Dimdima Kids, Indian online Children's Magazine for Education, Learning, Fun, Knowledge and Ecology. Read Nature Notes, Tales, about Culture, Plants, Animals, Environmentalists, Endangered and Extinct species and learn activities.
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Take a trip through nature, Visit the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, meet Eco Warriors and learn more about endangered Species. Join us in spreading awareness and Saving our Environment ...
Children love nature. Kids care for animals. Young minds are concerned about wildlife. 
Dimdima site on Ecology is for kids who want to save Planet Earth and who are determined to preserve this green planet. 
 Fern Painting

Learn to make a whistle from a broken earthern pot or would you like to make a bird feeder so that you can watch birds on your window sill everyday. Our Activity Section teaches you to make simple things from easily available materials.

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Weirdest Plants

Mother Nature’s creativity knows no limits. Sometimes, in addition to those that are perfect and beautiful, she also creates things that are downright bizarre.

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 Animal Album
The Largest Carnivore

The largest carnivore in the world is the Kodiak Bear from Alaska. This huge animal is 3 m long, stands 1.2 m tall at the shoulder and weighs nearly a tonne! Like other bears it does not hear too well. It does not see too well, either. It walks with a shuffling gait and gives the appearance that it is in no great hurry to get anywhere. But if it is alarmed or in pursuit of prey it can move with astonishing speed. With a single blow of its massive forepaws it can fell a large deer and then picking it up in its powerful jaws carry it to its lair, sometimes even wading through a stream on its hind legs while carrying the carcass in its mouth.

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