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My School Punishment
Hello students, just quote your school punishment for coming late, improper uniform, incomplete homework, homework not done, etc...
Started on  1-Mar-2003  By  tulika   E-mail :

Hi Tulika! I had not worn my proper dress to the school so I was sent back home to wear my proper dress.


Well Tulika, once I went to school without completing the homework. I was surprised when our miss said that she was going to do a surprise checking, and then you know what!


Standing on the bench (cliché) ha ha, they do that even to 10th standards. That was when I realised how hard it is drawing circles (with a compass) while standing on the bench


Well since I go to Westwood Middle School we get broken arrows. A broken arrow is a slip of paper that tells what you did wrong and then your teacher signs it and if you have too many you can't go to the reward party at the end of the nine weeks. The reward is usually a movie or something like that.


In our school, murga punishment is very common. We have to become murga for atleast 10-15 minutes even though I am in 10th class. It is very painful


I went to a co-ed convent and we had a strict nun as principal. I was late for the morning assembly by 3 minutes and received 6 cuts with a ruler on the back of the legs in front of the whole secondary school


I was made to kneel down outside the class for not having done my haircut. Unforunately, the principal was on his routine rounds as usual with his special cane.....ouch! I still feel the vicious cane on my knuckles!


I was caned with a ruler on the hands for not doing my maths homework.


One day I was caught kissing with my boyfriend during school hours when I was doing std 3. I got 5 strokes on my buttocks for a punishment.


Oh my god! I didn't know pupil in India for not doing small things get such big punishments (even I am an Indian). Not that I am boasting but in foreign we don't get such punishments. Worst is that we have to stand and the luckiest thing is that no teacher can beat anybody!


I am a high school student in Japan. I had to stand out in the hall for talking in class. The teacher would not let me back in when the bell rang, and I had to remain standing in the hallway during the entire break period, having been seen by almost everyone in the school. It was so humiliating.


Please comment whether all students including girls (15+) should be punished as Murga/Murga Parade?


About Arpita's question, I think that "murga" as a punishment should be banned completely and no child should be punished that way, unless they be girls.


I'm in 8th grade. As a punishment earlier this year I had to write 500 times, "I must learn to do my homework." It took forever to write those lines and my hand hurt for days afterwards. It was awful.


I just want to say that no one should be given "murga"punishment, and girls shoudn't be given at all.


My miss made me stand in the front of the class with my face to the wall and hands on the back for one hour.


What is murga punishment?


The worst punishment I got was when I did not answer the question asked by my maths teacher. He made me stand through the whole class and ordered me to report to the principal after school and my principal, a mean person gave me nice beatings.


I want to know if girls are still caned with a ruler in schools?


I'm from Malaysia. I was given 6 strokes of the cane on the bottom before for repetitively not doing my homework. It was extremely painful and embarassing. I can't believe I still get the cane even when I am already 15.


We are sometimes made murga. It is very difficult and it breaks my legs.


Yes, I have sometimes been punished. I hate punishment.


Can seniors girls be made murga in school?


In my schools, girls and boys both receive hard punishment. Most common are canning of palm, canning of bottom and of course murga punishment. Girls and boys both are made murga in the class room. Some times murga parade is also done in the class room. My feeling about punishment is that it should only be given in the class room. I enjoy to see girls when they are made murga for long times. Murga parade of girls is also enjoyable.


I was made murga in school when in 10 to 12 classes. Very shameful to be murga in co-ed school in class. Our maths teacher made girls murga in ground while boys used to raise hands. Coming late punishement was murga in assembly in front of all. My legs starts paining when made murga in 12 class because become old. Girls should not be made murga in high schools.


Yes, I am usually caned by my teacher for talking and speaking rude words. The teacher rewarded me 6 strokes*--that is not the best for me. After that she took me to the principal's room. The principal lectured me and ordered me to bend down on the table. She hit me 2 strokes with the rotten stick . VERY BAD!!!!


I live in Canada. I get sent out in the hall all the time. In our school, the girls have to stand out in the hall, while the boys get sent to the principal's office. I wonder if it's because if the boys are left in the hall, they would fool around and cause more trouble, whereas girls would be more obedient, and stand quietly until the teacher lets them back in. Either way, I would rather stand out in the hall than sit in the principal's office any day. Should Parents punish their children?


Should girls should be made MURGA in class. Give views. Mom makes me murga at home, dad punishes me in worstest possible way. I have to do situps and asked to complete few rounds of room while being murga means murga walking, puts brick on the back and cane bottoms. cris cross ears holding, kneel down etc. Rakesh


Should Parents punish their children?


Senior girls are made MURGA in schools why? Will it embarrass them?


I am in now 12th class. I have taken science and am preparing both for medical and engineering entrance. So lot of hard work. In 11th class both my parents took a test of mine and if I failed they made me murga for 1 hour. In school, teacher made me murga when I was in 9th class.


Mom makes me murga at home, dad punishes me in worstest possible way. I have to do situps and asked to complete few rounds of room while being murga means murga walking, puts brick on the back and cane bottoms. cris cross ears holding, kneel down etc.


Once I did not do homework while I was in school. The teacher was so mean. He asked me to bend on a chair and then he hit me five very powerful strokes with the full swing of his hand. I cried loud and was almost unconscious. Believe it or not, my buttocks ached for more than a month after that.


Hey Tulika, my worst punishment is when I was asked to write all the stuff in the maths notebook again after I failed to bring that notebook to the class.


Is it correct to punish high school girls by making them MURGA which looks very odd and objectionable?


What's all this fuss about Murga? What is it? Is it worse than getting caned with a footruler on the legs in front of the whole class and bearing the cane marks for 2 weeks after that?


It is very difficult and humiliating for a high school girl to become murga while wearing a skirt, with the boys and male teachers staring at them.


Hey Ankita, nothing is odd and objectionable in making high school girls MURGA. Nowadays girls are at par with boys so why they cannot become MURGA? They compete in every field, then why not in punishment? Why discrimination there?


I want to know opinion that should punishment like situps, raising hands, murga, murga parade etc be given in home tuitions. Does it improve the behaviour of students ? Should it be given equally to both boys and girls?


Once I had to touch toes for long hours in the school ground for coming late to school in the 9th class. The prefects even kept my bag on my back to make it very painful.


I was made to assume chair position and frog movement for being late at school.


What is the deal with all this punishment in schools? Why can't everyone behave in school? I know it's hard because I go to middle school and we don't get punishment like that.


I would like to say that we often get punishments for coming late, untidiness, incomplete work, etc like most other people/ children, they do not like getting punishments. But there is a big improvement if we get punishments.


In my school, which is a boys school, the most common punishment is to be caned. But I am kind of used to it by now, it only becomes really bad when/if my dad finds out!


I go to a boarding school in England. We have like 300 rules to follow, needless to say we get punished a lot. Once me and my friend skipped church and we got 14 strokes of the cane each and a 7 hours detention.


In my school, it's in US, the most common punishment is garbage bag duty (you have to fill up an entire garbage bag with trash that's around school campus) But if you are late to class five times then you get Saturday school.


In my school we get detentions, and sometimes the teacher slaps us. But when I come home from a detention my dad beats me with his belt.


Well, there is not a day when I don't get a punishment, but usually it is for improper uniform, like my tie is never proper or too loose etc. I get to kneel outside the principal's office which is really become a routine or get kneel down or remarks.


I got murga punishment when I was in primary. I just hate it and was intimidated by it.


When I was in 12th our maths miss used to cane us on our bottom for making mistakes in problems.


Excuse me. I came away from India. Can any of you explain what murga punishment is? Is it really that bad!


Bindu, was that a girls school in which you studied?


My maths Miss caned my bottom when I was in 12th.


My science teacher made me murga when I was in 10th and on many occassions I used to do situps and murga in middle classes. Though I am in 12th still I have to become murga in class for failing in class test, not doing homework, talking, fighting etc. Many of the girls and boys in our class are made murga by maths and science teachers irrespective of class and age.


Our principal believes seniority defines the type of punishment and duration e.g. 12th class students are frequently made murga on every offence.


Punishments like murga, murga parade, holding ears, holding ears and doing situps, touching toes, kneeling down, chair position etc. are common in my school.Once in class IX all the boys and girls were made to do sit-ups in the corridor outside the class for making noise.


Bindu, Which school did you study? Was that a girls school?


I was made to pull my ears and do situps 20 times in front of the school assembly for being late in class XI. It was quite humiliating for me as I was not used to punishments in my earlier school. Besides all the teachers and the students , including juniors were present. That was the last time I was late.


Vishal, it was girls school only.


Did the maths miss regularly cane the girls?


Tanushree,do you become murga in school and what about you Bindu?


Well,in my school there was no such punishment as murga.Caning was almost regular. Standing in front of the class also was common. While other teachers caned either on palm or legs, our maths miss alone caned us in humiliating manner.


Rajeev , I am in class XII now so I do not get murga punishment at school any more. I am the school prefect so I punish others - make them murga and make them do murga parade or situps. Sometimes I also make the naughty ones do frog jump. Unfortunately at home my mom still punishes me by making me murga.


What does murga do to you? what is Murga?


Tanushree seems like your parents and school resembles mine. I too make my daughter murga at home. Same at school I make girls murga. It is fun and punishment both. he he he he....


Bindu, On an average, how many girls did the maths miss cane in a week? (Approximately)


What is frog jump ? Is it another name for murga parade ?


What is Murga punishment? I am in international school, so I don't know what it is. How is Murga punishment done?


In our school we are spanked on our bottom with a whip, paddle, cane etc. in assembly


Our teachers make us to Kneel down and raise hands in assembly hall with everyone watching and after that we are caned.


Girls and boys are given equal punishments and both are caned. Other punishments are running 10 laps around football pitch, kneeling down, kneeling down and raising hands, standing and raising hands, corner time. We are always given our punishments in principal's office, assembly hall , classroom etc. with everyone watching. I have received these punishments loads of times.


I was late one time and I was made to kneel down and raise hands outside on the stones for the full day and after that I was held in detention for 4 hours. In detention I was caned by my teacher 56 times with a whip.


ank-gp, how do u think that harsh punishment like murga be fun for someone? I am sure your daughter also must not have been having fun. It is painful & humiliating at the same time & thus it is good to keep discipline.Try yourself being in murga position for some time & then you will realize.


What is murga punishment? How is it done? Tanushree, have you got this murga punishment in school? And what about you Vishal?


Teddy, what's your real name? My school is quite similar to yours. But its a girl's school in America. I skipped a class with my friend and we were caught. We received 32 strikes with a cane on our bottom in the assembly and a four hour detention. I fell asleep in detention and I got 46 more strikes with a cane. Boy, I couldn't sit down for a week.


I teach in an all girls boarding school. Corporal punishment was bent in our country since 1998, but in private schools it's still administered. So in our school disobient girls get the cane or the ruler. That too with permission from their parents of course.


Bindu, How many girls did the maths miss cane every week?


Our school has different sections for boys and girls. Punishments are usually given to boys. But once our PT teacher made our whole class do sit ups while pulling our ears in the school ground.This was because all the girls had decided to bunk the PT class as it was too hot. It was more humiliating than painful as boys were mocking at us. We didn't dare to bunk that class again.


I was spanked by my teacher today for not doing my homework.


I am spanked with a whip too. Thats the normal punishment I know.


Once I didn't do my maths HW and guess what happened! The teacher made a surprise check. I was caned on my legs for lying that I did my HW.


We are having exams now. A student was caught cheating and he/she was hit on the bottom so hard that it started bleeding. This particular student was suspended from the school.


On legs? I get only on my behind. How many do you get?


My school used the cane for boys and girls. Mostly boys were caned. I was caned on my hands, legs and bottom.


We had corporal punishment even in our college. I did my B.Ed course in a women's training college in Karnataka. Some teachers and hostel matron used to pinch and cane us occassionally. Once a teacher pinched my thighs severely for making mistakes in the chart I prepared for seminar. Another day she caned my buttocks in her room for wearing saree as I had to wear churidar as uniform on that day. some days our matron visited our rooms with cane . We had to suffer these at the age of 20 to 24.


Varsha, Michelle and Teddy, Why do you lie so much? Here, we need only true accounts. I think you all are males logged in with a female name as id. Please don't continue with ur fake descriptions. Bindhu's case seems to be genuine. Bindhu, please reply back


Varsha, have you got punishments like toe touch in that course of time. Because Ive heard in teacher training colleges students are punished in this wayor maybe murga?


