words of Appreciation


This article was like a catharsis. It took me back to my school days. I remembered the day I too first walked into school and the day that I had to get ready for my farewells. This article took me down memory lane in a way few have and with emotions that I could not imagine could be described thus! All the best, may you find that shore of satisfaction one day. 


Kimon aacho. I am also a Bengali. The composition was superb.


Really, it was heart touching and left me spell bounded. it just seemed that you have read my heart and wrote it. Thanks for such a piece.…


Kudos!!!!!!! On your essay Hold on tight to these few last days you have in such a wonderful school, cause all you will have left is memories that haunt you every step of the way. Good Luck and Prosperity. Adios


It took me back to my school days. Good Luck to you


Wondering if you know someone named Naina who used to go to your school. She moved to the US in 9th grade. I can't recognize your name for some reason, you are probably in Shivi, Nikita, Richa Gupta, Priyanka Chibbra and all those people's famous batch. I hope you read this message some day and reply back. I miss St. Joseph's Convent.


This is great.. I really can't stop a tear trickle down from my eyes, it reminds me of my school days in holy cross school. GOOD LUCK


Hi its Krishnika. I left SJC when I was in 7th. I miss all my gang including Ankita, Srushti, Gauri .... and many more... I luv my school and miss all the staff...


Im an ex student of this wonderful school- passed out in 83. Sujata are you jyoti's sister? If yes please give me her e-mail/address if you happen to read this mail.


Nice article Anuradha!! Me too an ex-student of the same school. Going through your article is like walking down the memory lane of the huge silver gates since my first entry to Convent in 1981….. to my teachers and friends. I passed out in 1995. Thanks to my school for what I am today.


Being the student of the same school I think whatever is written here is really a true fact.


I am an ex-student of SJC and I can understand how you feel... I will always miss those days!!!


That was really touching!


Good thoughts!! I still feel the same after leaving school 30 years ago....YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANY TIME YOU WANT ....BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE.


It really touched my heart...every word took me down the memory lane and I once again revived those wonderful and unforgetful moments and days of my life. I passed out in 1995 since then it's been a long time but the truth is that I can never forget those big silver gates that opened for me the path of success and I am really thankful to my school, all my Respected teachers and friends for where I stand today.I am proud to be a part of St. Josephs Convent, Sadar Jabalpur.


You people came a lot after I went there I started KG in 1968, I have vivid memories, I remember Anita Rainboth who later moved to U.K. Her father used to be the Commissioner of Jabalpur.




Guess what. The day you stepped into the school was my passing out from the same. I am from the 92 batch of St. Joseph's convent and was the Dy. Priminister there. It's lovely to read your composition and lots of wishes from one josephite to the other.


Hi Anuradha, How are you? what do you do now? Hope you are doing gr8, as most of the Josephites do.


Hi - I am now Christine Bent - passed out in 1977 - along with Mylene D'Souza, Roma Kapoor and Sonia Basoor - We were four inseparables. I am in touch with Mylene - but lost touch of Roma and Sonia. Anyone who could help me track them down - would be great!!!


This is a real good article, it feels really great to see how emotional you are towards your school. I have also done my studies from the same school & still remember the wonderful teachers who have taught me ever since kindergarten. I am really greatful to God almighty for giving me a chance to be a student of Mrs. Vijayan, Miss Suman Joshi, Ma'am Caren Vaas, Mrs P Rock & others who have all enlightened me in there own special way....


Was a proud josephite who entered the silver gates in 1980,and rose to being the Head girl in 1985. Armed with the best of skills from my Almamater I never once found myself wanting of any life skills to face life as it unfolded before me.I vividly remember each and every teacher, ground staff and batchmates and your article surely speaks for all of us. Great Indeed is this hitech world we are connected forever. I vividly remember Lalitha Iyer. I was then in 8th class. Mrs.Vijayan was my favourite teacher with ofcourse Mrs.David,Deesa and all the dear Sisters. I owe my abilities to all. Wish more of 1986 batchmates connect with us. Kudos Anuradha


I am a proud josephite of 1993 batch. If anyone has any details of my best friend Deepti Singh of the same batch kindly send me her contact details.


Class of 1979....Sr Lorraine's wild class. Best Sports Day celebrations ever. Who I am today, I owe a lot to the values and morals that were very much part of our beautiful days at St. Josephs Jabalpur. Miss you Dorothy Bent, Karen Duncan, Marina D'mello, Deepika Bhan, Madhu Pandey, Archana Mishra, Zarina Rehman, Judy D'Souza, Rebecca Prasadam, Mala Chopra, Rashmi Singh, Florence Gomes, Marisa & Gerlinda Noronha, Gracy, Rosa Joseph...and anyone else who do not immediately come to mind. Lets keep in touch.


Salaam Anuradha Banerji, I read your article. It is worth reading for every youngster to remind him/her school days. You have written it with honesty and systematically. Your draft is really memorable. Keep it up. I'm from Dehra Dun


Class of 1976. Fondest memories of Mrs David and Mrs. Barclay. Spent some of the best years of my life at Jabalpur. Would love to connect with Nandita Jain, Poonam Aggarwal , Vandana Mishra and anyone who can recall some of the happy memories at St Josephs.


Hi Anuradha!!!!!Indeed your article is too good. It refreshes the memory and brings back those magical moments. Reading your article made me really feel nostalgic. Anu Attri you are reading my mail please get in touch. Hope you remember me. Great Anuradha.


I am proud to have had you as my student, Anuradha. Didn't I always tell you YOU'LL GO PLACES?! My daughters, Dia and Tara Pinto are trying desperately to resurrect the old girls association. If any of their batchmates are reading this then please try to get in touch with me!