Similar happening to me Varsha. I am doing B.Ed. from Women Training college. Our teachers punish us in the kids way. They make us touch toe.


The worst punishment I got was in 11th. standard.I threw a chalk at a boy and it hit the teacher. She sent me to the headmistress. She slashed the cane thrice across my thighs.


Hi Michelle! Which state are you in? I thought CP was banned in the US.


Hey Kajori My school is a private school so CP is allowed. CP is not allowed in public or govt. schools.


Today my PT teacher made me do murga parade in the school ground as I had the audacity to say that we should not be asked to take rounds of the ground as it is too hot.I was more hurt because even my classmates were mocking at me & making fun.


Hey , our class teacher has also gone for doing B.Ed. Does this mean that will also be punished like Varsha & Ruchi ? Do they make you murga also? I wish that our ma'm is made murga and made to do murga parade & situps which are her favourite punishments. This way she'll realize that they are painful & humiliating.


Varsha , I am also doing BEd. I thought such punishments are in our college only.We don't tell these to anybody. I got cane four months ago for writing on library book. I was sent to class incharge. She held my saree tightly wrapped around my thighs and slashed cane. Standing on knees is also a punishment given but no murga.


Hi all..I was pinched in my computer training class. My miss pinched my back.


Vishal you don't have to be such a hypocrite. Just because girls are getting caned, it does not mean that they are boys logged in as girls. This is not a forum for making false judgements about people. Next time, keep your out of topic opinions to yourself.


he he he even teachers are punished. Somebody please punish my miss too as she is very fond of punishing us.I bet my whole class will like her pulling her own ears and doing uthak baithak. What is B. Ed ?


My mom makes me murga for not obeying her. But next day I make sure to punish someone in similar fashion as I am the school prefect.


My teacher makes me murga for failing in class test. When the report goeshome, my mom in turn punishes me severely and I'm made murga at home also. I am in trouble getting punishment from both sides.


My teacher makes me murga in school for not doing HW. If I tell my mom she makes me murga on the balcony.


Julianne, I know what are the right accounts. I cannot believe someone telling that he/she got 56 strokes from a teacher. No one can count above 7 or 8 strokes becoz of the pain. I also cannot believe girls of above 20 years getting caned, that too, on the bottom. I don't think girls above 12 or 13 years get caned, especially on the bottom. Please stop making your false judgements. I know what is right and what is wrong. This is NOT a site for putting false information. Please share ONLY true information.


I am also a victim of caning in college. I was punished for not submitting assignment in the second chance too. My teacher called me to her room. She asked me stand facing the wall and then she caned me.


i was caned in 10th Std.


I AM also doing B.ED. in our college too we are punished like kids. There is a seperate punishment room. The madam there makes us murga for 1 hour. Its very humiliating. She canes bottoms if we do not stand properly.


Vishal, you maybe right but that does not mean that you have to almost copy my statements. I also think that 56 strokes is a bit of an exaggeration but you have no right to accuse them. You may not know this, but in some schools outside India, girls and boys and spanked on their bottom even if they are over 12 or 13 years. In my school, we had only one case of public caning. Someone was caned in the assembly for taking drugs and smoking in the school after being warned several times. But even that was on the pants. Otherwise in our school they do not give public punishments. All punishments are confined to the classroom only or office, but thats the maximum.


Most of these postings are fantasy like making 16+ years girls murga in balcony. How can one believe that? I agree that in Ragging thats quite possible.


In our school till 12th caning is there. Boys are caned mostly on bottoms. Girls are caned on palm by male teachers. Some lady teachers cane girls on legs and thighs. But lady teachers cane boys sometimes on their bottoms also.It is humiliating with all girls watching.


I was in a college for my physical education degree. We were punished like kids. During excercises if we didn't follow steps, cane would strike on any part of body. We were caned on the bottoms. Now I am working as a PT teacher in school. I don't punish children.


Julianne, Don't think that I am copying your statements. As you might know, this is a site for sharing true information and NOT fantasies. If it is a site for sharing fantasies, I can also login with a girl's name as id and make stories telling that, when I was 18 years old, I was caned 60 times on my bottom by a school teacher. If I find anyone putting incorrect information, I have the right to say that and you please don't interfere in this. Again, you were mentioning in your mail about public caning. I never mentioned anywhere about public or private caning. What I mentioned was, in India, girls above 12 or 13 years old, are not caned on their bottoms. If anyone has a different opinion, let me know that.


Vishal, I tried to be nice to you and not to quarrel on this topic. I think you want to continue fighting with me b'coz I'm a girl. I just tried to say that you have no right to accuse people without knowing for sure who they are or where they're from. You want to be rude and impolite so I can also be rude and impolite. Top that will you????


What happened? Why is everyone silent?? Is the discussion closed???


Vishal and Julian both should be made murga. I made the whole 8th class murga for talking.


Hi, I am Tanya, doing B.ed. supposed to be a nice teacher. But we are punished for small mistakes. Teacher canes us on hands, makes us murga for no proper uniform and other mistakes. Once our whole class was asked to bend in ground. We have seminars, if the dress and presentation was not proper, next day we have to be murga.


I am from South of India. Sir, make me murga in ground for not performing in hindi class. Mine is a girls' school. Can anyone help me to get rid of this embarassing punishment?


Varsha, Ruchi, Neena & Silky ! It is good that you are being punished even though you are teachers. I hope now you realize how painful & humiliating are punishments. It will be better if you are made to do utthak baithak while pulling your ears and made murga in front of your students. I want my miss to be punished like that.


Go and sue all the inhumane teachers and ask for huge compensation in the Court of Law. Write letters to UN about the violation of human rights of children at school whenever such incident took place in your school. We need to build a modern India where the children should be given freedom to express their thoughts through class participation without fear. You need to act and speak up otherwise, the parents, the teachers would rule over you and some of you can become anti-social or rebels in your adulthood.


ank_gp what would you do if your so called students said that you have to be made murga?


In my tution at home miss pinches me for being careless. I am in 11th.


Why is all the fuss about caning? Why is Julianne and Vishal fighting?


julianne, I seriously doubt whether you are a girl


This morning teacher gave me three with her ruler on the back of my legs in front of the class and I cried.


Vishal, so now you are in serious doubt whether I'm a girl, right? Well, now I'm in serious doubt whether you're a boy.


hehe he Tanya you are also a teacher ? It is amazing that even teachers are punished like kids - caned, asked to bend & become murga. How does it feel to be punished with the whole class? I hope now Tanya ma'm won't punish any of her students like that. May all my teachers be punished like that so that they realise how bad punishments are. And why should whole class be punished for the fault of some people?


Punishments like murga, murga parade, holding ears, holding ears and doing situps, touching toes, kneeling down, chair position etc. are common in my school.Once in class IX all the boys and girls were made to do sit-ups in the corridor outside the class for making noise.


Both Vishal and Julienne should be caned on their bare bottoms for fighting. How teachers get punished. After B.Ed. only they become teachers?


i am 12 this year...i was caned 65 strokes on my buttocks my teacher caned me for being late to school 7 times...i was forced to kneel on the was so painful


I am studying in 12th Standard. We have a lady teacher taking maths and we are punished if we do not do our homework. I was asked to bend and got caned on the leg with 3 strokes each. Later my knuckles were cracked. She holds out hands tight while admistering the cane. Last week she had decided to pinch us for coming late to the class and telling lies. I was pinched in both my underarms.......very painful and it lasted nearly for 10 days.....


Poor gal, it will keep you in discipline. your teacher is doing good for you. I also do like this, with students like you. If you are my student I will make you murga.


Julianne, u r just copying whatever I say. Pls. don't do that. Misra, u r nobody to judge what punishment we deserve. Please don't repeat this.


Can this forum do anything to stop murga punishment ? It is so painful & humiliating...


ya ..somebody please do something to stop these kind of punishments , esp for girls. I am in class VI and i dont think we should be made to do utthak baithak or murga. They really are demeaning and are against dignity. I think just making one stand in the class is enough punishment to make one realize the mistake. Please join hands and stop these. Some teachers appear to fulfill their sadist desires by punishing the students like this.


Ankur you should not talk like this. And poor gal you are 12 years old and you got 65 strokes? Hard to believe. Vishal & juliane stop fighting.I think we should do something like what Vineet is suggesting. How many of you agree?


My Miss makes her students stand in front of the class facing the wall. I love this punisment and I want more of it


My class teacher takes tuition class and I am in 9th std. I did not go for tuition and were playing games. She had sent word for us. We went 40 min late. She never has used cane on us and used to only pinch us. Today she greeted us with a long cane and asked us stand on the bench. After the end of the class, she told us that she has decided to be strict and gave us 5 strokes each with the cane on each legs and hands. When it was over we were asked to write imposition. After that we were given two shots on our knuckles with the cane. Next day we had zebra stripes on our legs and this was shown to others.


You people sulk if you get beaten. When I lived in India, a teacher dared to hit me, and I punched him in the leg. I would have got his face, but I was 8 yrs old so was too short. Then he got sacked.


Why is poor gal lying? Julianne will say that she is telling the truth and I don't have the right to judge people... Please stop posting such nonsense!


Jigyasa you are just in class 6 and are ashamed of being made murga ! Many senior girls are doing it and even the teachers in training colleges.


My teacher makes me murga for failing in class test. When the report goes home, my mom in turn punishes me severely and I'm made murga at home also. I am in trouble getting punishment from both sides.


Pls, poor gal... It's the year 2003. No kid would be caned so many times, unless you are recounting your childhood times in the 1800s to 1900s. Pls don't take us readers as idiots or morons and believe you guys writing nonsense. Now the max no of cuts to be inflicted is 6, okay, and only on boys. Girls are liable to caning, but rarely. Okay. And, pls do some research before writing nonsense.


Hey Varsha Tanya where are you people doing your B Ed degee? Do they use long canes?


Vishal this is just too much. You just want to fight, fight, fight and fight some more. I tried to control myself but you just won't leave me alone isn't it??


I was once caned in Xth grade.


I was caned in Class 7. Someone made fun of the teacher and did not own up. So the whole class was given 7 cuts on the backside.


My wife loves to act like a school teacher and punish me like a school boy. When we have nothing to do and we are off from work we play school game.


I skipped a lesson and ran to the school bus with my friends 30 mins early. We were made to stand at the bus parking in one line, pulling our ears very hard... and going up and down until everyone left.


Julianne, Don't blindly believe people... What do you say about poorgal saying that she received 65 strokes on her bottom? Please let me know about your opinion regarding this...


Murga is common punishment in my school. I am in 11th std. Still I get murga punishment. I think it hurts our dignity. Its a shameful and embarassing punishments. Boys laugh at us when ma'm makes us murga, she balances a ruler on bun and if it falls we have to do either sit-ups or murga parade.


Hi, i am in Std. 11.Doesn,t anyone of you receive ear twisting or ear pulling as punishment?All our teachers pull and twist our ears .It is great fun to watch when a teacher is pulling or twisting someone's ear.Come on 'talk about it.I think it is the most common form of punishment at home ,too.


Nisha why do you consider punishment as against your dignity ? After all you are punished if you commit some mistake and you should realize that you did wrong and should not repeat it. I think murga punishment, kaan pakad ke utthak baihak and murga parade are best for girls of your age group.


What all punishments are meted on you bad boy? Seems interesting game :)


I am 17 and got cane on my bottom last week. I forgot to do my homework and copied it from another girl in the washroom and was caught. I had to bend over headmsitress desk. The seven strokes were terrible and I must use cream


Great war is going on. I am 13 yr girl in 7th. I do murga at school. Teacher makes us murga when we don't do h.w.


In my school we are made to pull our ears as punishment, does anyone suffer from the same punishment?


If I get Murga punishment at school and my mom comes to know that, she also makes me murga. If I do not tell her and she comes to know anyhow, my mom also makes me do uthak baithak besides murga. I do not know what do do . I am in class IX. I got punishment of murga parade in school ground as I was caught cheating in the test. I dont know whether I should tell my mom about it or not. If she knows she'll really punish me hard and if she knows on her own even harsher punishment ; may be uthak baithak in balcony then murga or murga parade & frog jump all together.