I liked your way of writing.


Its touching to connect with so many ex-Josephites. Some of my life's most cherished and treasured memories were born here. Whatever I am today is thanks to my Almamater, my wonderful teachers and friends. I am from the class of 1982, from the batch of Sandhya Ramachandran, Mona Sachdev, Rashmi Tandon, Claudine d'Mello. It's the 25th year of our leaving school, and I have been wondering if we could have an Alumni meet sometime soon. We could all pitch in and contact all those we are still in touch with. Hazel, I am Neeta Gulati's younger sister. Sudha, Nandita Jain was my teacher in Home Science College in the Deptt. of Home Science. She has now a Bengali surname which I cannot recollect. I hope I find some of my batchmates and friends through this site.


I joined in 4th standard in 1980 and passed out in 1989. If my classmates are reading this please contact me.


I love your story. Its very inspiring and it touched my heart. I think its the best. Keep writing. Hope you become a big writer one day. I will pray for you.


Googled for my old school and was transported back in time...1966 to75!! Best years of my life in St Josephs.I was Anita Venugovind then! Colleen Sorabji, Sadhana Parmar, Sandra Stevens, any of these ladies reading this,pl get in touch! Would love to hear from you. Proud to be a part of St Josephs!


Reading through this has brought back so many memories. I left St Josephs in 1987 to come to the UK. I remember Mrs David . She was a sweet heart. Would love to hear from Preetha George and Maria Rita Joseph(she was also a neighbour). Would love to hear from anyone else that remembers me.


I am probably the only "guy" writing here. I joined SJCGHS in 1952 and was there till 1954. Then we were marched to the Boy's School in Class III. I have lots of good memories of my time in the school. My 1st teacher was Ms rebello, then Sr Sara Emelda and the Sr Agapit. I am in touch with Sr Agapit who is now in Pachmari. Mother George marie was the Mother Superior. She too is in Pachmari. Visit my website www3.sympatico.ca/byram.mistry to see photos, list of teachers, ex-students e-mail addresses etc and let me know if you want anything else added. I am proud to be an ex-Aloysian. Regards Byram


Hi Anuradha, Reading your article just made me go back to those awesome days,where I would loved to go again if time had permitted me.Being an ex-student of the same wonderful school, I wish you "All the Best" in life and loads of happiness to shine like a bright star.


Well, I can't agree more.


hey guys thank you so much for appreciating my article. A big thank you to all of you !


hi anuradha your article was touching .I left sjc in 1986.I cherish and treasure the memories of the days at sjc .I owe a lotto sjc for what I am today.I would like to be in touch with all the ex.josephites 1986batch.HiJosna!iwould like to hear from suja paul,sujata pandey .I would like to meet my respected teachers mrs.barclay mrsrao hindibehanji.


hi all batchmates of 1986.reply if you happen to read this.


hi anuradha, your article reminds me of my own school days and the time i spent as sjc i am a 77 passout and also taught in sjc from 82-86.i still remember mrs.david and her dreadful stick during the sports practice but let me tell you that you will never get this kind of love and caring outside as you got in school.Best of luck and do treasure these memories life long as they will take you a long way.


Hi Anuradha, your article touched me very much. I am now in 12 class in sjc.This is my last year in this school and I also have a lot of memories of this school. I can never forget my wonderful teachers,friends , and our best principal sr.roselyn. I have learnt so much from my teachers. At last I want to say that this school is the best school.


Hi Josephites, I'm the son of Mrs. Eva deSouza who taught ver 30 years, passed away feb 18th 2008 at 94 yrs in Canada. She started the house system and I think the school sports andwas the Red House Teacher for all those years. I too have great memories of the convent. Had my First communion picture with 35 other girls and boys at the Grotto, did all my Trinity College music exams at the Convent, played the Piano for all the convent Concerts for the musical items, served mass at the Convent chapel and am still in touch with Srs. Marina, Aquinas and my cousins Sr. Lorraine and Sr. David. Belong to the '50 to'58 era at St. Aloysius but those glorious days seem like yesterday. All the Best.


I loved reading this, I am from ST A L O Y S I U S S C H O O L next door, still remember those days in India. Thanks


I read ur article and really liked it. I happened to get on to ur post. Actually I am also josephite and am trying to locate my class 1 class teacher mrs. jude pinto. If anyone knows her address, email or phone number pl do write to me. I would be eternally grateful.


Wow! Feel young just to read all of this. Some old names came back and bought memories back. Yes, I remember Ms.David and her stick, miss our principal, Sister Rafeal. I was Renuka.Sumanth back then. Life's brought me to US. If you graduated in 1977,please contact me. Love to all.


Great article!!I'm presently a student of SJC, Jabalpur and I love my school. Now after reading the article I have an even more special feeling for my school.The very thought of parting from this school makes me nostalgic. Thanks a lot for such a great piece of writing!


Loved all your thoughts.Feel the same way.Some names are familiar.I am from the 1971 batch.


That was touchy. I miss school even though its not too long that I bid farewell. Its brought back a lot of memories to me love and good luck!!


That was really well written and mostly it says what all the students and ex-students feel in their heart.


It's an awesome article.


its a wonderful nostalgic article,took me down the memory lane ,one should post their id's too to get in touch with each other.


What a pleasure reading the article. I am as the same batch asyours. I remember banu malik (coffee home) anuradha ananthraman,rosy,ninder, kiran ahuja,kiran madan, bharthi bhakta, harmeet ahuja,raghvinder,surinder pasricha,jyoti verma,sobi mishra and many more. Love you all

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