We used to go for tution in the 10thclass to a teacher who was teaching maths in our school. She was very good in tutions and kind. She used to give mild punishment if we did not do our homework. Her neighbour was also a teacher who happened to come one day during the classes. She had advised her that big boys should be caned regularly to adminster discipline. One day four of us had gone to see a movie and did not attend the tution. The next day she came to know about it. She went to her neighbour and got the long thin cane. We were told that the long awaited ceremony would be performed for our indiscipline. She had asked us to meet her seperately in her room. We were asked to show our palm and caned on both the hands with 4 shots each. Later we were asked to show our legs and the caning was administered over our legs. It was very painful and it lasted for two weeks


My punishment was too bad yesterday. We took some beer and got caught at home. At first I had to stand holding my ear in the balcony. Then my dad came and he made me rub my nose on the floor of our hall for seven feets which is called nakkhatta in bengali.


I used to go to a boy's convent . We were caned by our principal who was a Father with a 3 inch thick ruler on the back of our legs for indiscipline. The marks used to stay for a month on the legs. When we used to stand for our schoolbus on our bus stop, there used to be girls from other schools with us who used to gossip and make fun of the marks on our legs. They used to go behind our backs turn by turn and laugh and gossip after looking at the back of our legs. It used to be very humiliating


I failed in exams and teacher made me murga. Seeing report card at home dad give me murga parade.


It looks to me that people are sharing their fantasies of getting punished in various ways from female teachers mostly!


Mu elder brother takes care of my study from Primary Std. I get punished by him if I dont obey him. I am in 9th.


None of you bother about the fact that these punishments are banned even in India. But still are being given to students.


I still do not know what is murga.. can someone tell me?


I never said that I believed poor gal. But at least you have started being a bit polite.


In class 12th students are rarely punished. We had a miss who used to take maths and was a good teacher.One day we teased her in the class not knowing the repurcussions. We were asked to stand up on the bench for the whole period and in the evening she told us to remain in the class after the school hours. We were three students and as we were waiting, she got a foot ruler about 1.5 feet which was round and shining. She asked us to explain what was in her hand.....we replied that it was a foot ruler. She told us that the foot ruler shall discipline us and were asked to show our bare legs. She gave two cuts in each of our legs and the rest was history. We could not walk properly and this was also repeated on our back side. We cannot forget that day and from that day onwards we did not play any fool in the class. The foot ruler used to be kept in the class and the very sight of it would give us shivers.


Please, please, can someone actually take a minute to explain what the murga punishment is and how someone "makes murga"? There have been several questions about this, and they have not been answered.


Cane should be made legal for decipline


School decipline has to be made if we have carry on the education going smoothly. Although caning is a harsh punishment but it still makes dicipline proper and perfect. As for girls there should be no caning as it degrades them but for boys it should be allowed


Girls must be made murga, not boys.


One time I failed a test and the miss made me bend over a chair and she gave me 8 strokes with the cane. I still have marks.


I agree with Satish, we all know corporal punishment is mostly in boys schools and I don't believe all in the group who tell about the harsh corporal punishments for girls. Boys are more wilder and teachers must use corporal punishment only for boys but not for the girls. Schoolboys in the past got caning on the feet also But never a single girl got caning in schools. The old days when boys got caning were the good days. so I hope caning will return now for the schoolboys.


I saw a title on "corporal punishment of sons" and I wanted to share some views but the link was dead. I don't know many has opposed my views below,but am totally convinced and this is my opinion about the subject : I am directly objective and honest, no fantasy and no stories, real school life proves that schools use corporal punishment with boys much more, there are some countries like Malaysia,Singapore, it's stated in the law that corporal punishment is for boys only and under no circumstances a girl should be caned or corporally punished. Am 32 yrs old now, and I believe all the canings I got when I was a schoolboy did me all the good and am a pretty well man now. If somebody says it's discriminatory to impose corporal punishments on male students only,I'd say and many more people will share my views that boys are masculine,more vulnerable for misbehaviour and aggressive in many ways,they need structure,discipline and punishments as from my experience they don't respond to soft punishments. I'll paste some official literature and articles on "boys raising" which will turn the views of all boys advocates up side down. And believe me if you are a dad or mom and have a wild boy who insists on mischievous behaviour you will not find better than to pull a belt from your waist or take off a slipper from your foot and thrash his bottom,then he will listen,improve and fear the consequences of bad behaviour. Men must be tough ,well-behaved and hardened, there is no harm in punishing ill-behaved boys causing some pain for them but must explain them what has caused their punishment and have rewards for them when they perform well,not only punishments. I am not ashamed or reluctant to post my opinions and views. If you don't mind tell me your openion, just i want to hear about cross-cultural views on above subject. Best Wishes, Eyad


I cannot believe that teachers are still administering corporal punishments on their students. I am not sure which part of India this is commonly practised? (city or state or school). I always thought female teachers are very friendlier compared to male teachers. Don't the teachers think their duty is to give a bright future to their students? I am puzzzled!


Bindu, How many girls did the maths miss cane every week?


Hi! I was once slapped in class by our principal for talking in Class IX in my school in Mumbai. He then made me stand facing the class for the entire day! The most interesting story is of Varsha. It's a good thing that even a girl of 24 is given the cane on her bottom in BEd college. I hope that the punishment must have helped Varsha to understand value of discipline! And I admire her honesty!


Murga or Cock position: A position in which a child is made to sit or squat with the arms under the legs and the hands holding the ears


Varsha and Ruchi, Whether such kinds of corporal punishments like caning are used almost all residential colleges your state Karnataka? Or it is delivered only in girl's colleges or B.Ed Colleges? Whether it is very common in scools in your state? Whether corporal punishments are delivered in Women B.Ed Colleges of West Bengal?


Salam to all friends. I am from Pakistan, age 20. I complete my Matric from Govt. Gulberg High School, Lahore Cantt. There, Teacher gives us Murga and caning punishment and many more punishments. These days were very dangrous for me for 5 years (6-10th class). I have received many time Murga punishment with sticks on bottoms. It is very shameful and painful for me.


Salam doston, I have received Murga punishment many times in mylife. It is called spanking punishment in English. I am from Pakistan and receive spanking punishment from school and as well as home.


Dear Bindu, did your maths teacher really cane you?


As a student i regularly got caned on my bottom by my teachers. As I studied in a boys school, it did not matter much. But later I took admission in a co-ed and then the punishments were extremely humiliating. Now I teach in a coed school. Although I use the cane only when it becomes absolutely necessary but I always prefer to use it on the bottom. Caning on hand may leave permanent injury.

I'm 13 this year. Last year, I was made to stand in front of the class, holding my ears criss cross and then had to change from a squatting position and a standing position 50 times for eating in class. After school, my teacher made me stay back and caned me 10 strokes. After that, she gave me a long lecture and gave me more punishment! she demanded 200 lines of "I will not eat in class again" by the next day.

My headmaster used the leather strap on us in high school.


I am a teacher and was surprised to see some responses appeared here. Corporal punishments are common in Kerala up to 12th class. Some parallel colleges use this techique to enhance their result and sometimes caning is rarely seen in degree level too in such colleges. I think it is rubbish to believe B ed .college punishment stories and it seems to be a fantasy story. If it is true let me know the addresses.I think corporal punishment is a necessary evil. Even though you dislike it now, I am sure you will enjoy it later.

Hi, I'm from South Korea. It's interesting to learn the kinds of punishments that people are receiving throughout the world. Murga sounds really painful, and I'm glad I don't go to school in India. But last week, my teacher asked me a question during class. I could not answer. She got upset, and sent me outside the classroom to stand in the hall. It was the first time I had been in trouble, and I felt so ashamed. I had to stand in front of an open window with my back to the class, so that I could listen to the lesson. While I was out in the hall, my classmates could see me standing through the open window. Many students and teachers also walked by, staring at me, some of them laughing and teasing me. I could not believe the teacher asked me another question. Since I was out of the room, I did not think that she would ask me, so I was not paying attention. I was scolded again, and had to remain standing in the hall for over an hour. Do you think it is fair for anyone to be punished just because she could not answer a question?


I'm now an ex-student of Bhavan's Nagpur, currently in 2nd year law coll. I'm doing a research project on corporal punishment in Indian schools vis-a-vis schools in U.K. My initial findings are really shocking that we have absolutely no laws to protect us from being beaten in schools. Most other progressive countries certainly have laws in place. I've never been personally but these stories on ur site, boy! we need laws for this. Schools are places for learning not humiliation!!


Why you dear children going on complaining against your teachers and not behaving properly and in discipline as per rules/regulations of your schools/homes instead?


Come on guys How can you be in 12th and 11th and let your teacher cane you! In our school there was such a teacher, who used to trouble senior boys. We wrapped him in a sack and rolled him down the stairs. Forget beating, he was too terrified even to talk rude to senior boys. You should try the same.


Yea! Me too doubt like Winston Mario,its next to impossible for 11th/12th stds. Students getting capital punishments as being described here in this forum! I think, there is more fiction than truth!! I can say this authentically being a teacher!


In my school if you didn't do your homework the teacher had a punishment list of pupils names and punishments which were lines, essays detention and corner time. one time i i didnt do my homework and my teacher made me sign under my punishments after class i was given 500 lines of i will do my homework on time and after skool i had to come back and press my nose on the wall for 60mins


In my school for rule breaking we were given an average of 200 lines and a maximum of 1000 lines. Always given corner time nose on wall hands behind your back which always lasted an hour and no shorter. I'd rather be caned or write lines than face a wall again,


In my whole career as a teacher, the hardest punishment I've awarded for twice/thrice only is to take a hard PINCH on a student's thigh till he cries with tears running out of eyes!


When I was studying in 8th grade, one of my classmate was caught for cheating in the test. The class teacher took a cane and thrashed him all over the body with blows. I hate that teacher even today because the punishments were more severe. When we grow up we start to hate the teachers who were too harsh and rude. I wish the corporal punishments should be abolished in India so that the childhood would be filled with happy memories :)


Oh, how sadist is Madam Fatimah Khan to keep pinching her student till she sees his tears! It is really a cruel punishment that would leave visible marks on the skin which would stay fairly for a week or more. By the way what class do you teach Madam Fatimah Khan? Do your students deserve such punishments? What other punishments do you administer on your students? Just make sure your students respect you when they grew older.


It can happen that a student of higher class may be punished as murgha as it happened in my case. After the announcement of my 12 th grade exam one day I went to my teacher. She was very angry on me and she asked me to be murgha and I did so for 10 minutes.


Oh!Yea!...........It was cruelest punishment that I gave.......but it was just two/three times only in my career,and that too on the instruction by our Head of the school. I rarely slap or beat my naughty students. I only don't spare their ears!!!!! Twisting/pulling.......anything goes,which I feel very effective with much less harm.


Teachers are abusing the students specially the girls on the pretext of corporal punishment. My house is just opposite to a co-ed senior secondary school and from my house I can view the happenings in some of the classes of probably 9th to 12th grade where male teachers seems to enjoy a lot while administering punishment to girl students.This must be happening in other schools also.This must stop now.


Corporal punishment for anyone above 16 is a crime. It destroys dignity. Schools are not to make us slaves of society.


I am teacher from Tunisia. Corporal punishment is not allowed at our schools. Despite the increasing misconduct of the students, all what teacher can do is send out of class the disruptive students and in the worst cases give them extra work to do after school... This is not effective at all because the rate of misbehaviour is rising. I think that we need to figure out other ways of punishment.


Caning of students in schools in India is a crime. If you are still a victim to that cruelty, you can lodge a complaint with the local child rights authorities. You're all free citizens and not slaves.


I found the experience of different persons about their corporal punishments in schools quite interesting. I have been teaching Geography in a co-educational high school in the rural areas of West Bengal for the last 8 years. In my school corporal punishments of students are not uncommon. The punishments include caning, slapping, pinching, ear twisting, kneeling on the floor, sit-ups, standing on one leg, and standing outside classrooms holding ears, etc. Punishments are given irrespective of the age of students, i.e. students from class 6 to class 10 are punished without any discrimination. Boys and girls are almost treated equally. However, in case of boys they are often caned on their legs and backs and sometime senior boys are ordered to take off their shirts and caned or slapped on their backs. But in case of girls, they are caned only on their palms or hands. Male teachers do not slap the senior girls on the face, but female teachers often slap both boys and girls on their faces. Till now, I have never seen any parents protesting on the issue of corporal punishments, but they support teachers on this issue. On my part, I usually cane the students of senior classes and made them kneel down. But for students of junior classes of 6 and 7 I mostly make them kneel down and hardly cane or beat them. For serious repetitive offence, the students (mostly senior students) are sent to the headmaster. The teacher sending the student accompanies him or her to the headmaster’s room. There, they receive severe caning from the headmaster. Sometimes the caning is so severe that it brings tears even to the teacher witnessing the punishment. I have sent only once two students to the headmaster. However, I feel that this rigorous discipline ultimately is beneficial to the students. The result of our school in the secondary examination is really excellent. There had been no failure during the last 10 years. In the last year all the students got first division and 20% of the students scored over 75% marks. As a school in a rural area, this is indeed commendable. Again, I want to point out that we punish students only when required. Our relationship with the students are cordial. They sometimes consult us on their personal problems as well. What I want to say that even today if students are made to understand that the teachers are there to guide them sincerely, they will not mind the punishments from their teachers and it will in no way embitter teacher-student relationship.


A teacher who believes that punishments are the key to good student behaviour, is very misguided. Obedience in a student is rarely a sign of respect for the teacher, but more commonly a sign of fear -- what the slave feels for the master. Frightened children cannot learn anything except contempt for the person who frightens them and for the institution that allows it to happen. Some students accommodate abuse by imitating their abusers. They become schoolyard bullies and the next generation of authoritarian, abusive, violent adults. Some become teachers, and the cycle repeats.


I am 14 years in grade 8 and we get punished with the cane for fighting. I have had it before. It is very hard punishment.


I am regularly being punished by my father. He has unique methods of punishments like beating with cane, belt,hose on hands,legs,palm and sole of feet.


Well children, why don't you behave well in the class and do your work? Why do you ask for beatings? How is the teacher supposed to bring you back to the track if you are not punished? In the absence of a punishment, you'll always misbehave or will never do your work. Then finally, your teacher is blamed for your misbehaviour and poor performance by your parents. Why should the teacher face such a situation for forgiving you? So she has to resort to punishing you. Simple punishments such as sending out of the class don't work. Most of you repeat it again and again. This only wastes the precious time. Then the only way left out is to beat you. If you don't come to track by words, you have to be brought by force. I've seen it myself in my wife's class. Most of the children don't complete the assignments even after giving 4 chances and a weeks time. So she resorts to caning them to get the work done. There'll be a loud chatter and flying paper balls as soon as she turns towards the blackboard. The class is disturbed and the time is wasted again. Even after giving 5 warnings, the class doesn't settle down. So she's forced to take a wooden ruler and go whacking from the first row till the last one which brings the class back to the steady state. I admit that the cane has been misused. If the cane is misused, you can complain to your principal, children helpline and also your nearest police station. Nowadays, a constant vigil is maintained over the teachers to check the misuse of cane. Finally to conclude, if you don't want to be caned behave well and mend your ways. Or I suggest you another thing. Request your teachers to kindly assign the reason before they whack. Most of the times, you know the reason. Or take rulers to the class by yourself and ask your teacher to beat you with your own ruler if you don't want to be hit by his/her cane.


"Or take rulers to the class by yourself and ask your teacher to beat you with your own ruler if you don't want to be hit by his/her cane." Kind of disgusting subject as you teach kids to receive tourture, voluntarily. You may request it on you, that I don't care, since it's your problem but perfoming such act on kids rather destroying them, keeping yourself out from legal trouble, what a good resort huh?


Because I was punished a lot by my female teachers, I became a Masochist. See how much Psychologically these brutal caning can affect someone in life. Therefore, I would like to request the teachers not to induldge in corporal punishments and give parental affection and progress with your students to make them successful in future life. If you give corporal punishments just for results, you are creating more people like me :(


Dear Madam Sushmitha, how much punishment should one face? First you teachers use the cane followed by the headmaster's severe caning. There must be some limit in dealing with the grown ups. Cane can be allowed to maintain discipline in the class up to middle school or at the most till 10th. Severe caning should not be permitted at all. It causes depression, rebellious behaviour and too much humiliation and pain. Such incidents have led to acts like suicide. Nobody has the authority to deny an individual his constitutional right of dignity just because he's younger than the teachers. The cane seems to be a tool to show one's might rather than to maintain discipline. Moreover you're all well protected by the rules of the school that are framed. Cane may be allowed in the class just to maintain discipline and not for showing the might of the headmaster. The system you've described resembles slavery . I support the use of a cane to a limited extent for maintaining discipline in the class and not for anything else. But it doesn't mean that the teachers and head masters should be given absolute powers to do anything. Your head master does that because he knows that the student won't strike back as he would be dismissed if he does that thereby putting an end to his education. Being an army trainer, I don't use such punishments to solve the problem of discipline with the recruits. It's our job to show our might to the enemy during wars and not yours to show it on the students in your school. It's shameful. Why should you take one to the head master despite knowing that it's too severe and puts you into tears? Why don't you use your own cane to the required extent? For serious disciplinary problems suspend or debar the student. After reading through all the posted messages, I feel that the high courts of Delhi and Calcutta have done the right thing by banning the cane. There's also a lawyer in the discussion forum who's also a retired army captain. He's Captain Adam Marshall. Your posted message may be treated as confession and he may initiate legal action . Watch out. The present law allows mild use of corporal punishment not exceeding 10 strokes of cane on the palm in cases of indiscipline only.


What is utthak baithak or murga or murga parade


Well Varsha, I pity you. Such acts are punishable under the Indian Penal "Code" under the article "assault not amounting to disability". Such acts can invite a punishment by law which can extend up to two years of rigorous imprisonment. You have each and every right to protect your dignity. The punishments meted out which have been described here seem to be used as a tool to bully the students and show the might of the teachers rather than preventing indiscipline. You are yourself going to be a teacher after your B.Ed. May be your teachers are teaching you how to behave rudely with your students at school. Tell your teachers that if they try to bully you, the law will punish them. Even in the army, I got three instructors punished for their excesses on the recruits. The instructors said that the recruits were not firing properly. I made the recruits learn accurate shooting without using even a single harsh word just by encouragement, activity and practice. Most of them can shoot a bullet through a needle.


Dear Ms. Sushmita, if you want to make the students understand that you're there to guide them, you have to first earn their trust. It is possible only if you treat them with dignity, understand their problems and analyze their character and causes for failure and misbehaviour and guide them accordingly in a way that makes them understand and analyze the lesson. You need to be perfect in the subject that you teach. One has to make the student's mind work on the subject with full interest. Only then one can teach. If not one can never teach but can just recite or read out something in the classrooms and ofcourse show might. Such people are unfit to be called teachers. Such unfit teachers will create another generation of unproductive bookworms and who may later become another set of unfit teachers. Get close personally to each student and recognize his skills and weaknesses. Bring out the skills and strengthen the weaknesses by inspiration and encouragement. Only then you'll earn their trust that you're there to guide them. Bullying them will only create hatred and depression for them and legal punishment for you.


Hello! I'm a mathematics teacher. I use a ruler occassionally only in case of repetitive indiscipline that too only upto standard 8 not exceeding 3 strokes to catch their attention. As a rule, I don't give corporal punishments at all. I maintain discipline and good performance of my students by getting personal with them and by keeping them always involved in some creative work. . I was married immediately after graduation in science. Nobody dared to ill-treat me during my B.Ed course as my husband was an army officer and observed my activities everyday. Dear Varsha, Ruchi, Silky and Neena, please inform your brother, husband or some male family member if you're ill-treated again in your teacher's college. They won't dare again if they come to know that there's somebody to support you. Here are some steps I follow to maintain discipline being a polite and a friendly teacher. * Rehearse how you will handle various difficult situations that might arise in class. * Plan youth activities well enough that students just don't have time to cause trouble. * Try to teach rather than punish. * Find ways to encourage and compliment. * View student's misbehavior as mistakes in judgment rather than negative tendencies. * Eliminate "reward" and "punishment." * Make consequences relate to misbehavior. For example, if a child makes a mess, he or she should clean it up. * Point out things kids can do to help each other foster a team spirit. * Ask "what," "how" and "why" questions when challenges come up so students know you are genuinely interested in their opinion. Ask for their explanation before imposing your own. * Promote self-control by teaching calming techniques like deep breathing, counting to ten and taking a walk to "chill." * Make friends with students. Say hello and smile. Always use a calm tone of voice. * Use good manners when addressing children about their behavior. Be sure to say: "I am sorry," "May I?" and "Excuse me" when appropriate. Teach by example. * If a child exhibits many behaviors which concern you, don't try to change all of them at once. Take one at a time. * Set behavioral rules but make sure they are few in number, reasonable and appropriate to the child's age and development. Moreover I always remember that the children have all the fundamental rights as any adult.


Hello dear students and teachers click on the link below to see that the students are protected by law against corporal punishment. If the law is defied, the teachers will face the cane of the court and will be given corporal punishments by the prison authorities.


The contents of this site is quite interesting as well as informative. Although, I believe, a few messages has been written out of fantasy. I have been teaching physical science in high schools in the state of Karnataka for last four years. My experience as teacher is that punishment policy of the students varies from school to school. First I joined an exclusive girls’ school where all the teachers were female. In that school corporal punishment was virtually non-existent. The only punishment that the girls received was standing for a period in the classroom. No teachers caned or beat the girls. The results of the girls in the public examination were fair but not outstanding. After serving for two years, I joined a very well reputed co-educational school, where, teaching staff were mostly female (about 95%) and the principal was also a lady. There to my utter amazement, I found that all the teachers as well as the principal are regularly caning and beating the students, even the senior students are not spared. Students, both boys and girls are caned or beaten. Apart from caning, they were also given ‘murga’ punishment, made to stand or kneel down in the classroom, doing sit ups etc. During the first two or three months in this school, it was really tough going for me. As I was not accustomed to cane or beat the students in my former school, it became quite hard for me to maintain discipline in the class, specially in class IX or class X. The students were also not doing their homework properly. However, one day I gathered some courage and caned some students in class IX. From that day onwards I started to use cane in an increasing rate. A marked improvement followed. Order came to the class, students became regular and particularly in doing their homework. Now, I follow the system of this school, give a hard caning to the senior students as and when required and enjoy my teaching. What I feel that if the school follows a policy of giving corporal punishment to the students, then whether you like it or not you have to follow the suit. When students are used to getting cane, then if they find that one teacher is not caning, then they will harass that teacher and not concentrate on her teaching. Therefore the guiding principle of the teacher in such school is ‘punish or perish’. Another interesting fact is that in a co-educational school, perhaps the girls in the company of boys become rough and tough and require tough disciplining like caning. The result of the public examination of the students in my present school is really outstanding. However, at the same time it cannot be claimed that it is due to the punishment that alone is responsible for outstanding results. The merit of the students, the parental guidance do contribute to the success of the student to a great extent. I want to hear from the teachers and students whether any correlation exists between strict discipline with corporal punishments and good performance of the students in the examination.


At our school in Australia, Miss whips the boys on their bare thighs with a strap, but the girls only get slapped on the legs. You can see the boys stripes for days afterwards, and we girls giggle about it. Sometimes we secretly tease boys in the class so they squirm, then the teacher whips them.


Hi Mr. R.P.Singh, how do you know what is happening in your wife's class room? Do you sit along with the students to watch how your wife is beating her students? You are giving statistics as to how many chances your wife is giving to her students? May be you have installed a hidden camera in her class room to watch her, huh? Ask your wife to teach in such a way her students would get interested to hear her teaching with more practical assignments, instead of reading the text book!


hi, I still remember my teacher in 8th grade, she never liked me. one day she slapped me 14 times in front of the class for not finishing my HW. In fact I was so embarssed I moved to a different school the following year.


singh, Children should play, make noise and learn. Don't try to fool them...


But RP punishment is not worth it. What have you learnt from canes in school?


Well Vishal, it's a known fact that children should play and there's no question about that. But games are different from playing a fool in the class and extreme indiscipline. Even after several warnings if you don't stop all nonsense and continue to disturb the class, then the only option left is to punish you. And you don't try to justify that you can play all nonsense in school and should be allowed to do that for ever.. Refer to my other 2 postings before making another comment. Also see that punishment may be allowed only in extreme cases and not always and not at all for stupid things like not taking the book to the class or not completing the given assignment. And Tina, a cane is something too harsh to teach a lesson. Refer to my other postings before making another comment. Also refer to the message posted by Ms. Deepti Singh. I never said that teachers should be executioners. While their excesses are being considered, the student's misdeeds should also be considered. I support punishments only in extreme cases as I've mentioned earlier. The argument must consider both students and teachers and should not be one sided. If a student feels disinterested in the classes and does something else, it doesn't mean that the student has to be punished as many do. In such cases it's the teacher who has to make the lesson interesting and attractive and children can't be punished for that. But in cases of ill-treating junior students, stealing and damaging the properties of the school and other students, indulging in violent activities there's no other option other than meting out punishments. Don't mistake these cases with other silly cases such as talking in the class, not bringing a book, not completing an assignment, completion of practical records and wearing improper uniform. I think you are all fit enough to distinguish extreme cases from silly acts. One should never be punished for scoring less, inability to do the assignments, non or inability to follow a lesson. Such cases imply weaknesses and not indiscipline. Such weaknesses can be dealt only by constant encouragement and activity.


I am a class 9 student. I study in a co-ed school. In our school the teachers physically punish the students quite frequently. However, the strange thing is that while boys are caned on a regular basis, but, girls are never caned or beaten, they are only made to kneel down or stand in the classroom. What is surprising that most of the teachers are female, so there must not be any difficulty in physically punishing the girls. But they never beat girls and only beat the boys. This is really humiliating for us to be caned in front of girls whereas for the same offence, they are to be let off with scolding or minor punishments. Some girls also feel ashamed due to the discrimination of this kind. In the 21st century when men and women are equal in all respects, this sort of discrimination is quite unjustified. In a co-ed school from the very childhood children should be taught to treat both men and women equally and no gender-based discrimination should be practiced. In some of my friends’ school however this sort of discrimination is not made. I want to hear the teachers’ view on this issue.


Manju, I really agree with your comments. Manju, I am doing a research subject on: corporal punishment in schools- Is it time to ban it? I would appreciate it if you could email me at and I would like to get some inputs from you.


I am being regularly punished by my father. He uses a cane for that purpose. I am 17 year old.


I am studying in 10th. In my school also, teachers slap and pinch both boys and girls. They pinch on the thighs quite frequently and for long time. It's very painful. Most of the students receive these punishments almost every day.


I think corporal punishment should be abolished We live in a civilized world ,that too in the 21st century. We have to get over our medieval mindset All those who advocate corporal punishment are BARBARIANS!!!!period!!!!!. I have known several people who were subjected to corporal punishment and all of them have grown up to be insensitive and cruel people. There are other ways to discipline a child like imposing fines,expulsion from the class etc...


I read in class X. I fully agree with Supriyo’s view. I am also in a co-ed school. In my school the teachers however cane and beat both boys and girls, but some humiliating punishments are kept reserved for boys only. For example, our English ma’am, often lift our shirts and pinches in the belly in front of the whole class. This is really a humiliating experience specially, in front of girls. This punishment is indecent too and only those who got such punishments would realise the mental trauma involved in it. Again, senior boys are often made to kneel down in front of the main gate of the school. Any person or guardian coming to school will gaze at those boys which again is a heart-breaking experience. I feel that boys in a co-ed school are really helpless and have to endure such humiliation and insults daily whereas girls at the same time enjoy special privilege. At the time of examination, the teachers penalise the boys for slightest offence whereas the girls are not penalised unless they commit serious offence. Moreover, on suspicion of possessing paper at the time of the examination, even the lady teachers do not hesitate to bodily search the boys, whereas girls in spite of possessing paper, are never searched even by the lady teachers. I want the opinion of the students as well as of sirs and madams on this matter


Manju good response so how do the students feel towards you now I assume you are a young teacher and mostly students in highschool like young teachers because they are fresh out of college, young and mostly friendly. Have you noticed students disliking you after you started to cane them?


Well, Mr. Dawson, my wife works in an army run school. I've seen the situation in her class while I had been on rounds for inspection as I was the deputy commandant of that army sub area.


In my school we do not get physical punishment, but my dad did, he has told me stories. He got punished all the time.


I'm 20 year old girl. I want to ask that is ragging common in colleges of most of the cities of India. I am going to share my true experience of ragging with you. When I went to the college first time four students of senior class came towards me and took me to a corner and then they forced me to do situps and then they made me murgha. when I opposed then they said that it is the rule of the college. Did it happen to any one among you? Please share with me


Singh, You can maintain discipline in class without punishing the students. Your argument is not at all convincing.


It's a shame that barbaric acts like beating in schools still exist. It has been observed that in many cases the students get invloved in conversation when they get irritated with the lesson. Instead of explaining the lesson with examples and interaction with the students and activating them to learn with interest, the lessons are just read by the so called teachers in the classes. Instead of motivating the students to understand the lesson and absorb them, lines are read out from the text book (or a hand written copy with the same words in the text book) which the students are compelled to write down. The situation is more like a government office with the official dictating words to stenographers. It's natural for anybody to get irritated. It's the teachers who are responsible for disinterest in the class. No teacher is required to read from the text book. Students can do it themselves. If the teachers really want to maintain discipline and get good results, then they have to imbibe interest, motivate, have interactive classes and make the students analyze and understand. Keeping the minds busy will automatically put an end to distraction and disturbance. To the attention of everybody, I repeat that corporal punishment in schools in banned by law. A single complaint can land the accused behind bars under the Indian Penal Code under section "physical assault". Some teachers are facing trial and are going to be grilled shortly. If you violate the orders and commit a "contempt of court", you'll be sent to prison and given corporal punishments by the jail authorities.


Friends who would know this more than me!I think in Lahore's Government schools punishment is very common and I think it is very painful and shameful


Mr. R.P Singh: I am sorry to say that you are not only contradicting yourself but also confusing the readers with your postings. In your July 22, 2004 postings, you have given elaborate details of how your wife punishes her students, even suggesting the students to take their own ruler or cane to give to their teachers to get punished with their own weapons! In your July 23, 2004 postings, you criticized someone’s postings telling that this system resembles “slavery”! Further you said that you are supporting use of cane to discipline the students. Discipline should be inculcated in one’s behaviour not by force or using cane, but by explaining what is good and what is not good. After few lines, you said being an “army trainer” that you do not use such punishments to solve the problems of disciplining. If you cane a soldier in front of others (like teachers do to kids), don’t you know that he might kill you? You said it is your job to show the might with enemy and not with children. In your latest postings on August 13, 2004, you say you are “Army Commandant”. What is your point in your postings here? Why are you contradicting yourself? Who cares if you are an army commandant or an army trainer? I think your wife sees her students as her “enemies” and whacks them in “army” style. How can you watch your wife administering punishments to her students when you do the so called “rounds”? Do you know I can refer to your behaviour of watching your wife administering corporal punishments to her students as “sadism”? I think you both are “sadists”! If you really care for the students and their future, try to bring changes to the Indian Education System and give equal opportunities to all Indians thereby making “India Shine” ;)


Hello its_me3506, ragging is very common in all Indian colleges. Similar experience with me too on first day of college. Seniors catch us fresher girls as we were in group and ask indecent questions. Not answering leads to humilating physical postures. They made us murga and few girls were made murga on table in canteen. Later they released us and next day again this happened. This time situps and murga parade.


Well, Mr. Dawson, how do you expect one to react with an unruly, indisciplined group calling themselves students throwing paperballs on fellow students, teachers, attendants and calling them abusive names while a lesson is being taught, stick chewing gums on the clothes of the other students, stealing the belongings of the other students, howling, quarrelling in abusive language? Neither they study nor they let the others study. Try to visualize a classroom with such hooligans on the top of their voices and mischiefs with all the other students getting irritated, frustrated and unable to continue their activities. They all are not ideal students as you think. Cane is not used as a principle in the army run schools for silly things. Even in the cases I mentioned the no. of strokes should not exceed 3 or 4 that too after a number of warnings and polite words. There would be no other way to continue the class without whacking these few who trouble the majority . Most of the students are from army background. There are also some with civilian backgrounds but it makes no difference. No other school can be more liberal than the army run school. There are no restrictions on how long any student can practice experiments, games or computer programming. They are treated as young soldiers. In cases of low scores, they are not burdened as the others do, but are given extra classes and more number of remedial tests to improve confidence. This has been very effective. In cases of improper uniform, they are not whacked or sent back or humiliated. They are given a notice to correct their uniform in the break. More than 90% of the students consider themselves army men and take pride in wearing proper uniform. Those who are whacked are hardly a few who indulge in distractive activities and take pleasure in troubling and harassing the other students. Such trouble makers have been put in a row. But most of the trouble makers are generally in the 7th and 8th grades. They become serious as they go to 9th and 10th as the score in the 10th Public Examination becomes a matter of their career. Coming to opportunities, only the army run schools give equal opportunities to each and everyone irrespective of background as no capitation fee is charged, there's no trustee, no political influence as in cases of most of the other schools. Our motto is overall development of every individual and not just to make them bookworms. These schools mostly lead the other schools in most of the inter-school activities as the students are well informed about the current affairs, science and technology, sports, etc. The classes are interactive and practical. In most other schools as Mr. Adam Marshall has mentioned, there would just be a so called teacher reading and reciting the lines from the text book. No other school provides a large no. of extra curricular activities like the army-run schools. These activities range from fine arts like music to daredevilry like sky diving. How many of you have seen and operated GPS, a mariner's compass, a parachute, etc during school days? All our students have operated them by their own choice and interest. Students are also taken to some research centres which allow only graduates with high merit. Our students enjoy at school with their friends more than they do at home. Most of those who pass out collect their certificates with reluctance as they won't be coming in future.


I totally agree. I think RP Singh you are trying to exaggerate and everything you have posted is not true. I agree with you Dawson


In our school all the teachers have canes in their hands and both girls and boys are treated equally when it comes to caning. What happens is that, when you misbehave or break rules or something like that, you have to bend down in front of the class and the teacher whacks you. Sometimes its real painful.


Mr. Singh and Dawson, it looks like you've forgotten the objective of this discussion forum. This forum is meant for discussion and not for you both to confront. Better go to proving grounds or to a battlefield if you want to fight each other. Mr. Marshall, your suggestions are worth and thanks for bringing in awareness of law. In my opinion, it's high time to abolish the barbaric acts of corporal punishments from the civilized world. By keeping corporal punishments in use, one only teaches his/her juniors to use force against their juniors to get their jobs done. The same tradition is followed. It's high time to be more sensible and practical. Better late than never. Hey, those who believe in corporal punishments, do you have the guts to cane or whack a criminal of your age ? I'm sure you'll be one of those who hide. Then why do you show your anger on little ones for their mistakes? Just because they can't strike back? Be more sensible and better teach than punish.


My teachers used to twist my ears until they turned red!!! It was very painful..


yes I also have been made murga when I was in first year. That is very severe


Mr. Vincent, you are telling the objective of this forum is “discussion”. Discuss what? Any forum is meant for discussion. So you accept that you do not know the objective of this forum. If I am not wrong, this forum was created by one “Tulika” asking for postings relating to school punishment for coming late, improper uniform, incomplete homework, home work not done, etc. Therefore the objective of this forum is to discuss the punishments received by readers. In the course of discussing this, there is a deviation now because many postings were permitted to voice the readers concern about CP and abolishing it in India. In fact I am discussing with Mr. Singh through this forum. Mr. Singh posted about the punishments administered by his wife and I am expressing my opinion. We know where to go and fight with each other. Do you want to join us fighting or watch us fighting, let us know? I do not have any hard feelings against anyone with their postings. This is a free world where anyone can express their opinions. But when you post, you have to read twice before what you are posting. You need not get upset with our postings. If you do not like, ignore our postings and have fun. We are matured and grown up adults and we know what we should do to square away our opinions. As far as I know, there is no Indian Penal Code abolishing corporal punishment 100% from India. I may be wrong too. If you visit the web site posted by Mr. Marshall, it is said that “The Union HRD ministry planned to bring in a legislation making any form of corporal punishment to students in schools a criminal offence”. I am not sure if there is any such LAW passed to ban corporal punishments in schools by any State Government or the Union Government of India. There are “Court rulings” against this and such rulings can be cited if some one sues a teacher who administered corporal punishments. Most of the countries including third world countries like Philippines, Thailand and all European and western countries have abolished corporal punishments including China. You want to abolish the barbaric acts of CP from the civilized world, where 90% countries have already abolished CP. What are you going to do to abolish this (in India)? Do you have any suggestions or advice as to how to abolish this in India? I have sent letters to UN asking them to pressurize the Indian government to abolish CP whenever I read such articles online. I apologize if I have ever hurt any one’s feelings through my postings. Because life is too short to worry about all these and there are so many things we can do. May be we should stop posting against each other views and start to share the punishments we received from the school. I was canned on my palms for failing in school test. I have received beatings with the ruler on my knuckles (the teacher would hold the hand and give continuous beatings with the ruler), slaps, and what not. Did I deserve such punishments? I would say NO. Therefore, I suggest that this should be abolished!


I am 16 and attend a girls boarding school in south africa - I was slapped twice on the back of each leg for smoking by the deputy headmistress - It really stung, but I haven't smoked since, so maybe there is a lesson here. The school is strict but not brutal - the punishments are in line with in loco parentis which means teachers act as parents when the kid is at school. If I broke the rules at home my mothers first reaction would be to "go for my legs" as she puts it. The teachers are often trying to apply the same principles.


I have seen many girls being canned for growing nails and applying nail polish. What are your experiences about it?


Well I live in Canada, so things are very different but still those punishments mentioned for college are absurd. After the age of 18 you are legally an adult so they have no control over you the same with your parents. If they hit you punish you etc. its assault. Please explain when you go to college did you sign a note giving them permission...


I am in class X. I read the views of Arun and Supriyo. I am also in a co-ed school. In my school the teachers however make no discrimination between boys and girls in respect of corporal punishments. Caning is common in our school and girls get the cane as hard as boys and no leniency is shown to them. Apart from caning, the other form of punishments that are most common is that students are made to kneel down holding their ears inside the classroom. In this respect also, boys and girls are treated equally. I agree although myself being a girl that in a co-ed school the boys and girls should be treated equally in all respects, especially when we are in favour of equal status of both men and women in the society. I expect more comments of my friends on this issue.


Its a very good forum which I really like. There are some views which I would like to share along with you. First of all as its a forum relating true experince to every one therefore each should be accountable by him/herself. Becomin a murgha of a girl is really new to me, I never heard thing like that. I studied in co-ed during primary classes in Pakistan where I was made murgha sit ups, cane on hand and other forms of corporal punishment but girls were never made murgha although they were given all other forms of c.p. during my high school which was exclusively for boys I was punished more brutally by male teachers rather than in my primary co-ed school. I although was never caned on my bottom but becoming a murgha & frog jumping and standing in the class or over the desk were common punishments. I although was spanked once by our deputy head master by his hand over my bottom when I was in class 6 & i still remember the sting of that big hand, it burnt like a fire zone. One of our electricity teacher use to beat or slap at back of our waist and we feel the flow of current passing all our body when this giantly hand lands.All the forms of punishments were continued till class 10th but reduced gradually when we moved to higher grades. In my college I never heard of c.p in the form of cane or murgha or sit up although one of our male teacher used to slap on the face to his student, although my college was a co-ed but I never saw or heard any girl being punished physically.


This is nice website. I although recommend corporal punishment both for boys & girls equally but not a student elder than 15 or greater than 10th grade should be beaten physically in front of class.


I let my hair grow long and our P.T. Teacher made them into pigtails. Being a complainer as I was, I reported this to the chairperson and then, for the next few months, our P.T. teacher was very quiet. I recommend that everyone does the same thing. By the way, I am in India in class 9, am a boy and our chairperson is a very motherly person.


I am teaching english in a district school in India. I used be very decent with students in the begining but found it was getting unmanageable particularly with boys of age around 8 to 14. After about 4 months of teaching finally I got fed up, took a ruler and asked 3 of the naughtiest boys to stay back. These boys were so used to my decent behaviour all these days that they thought that this was some kind of joke. Reality sruck when I asked the 12 year old lad standing on the right side to come forward and hold out his hands. With a bit of hesitation he did that after he could feel the anger on my face. I gave him 3 cuts each on both his palms. The same was repeated with the others. I felt guilty when I went to sleep. Next day I met the principal and told her about my guilty feeling over this incident. She supported my actions and asked me to use a cane softly on their legs if required. I started feeling better and am using the ruler and sometimes the cane though very occasionaly on my students. I feel things have definitely improved.


I was once taken to the vice principal's cabin for misbehaving by the class monitor. He over stated my faults. I was then asked to bend over and caned. oh my god! the pain!


There are two real bad incidents of cp I have encountered. The first one is one in which I was taken to the vice principal for playing pranks. He gave me 4 swishes of the cane on my underpants. It was really bad the pain as well as the humiliation. Apart from this I am a very well behaved student. However my father is a real disciplinarian and makes us undergo some real tough punishments.


As there are lot of teachers writing in this forum, why don't you share your experiences on the punishing your pupil for the FIRST time in your career. I mean how you felt before & after that & what was the punishment you decided. Also do you teachers discuss about the punishments in class, in the staffroom?


Dear Ms. Jessica, I am impressed with your first experience in administering CP on your students and thank you for sharing that with us! Thank God, I am not your student! I think you are disciplining your students and trying to be strict with them. I still believe and want you to be a very kind teacher with gentle strictness and guide your students for their better future. Also your student can never feel the anger on your face; they could only see your face reddening with anger. Well, do not ask me to show my palms for pointing out these! I agree with Ms. Sukanya and request all the teachers to come forward to share their first time experiences in administering punishments on their students including the age group of the students, how they felt before & after administering the punishments, and what was the first punishment they administered. I also want to know if teachers discuss about the punishments they administered in the class with other teachers in the staffroom.


I read Sukanya’s message posted on the 7th Sept. 2004. She has asked the teachers to share their first experience on punishing the students. I have been teaching in a co-ed high school for almost a decade. When I joined the school, I saw that corporal punishment was prevalent and frequently given to the students. This was however nothing new to me, because in the school where I read, we as students had the experience of terrible and severe corporal punishments. But, as a new entrant, I have a lot of hesitation in punishing pupils and also felt that students should not be given punishments. However, I found that sometimes specially in the upper class a handful of students, both boys and girls are disturbing and disrupting the classes. I tried at first to pursuade them to behave properly, but of no avail. Repeated requests failed to yield any results. Then one day I make them stand outside the classroom as punishments, but it created more chaos. They started to make such a noise that went on to disturb other classes as well. One of my senior colleagues afterwards suggested me to cane the students from next day. She was a lady of strict discipline, renowned for devoted and sincere teaching and at the same time for a hard caning. Another advice was that if you cane the boys or girls of senior classes then cane them hard not mildly and keep cane on hand but use it very sparingly. The next day I picked up a cane from the staff-room and entered the class X. Seeing cane in my hands, most of the students got amazed and the group that was creating trouble began to laugh thinking that I would not be able to cane them. I proceeded to take the class, and as usual that group of four students began to disrupt the class. Then I called all of them in front gave them a sound thrashing on their hands and legs. After the class it was a mixed feeling for me. One feeling was of triumph that I have been able to discipline the students and second feeling was of sorrow thinking of the pain my students have received from my lashes. However, a strange thing happened the next day. They did not disturb the class and after the class they came to me and begged apology. I also hugged them and they became friendly with me since then and also showed marked improvement in their studies. This is the story of my first experience of punishing the students. Since then, I occasionally give a hard caning to my pupils if the situation so demands. The most encouraging fact is that even today if you can explain and convince your students that you are punishing them for a just reason and you also hurt when you cane, then they accept the punishment without any grudge and it does not embitter the relationship between the teacher and the students. On the contrary a bond of trust and understanding develops. But be sure, you can cane your students only if you have profound love for them as a mother has for her child.


Today I accessed this web for the first time and it is surprising for me to see that even in civilized country that have an strong law which protects people, student have this kind of issues. As I remember about 8 years ago when I was in primary school my teachers did corporal punishment a lot like caned bottom and palm, slapped faces.


There seems to be a huge variation in the way children are punished at school I am amazed - The teachers at my school are all female and generally use their hands to slap our legs if we misbehave in class or talk when lining up outside a class, until you've experienced this you have no idea how much it hurts - The ruler is only used by the senior teachers and is a formal punishment again this is again applied to the backs or tops of the legs only. I would like to ask whether other kids are punished in the same way. My school is in south africa by the way.


Karthik I think I have to agree with you about ear pulling being the most common punishment. Once my teacher made me stand outside the class for not submitting my homework. Unfortunately the principal was on his morning round and he stopped to question me. He pulled and twisted my ear for about five minutes while he spoke, after which I received a few slaps across the back of my neck. It served as a powerful lesson and I've never made the same mistake again.


I am in class 12. Often our teachers punish us for small mistakes. Sometimes they make us murga or make us do sit ups. Our Physics teacher says she loves pulling and twisting our ears. She used to pull our ears so hard that it pains a lot.


Dear Sukanya, I am an English teacher in a boys school, Bangalore and I was also thinking of a "teachers corner". Good that you have started it off..Well, punishments are quite common even at our school. I teach in the 4th grade and I punish only when its really required. I normally give ear twist and sometimes 'uthak baithaks'..If that doesnt work at all, I make them kneel down for 20 minutes or so...But these are small punishments compared to what my friends give in the same school.For eg: Ms. Sangeetha who sits next to me in the staff room, keeps telling about her class and punishments. She goes to the class with a thin long cane and everyday asks questions and those who dont answer gets 4 strokes..Also she gets names from monitor for the break time noise and they are mostly called to staff room and made to do situps/ ear pinches which is humiliating...She kind of enjoys all this !! I still feel punishment should not be for your enjoyment !!


At the boys' academy I attended as a youth, the routine punishment for all minor offences was being made to go in short pants for up to a week. What made this a punishment was in the time & place in America where I grew up, boys did not wear -- would not think of wearing -- shorts in public as daily attire. But what really made this utterly mortifying was the inordinate briefness of these shorts. The school's rationalization for this was "to teach humility & instill docility... and to ensure these lessons will be properly appreciated as well as fully enjoyed, it is necessary to expose the legs fully..." Needless to say I suppose, this quite caused one undue humiliation & indignation, not to mention teasing (which was the intention, of course). It may have been mean & perverse, but I must say it sure did "work."


As earlier I posted a few messages since this discussion is very nice & knowledgable.There are although very few participants from Pakistan (esp girls) yet to share their experiences about corporal punishment they receive at school or home.I request them to be expressive but please be truthful & honest while sharing your experiences.


Just came across this site and I thought I will share my experience as a teacher. I teach Social studies in an English medium school in Kochin.Its a strict school and always produces 100% results.Punishments are a part of even our school system and to get results and discipline, we are asked to use cane sparingly. My first experience was after a mid term exam, we had a staff meeting and the principal told us that those who failed should be punished so that they get more serious.I had 9 students failed out of the 40 and I didn't want to punish them infront of all the others and embarass.So I told them to stay back one evening and gave their answer sheets before I gave it to the others and told them that this is not going to work and they need punishment.Looking at their face, I felt bad but had to punish them.Each one was given four strokes with a thin cane and was asked to do situps for 100 times.Also they had to write the whole correct answers 4 times each for the next day.I was feeling so guilty about this and told the principal, but she was telling that I should do it more often. Now after 2 years, I still give punishments rarely, like a good ear twist or a caning but I think my students are learning from their mistakes.


Hi, I am in 9th and I got a good punishment from my new maths miss last week for cheating in the class test. Actually she didnt catch me in the class while cheating..But when she corrected the answer sheets, I had the same dumb answer as my friend. She called both of us to the staff room and told us to do the same question sitting in 2 corners !!I couldnt do it even the wrong way and I had to admit the truth at the end when she made my ears tomato red. ..I got 500 situps right there in the staff room facing all the teachers and a few strokes on my palm with a yellow cane..


This is a very interesting web-site for me. I have been a patron of school punishments since long back and am delighted to note that there are so many friends/pals who are also patrons on this subject. There may be many more, who do not have access to multi-media. As I have travelled to almost all states of India, I have noticed that school punishments vary from state to state. Now, I have an idea!!. Can we make a list of all major states /regions of India regarding various punishments being inflicted to students in school/tution classes for lapses.


I think our friends are not putting their views on regular basis, may be due to ensuing exams. Let us keep interacting with each other.


I was the first pupil to be spanked in my school. My 'crime' was to be three days late handing in my first piece of homework. I was dragged out to the front desk and forceably bent over it. The teacher got hold of a metal ruler and hit me hard three times on my bottom ( one for each day the work was late ). This was both painful and embarrassing.


I came across your site last week. It is indeed a wonderful and informative site. I also want to share my experience of corporal punishments with you. I read in class –10 of a school in West Bengal’s rural area. It is an exclusive boys’ school, with about 75% male teachers and about 25% are female. Our school is renowned for strict discipline in the locality and corporal punishments are too frequently used. I am personally tired of the humiliating punishments we receive in our teachers’ hands almost daily. Apart from caning, slapping on the face which are more or less common in almost all the schools, I want to narrate some of the peculiar and strange punishments that we receive. The male teachers often make the boys bend, hold the boys’ heads with their knees, lift their shirts and slap their back so long their hands do not get tired. Sometimes this punishment takes place inside the staff-room in the presence of the lady teachers. The marks of the beatings on our back remain for a number of days. Some male teachers pinch our belly lifting the shirts in the classroom. During the examination time, if any teacher suspect any boys of possessing papers or notes , then the male teachers make the body search. This happens in front of lady teachers and other boys. The female teachers however refrain from giving this sort of humiliating punishments. But, do not think they spare the rod. They cane or slap as hard as the male teachers, hurt us with humiliating and sarcastic remarks, however, only difference is that female teachers before punishing explain more clearly why that boy is getting such punishments. I would like to hear from boys and girls of my age group about any strange form of punishments, if any, they receive at schools.


I'm 13 and my 17 year-old sister pulls my ear till it really hurts.


I was caned at school for being late in school two days in one week. The bus failed to turn up so I was late. I was sent to the head who made me bend over and touch my toes. He then caned me very hard three strokes. A letter was sent to my parents which added to my punishment.


In my school, corporal punishment is not allowed. I got a detention for not handing in my homework on time, and another for wearing nail varnish. One teacher made me stand in front of the class while she shouted at me. I have been kept behind after class and my teacher told me that had she been allowed to, she would have caned me. I actually think it would have stopped me misbehaving if she had.


Dear Sekhar, I am also from West Bengal. Can you send all the details of the punishments received in your school in my E Mail ID. I shall also share mine. And Amith (Dated - 28/09/2004) - 500 Sit ups seems to be too high!!! Can you elaborate more on this?


Such Punishments as Sekhar explained are stupid... I think the students should approach this legally... You shouldn't mind going to the court for such abnormal punishments.


I am a teacher for past 6 months in an English medium private school for Boys and I am totally against punishments. But shocked to see the way sometimes they get punished.In our school 80% are lady teachers including the head and most of them are fresh into teaching but well qualified.The school is quite famous and when students are admitted, the parents are informed about the way we operate (ie. punishments are part of the system) and most of the parents are ok with it. One thing I have observed is that lady teachers always love to pinch, twist and squeeze the ears and embarass them by making them do situps and kneel down. Thats their way of demanding respect ..Now the head is very strict and kids are really scared of her cane..For offenses such as being late regularly, boys are called to her office wherein they are caned..


Dear Radhika, I read your submission dated - 22/09/2004. Is kneel down a better form of punishment than uthak baithaks?? Else is kneel down for 20 minutes sufficient. I have different views. How many times you have punished your students? Please share. Dear Nirmala, how many uthak baithaks did you offer to the students? How was their condition after the punishment? Please share. Were they boys or girls?


I have so many punishments experiences. When I was in grade 10 I went to school late. I got caught by our section head and he questioned me. I had no answer to give him. Actually I couldn't lie. So he gave me 5 strokes with his large cane and ordered to me to kneel down on the sand and under the heavy sun until he allowed to stand. So I did so. I had to wait with such pain for two hours. He had forgotten about me. Fortunately when he walking he saw me and allowed me to go to my class. When I go to the class my class teacher also gave me 5 strokes for late participating.


I came across your site last week. It is indeed an informative as well as an interesting site. As teachers are writing about their experiences of first punishment given to the students, let me too share my experience with you. Presently I am a principal of a very reputed co-education school of Karnataka. I first joined this school as a teacher of mathematics way back in 1970 when I was about 25 years old. I became the principal of the school in the year 1995. The memories of 1970 have faded away but I could still recollect the day when I first resorted to corporal punishments. About a month after my joining the school this incident took place. I was taking Mathematics in class VIII. Suddenly, I saw two boys start fighting inside the classroom ignoring my presence and breaking all sorts of decency and decorum. I lost my temper and gave two or three hard slaps on their face. However, the moment I again started teaching, they began to exchange foul words. Then I called the peon and asked her to bring one cane. Almost all the teachers carried either cane or ruler to the class, but as a new entrant I was not accustomed to this. The peon bought the cane and I gave those two students very hard caning. Since then, I started to carry the cane to the class, but used it very sparingly. Now as the head of the institution, to keep discipline I have to punish the students if persuasion fails. However, to young students up to class VIII a severe reprimand with one or two slaps on the face is enough to bring them back to order. For senior students from class IX to XII hard caning sometimes become necessary. I never discriminate between boys and girls while administering corporal punishments. I want that parents also should write to this forum and express their reactions, when, the teachers punish their children.


I think these are terrible punishments who could do such a thing.


I am in class 6th my elder sister is in class 11th. She is a very good student so far studies are concerned but a very strict sister. She gets all my complaints from my teachers and then she slaps me, canes me on my hands and back, makes me murga, makes me do situps, pulls my ears and many more.


I was caned 10 times for something I did not do. I was then given 500 lines and was late home. At home I was then punished again. My father gave me a cane and I was grounded. He pulled my ear up to my room and I knew I was in trouble. I thought it was so unfair. Please tell me what murga is as I do not know.


My teachers beat me by caning on the soles of my feet. It is the most painful punishment I have ever seen. I cannot walk for a week after this punishment. In Turkey bastinado is commonly used for beating students.


Dear Janaka, You cannot kneel down for two hours on sand under hot sun. Please give actual time. And Rajesh which is your favoured punishment? Have you punished anybody in Kneel Down position in School? If so how long? And how long are the boys forced to carry out this punishment without any relaxation ? Please reply. Ms Yashodhara have you even given this punishment to your students?


I have been teaching in a school in Kerala. Nearly 95% of the teachers are ladies and the head is headmistress. In kerala, in our school it is a convent school and coed. I find that generally teachers in the lower class pinch the thighs and is an effective punishment. One of my friend Nirmala, pinches the students in class 6th and 7th on their thighs and I have seen her doing this one day in the staff room in front of her colleagues. I told her that it is not right to pinch so badly. She told me that I am new to the school and would find it difficult to control the higher classes till I used some weapon to mend their ways. However I found that the students in the 8th and 10th were unruly. I did not punish them because of the fear of what would the parents say. I was called one day by my headmistress and asked to wait in her room. She had called the big boys and girls to her room and demanded an explanation from them as to why the class is unruly. I found to my surprise she had a long thin yellow cane and each one was asked to stand in the corner and face the wall. She had given two strokes in each leg including the girls........I almost had tears in my eyes. I could see that all the thirty students when leaving the room were in tears. It took about 30 to 45 minutes for her to administer the punishment. She later told me that I need to be strict and should not bother of what the parents would say. She told me that she would fully support me in case of complaints and I need to be tough with the boys and girls. I asked her advice of what should be the nature of punishment....she said that she would advice the big boys to be caned and the 8th boys to be pinched if required. With great hesitation I went to the class and found the class to be very noisy. I had remembered how, my aunty who used to take tutions for us in her house in the young days had used a scale which would be vertically hit on knuckles. I had asked for the scale and gave all the students cuts on their knuckles. The students were surprised and shocked since I was very kind to them. Slowly I gathered courage and over two weeks time, has taken a long cane to the class. Initially I used less force and over a period of time, was very well versed in giving on their legs tight shots. Everyday this used to be repeated for naughty boys and girls and found that the students were doing very well in exams. Later the entire school teachers would send their students to me for punishing them. Let me tell you, the children have to be caned when naughty. I do with patience these days. As a teacher, my advice to fellow teachers is while punishing the child, do not be in a hurry.... the punishment must sink in to the students. You must take time and the shots must be few in number and very severe. I have now become the headmistress of a school and administer variety of punishment. I also encourage the teachers to carry a ruler or a cane to the class. Some of my teachers are very effective in pinching and pulling the ears. In the assembly I use the cane atleast for about twenty children daily. Please do not hesitate and be kind to students and let them have the fear of the stick. I have been appreciated by my aunt who was earlier taking tutuions and she has seen me administering punishment in my tution class.


I am 15. I've never been punished in school. But I am caned at home. I think this helps me to be a better person. But I am glad its not something that happens at school.


Hi Korkan ,please write in detail about bastindo. Whether girls als get bastindo in Turkey.


I think punishment really does wonders....that has been my experience as a teacher in a coed school


I had come across this site……and as a teacher in a school of Coed, I need to narrate my experience. I also take private tuitions for higher class students at home. I have over 15 years of experience as a school teacher. Initially I used to take lower classes upto 6th standard for the first three years and now since last 12 years have been handling the higher class i.e 9th to 12th class. When I joined the school I found my colleagues all of them used either a cane or a ruler in the class and some of them were good at pinching the ears and hands. I had always told them the children should not be punished and I hated seeing students crying in the staff room when the punishments were given. Some of my colleagues who were young and just joined the school also indulged in punishing the children and for non cooperation to get punished properly by the teacher, the intensity of punishment would increase or the number of strokes would increase. My class students were bit unruly and one day I was called by the headmistress since the whole class were talking and the monitor could not manage the class in my absence. This caused a great deal of inconvenience to the neighboring class. The Head mistress said that I have been too kind and this attitude of mine would land me in the examination branch as in charge and she had asked me to start caning the children for misbehavior. I told her that the teacher should be kind and she was very upset about it. I also told her that I did not have the courage to do so. Meanwhile about five students were brought in to her room for naughty behavior by a teacher. She had asked the teacher to leave and I was asked to be seated in her room. She had asked the peon to fetch the cane and the boys were asked to stand in the corner of her room. She said that I must witness what punishment is all about and should also know as to how to punish the children if they don’t behave. She asked the boys to show their palms and each one of them were given cuts on their palms and also cuts below their knees for misbehavior. After the punishment she asked me to handle the cane which I declined. I was asked to get back to the class and pull up my socks. Initially I very hesitatingly used my fingers to squeeze the ears of the boys and slowly increased the intensity and regularity in the class. I found that it was giving results in terms of their performance. However I found that some of the boys when pinched very hard cried before the pain had intensified. I knew that they are shedding crocodile tears. I confided this to my friend in the staff room. She asked to me bold and use the cane instead of my fingers and told me not to be guilty about it. She in fact asked me to share her cane as she has been using it over 6 months and told me that it is very wipy and effective. The next day, I had gone to the class 12th std and found many of them had not done their home work. I sent a boy to the staff room to get the cane from my friend. She had sent the cane and with a lot of courage, I had asked the boys to remain in the class after the school hours since it was the last period. I called them one after the other and told them that I have been too kind and today they would taste the stick. I had given them hard cuts on their palms and beneath their legs and found them crying with pain. Slowly I increased the regularity of caning the boys. I always avoid the stick and in case it is inevitable, I punish them properly. I also predetermine the number of strokes before the commencement of punishment. I take tution class and the parents have also encouraged that the children be punished if they do not obey or do the home work. I find them to have scored over 80% in the class test after I have started using the cane. I also use cane at home on my children occasionally. Please do not spare the rod and spoil the child… has to be given not regularly but when required, it should be administered without hesitation.


I was studying in the 9th standard and corporal punishment are very common in my school upto 12th std. Our Headmistress is very strict and she lashes the cane on the legs of the boys for not doing homework. She normally calls the children after the school hours and we are detained in front of her room and asked to kneel down. After half an hour, she comes out with a long cane and gives us properly on our legs. I was very lucky when our principal was transferred to another school and we had a very kind principal and at the most we were pinched in our ears which was also painful but much better than being caned. However my joy was short lived. I had an aunt who was my fathers younger sister staying close by and was a teacher in a different school. She always used to tell while visiting the house that she would not spare us for our naughty behavior and would punish us like her children or any other student in her tuition class. She used to say that we are lucky that we are not her students. My father used to insist that we attend her tuition class but somehow we kept away from her. As luck would have it, she joined our school and became our class teacher. On the very first day I was asked to attend her tuition class in her house. My friends used to attend and they told me that she used to pinch and cane very badly on the legs. After a couple of days, I did not do my home work properly and she told me that she needs to set me alright as she had a duty to do so more as a teacher and also as an aunt. My God, you wont believe it and that too right in the presence of my dad, she gave me a severe caning on holding my palms and later was lashed on both my legs which had left marks on legs for atleast a couple of weeks. My average in the class climbed up and was also under her control. She made me come for the class for the next three years and I don’t remember being spared on any days when we did not do the home work. Till 12th Std, we were caned in her class and tuitions.


I was very upset to read everyone's experience of punishments at school and home. I work for children from poor families at Pune in India. I have decided to put this as a goal for my life to save children from such humiliating treatment. When adults will learn to change their attitudes towards children is a big question. I think children and adults who are facing or had faced such punishments, should start campaigning against this very strongly with support from concerned govt.officials.


I am happy to see that a site like this on the internet as a teacher teaching in a reputed school in Bangalore. Our School is a christian mission school. I have about 25 years of teaching experience and am presently higher secondary incharge of the school. Let me recollect when I joined a school in Chennai about 25 years back. My headmistress was a terror and would not hesitate to cane the children in the open assembly in front of the parents who would be standing near the gate. She has sent some children back home since the parents were against corporal punishment. I was taking class 1X th and there were some naughty boys in the last bench. I found them to be drawing my sketch and had written some foul language about me. I went and narrated to the head and she told me that I am too soft and should deal with the boys regularly with the cane. I have never handled a cane and my neighbouring teacher Mrs Sujatha who had put in two years of experience in the opposite class gave the cane the next day. I found it long and thin. She in fact told me that the best spot to punish the children is to hit them on their palms or their legs and I should not pause or hesitate. The boys again indulged in such indecent acts and I had called them to the desk. I gave them properly on their bare legs. I summoned courage and gave them six of the best shots in each leg. They were jumping with pain and I did exactly what Sujatha my colleague had told me. It was repeated on other student also. From that date onwards, I purchased my cane and always went to the class either with a foot ruler or a cane. The higher classes boys and girls started to behave. This ritual is normally repeated while giving the marks sheet and based on the number of marks, I give them the cuts. I dont discriminate between the boys and girls and even today I use the stick to teach my lessons. I also use a cane at home for taking tuitions and it really does work well. I teach my nephews at home and my sister tells me to be strict with their children. I would like to have the views of other teachers on the subject


Amit, These days I don't give uthak baithaks a lot because thats not so effective I feel.I give more of canings and ear twists these days.These two are more painful and quick, so works better.Pulling and twisting one's ear infront of the class or in the staff room is humiliating and they try not to do the same mistakes again...


I have been a teacher for over 10 Years now and am presently taking classes in a boys school in Bangalore. I initially did not like to punish any children in the school was always kind and soft to the children. I belong to the family of teachers and two of my sisters are teachers and they are elder to me. I find them to be very strict with the children at home when they take tuitions and have even objected to their being very harsh with the children. My eldest sister does not spare even her children and the discipline standards set by her is very high. She is an excellent teacher in Maths and Science and is patient enough initially with the student. She tries to persuade them and even takes extra hours teaching at home. However if the students do not come upto their expectations, they are given varieties of punishment. It starts with standing on a single leg, kneeling down or facing the wall and gradually she resorts to pinching them and twisting their ears. She no doubt takes the permission from the parents to use the corporal punishment. One day I found her using a long cane at home on the children and they were big boys. She had given few hard strokes on the legs and it also put me to tears when I saw her doing this. When I resisted, she said I am also a teacher and sooner or later would understand as to how to instill discipline in the children over a period of time. She had ridiculed me that I have hardly six months experience and would later get to know to use the cane on the students. Within 2 months, after the half yearly exam, my headmistress called me to say that my class i.e 9th std have not done well in the exams and nearly 20 of them have failed. She asked me the action I would take and I had told her that I shall counsel and advice them. She said that I can quit the school if I do not use the corporal punishment to make the children study. She was pretty serious and wanted me to discuss with my colleagues in disciplining the children. The next day, I found my students to be very unruly in the class…….I shouted at them and they did not respect me. I asked my colleague in the staff room to spare her cane and the students were shocked to see the lab assistant getting a long thin yellow cane and handing over to me. They continued to shout and I had to tell them to behave. I asked them to march one by one to me and had given hard cracks on their knuckles and legs. The next day onwards I started taking a cane to the class. You would not believe the failure of the children had come down drastically. Further I use the cane only for the boys in the 9th and 10th std while the children of the lower class, I give them some good ear twists or occasionally tight slaps on their cheeks. At times I feel guilty and confide to my sister. My sister always tells me that the cane or the ruler is used only for the good of the child.


When I was a pupil at school in the 1950's Corporal punishment was the normal punishment. At primary school (Upto age 11) the only punishments given were the smacking of the backs of our hands, or for the boys only the cane on their palms. In two years I got my hand smacked on three occaisons, It didn't hurt very much. One was called out to the front of the class, smacked and then we returned to our desk, red faced with embarrasment. At secondary school things were different. Punishments included lines, essays and detentions, as well as the cane or slipper on one's bottom. Very few teachers used the cane or slipper, except the headteacher, who always caned the bottoms of naughty pupils when sent to him. I never got corporal punishment at this school, though I did see a few others get it. In primary school often in the playground at break some girls & boys would play "teacher" and "pupils" games, the teacher often smacking the pupils in the way the real teachers did in class. I never took part in this, but I know I would have liked to. But when I was older about 13 years old I did join in this kind of game with other friends in the street where I lived. All the others were a few years younger than me, mainly girls. One of the girls was usually the "teacher". When we were "naughty" or got the answers wrong to her questions we had to go over her lap and be spanked. I liked this so much that I always tried to get my answers wrong, and I got Spanked lots of times. only the hand was used to smack our bottoms. I was once given the cane in such a game, bending over touching my toes. It didn't hurt much as the girl was a few years younger than me. I nowadays, often wonder what a REAL school caning would have been like, in a funny way I really would have liked to have experienced this punishment at least once. I am pretty sure though that I would not have liked it one little bit, as I did when we played games. Have any others had similar experiences? Do children still play such games.?


Once I was spanked over the principal's knee in front of the whole school. Then I had to touch my toes with my bottom facing the school and it was so humiliating.


In our school in Mumbai teachers seemed to enjoy twisting ears. Well, I ask all teachers out there, why is ear twisting such a common punishment? Is it that painful & effective? I doubt it since my ear was never twisted or pulled in my schooldays. Hey guys share your experiences.


Hello Everyone, This is Kokil doing Research on Girl Child Punishment. I am sure all the teachers and parents who have punished girls and all girls who have been punished by teachers and parents will help me in doing this Research. Its my interest since I was a child. I was punished by various means by my parents and teachers. My parents usually caned me on my hands,legs,sole of feet. I am sure all of you will help me. I need details like using what you have beaten girls o..I mean cane,switch or what ever you have used? On which parts of body did you hit? How girls' reacted? write about the maximum number of strokes you have given..I do have many more questions and I am sure I will get help here..


My experience is a little strange.. We all got punishments in schools and even I got a lot..But how about getting it when you are studying in an engineering college? I was in the 5th semester and we 10 of us (7 guys and 3 girls) failed in Digital Signal Processing and had to get that cleared in the 6th sem...It's a tough subject and only way to pull it was to learn it from an expert. So during the vacation after 5th sem after long search we came to know about this girl who is an expert in DSP..So we arranged a tution after her work hours for 2 hours every day for 15 days. She was so good in the subject that we loved her class and as she was working in a firm, she gave us a lot of real life scenarios. But after a couple of classes she realised that we are not putting a lot of effort to learn things, but was making notes and enjoying in Bangalore. She told that she is keeping an exam and we have to do good. We wrote the exam and it was a tough one. Next day she came to the class with the answer sheet and said that she is stopping the class and we can get our money back or else we have to get serious and listen to her. She called me first to the front of the class and gave my answer sheet and told me that she is going to punish me like we got punished in school. I thought its a joke but then she came close to me and grabbed my left ear and twisted it real hard (and pinched)...It was given to all my friends too and was so humiliating, that too in front of the other girs as we know that they are going to tell this to everyone at our college..Even with a high heel she was a little shorter than me and when she pinched my ears it was so embarassing !!! But hey at the end it all worked and we passed. Even now while doing the best on DSP in Silicon Valley I think about her and write to her about those little pinches. I have so much respect for her. When I was in Bangalore last time I met her and the first thing I got from her was an ear twist as I asked for that !!!


I didn't do my homework and I had a horrid teacher. I got spanked on the bottom in assembly 20 times with a paddle and the next day (saturday) I had to come to school and stand in the corner the whole day ( 8am - 6pm) and when I went home my mother spanked me good (with a belt 30 times). I bet none of you ever got punished that bad!


Thanks Nirmala for your reply. But caning sometimes may become very forceful & injure the student. How do you control yourself? Earlier, when you gave uthak baithaks, what was the number you proposed? Did you allow to stop over in between. Dear Rosy - I am fond of sharing all these experiences. You have told that your elder sisters while teaching administered Kneel Down on the students, which you have seen also. Can you please tell me how long was this punishment given & to which standard boys? Is it wise to make boys Kneel Down in tution classes for the offences made? This may waste time Please do reply.


Dear Karthik, Ear twisting is good for small mistakes. Sad part is the punishment ends very fast, though it is quite shameful. Boys' ears twisted by girls in front of entire class!!! It is better suited as Home Punishments. Regarding ears, there are other good ones.


Dear Kokila, read your message & found it interesting. In my school we always used to draw foul pictures of the teacher taking class at the last bench & got nice punishments, other than caning. Anyway can you please tell me, what was age of the boys whom you caned for drawing foul pictures ? It Seems they were in half pants & thighs were bare, so they jumped in pain. But for senior boys who wear trousers, what do you do for the same offence? Regarding your nephew in tution, I can advise some other punishments, of course if you permit.


Dear Sumalatha, I belong to West Bengal. Understand you have now become Headmistress of the school & administer variety of punishments to your students. Can you please mail me or inform in this site, what punishments with time details you deploy on your students?


I am studying in 11th standard. Once I did not do my home work in the Maths tuition class. My teacher asked me to stand in a corner and do all the home work in standing position. After a long time she came behind me and noticed some calculation mistake. Immediatley she asked me what is the value of 16x16. I could not answer properly. She took her long thin cane and said that I dont even know the basic things of Maths. She gave two good beatings on my thighs. Oh it was very painfull. Now I can tell the answer of 16x16 even when I am sleeping.


I am happy as a teacher to see a site which has been created for the students on corporal punishment. I am a teacher in a boys school in Kerala which has both boarding and residential for the children. It is a Christian mission school. The nuns in our school strongly believe that the child requires to be caned when he does something wrong. Initially I was too scared to punish the child and over a period of time with courage given to me by my colleagues, I do not feel guilty of punishing the boys for their wrong doings. Well a student in the site has asked how it would be if a student is pinched in the ears. Let me tell you that I am a teacher who do not use the cane even for the big boys and only pinch them with the right intensity. I normally pull the ears and then give hard pinches below the ear i.e. on the ear lobes and then conclude the punishment with a through rubbing of the ears followed by a tight slap on the cheek. They normally leave my desk with tears in their eyes. The big boys are too scared to come under the grip of my fingers. I also at times change the location if I have to administer the same punishment at regular intervals to the same boy. It is very painful but I give them enough opportunity to mend their ways. Only in extreme cases I pinch them. Some of the parents have also given me a free hand to discipline their children. Let me tell you that I do not use a ruler or a cane.


Today I was 30 minutes late home from school,and my uncle caned me 30 times on my bottom. I think this is unfair as my bus was late and it wasn't my fault but nobody listened to me. It really hurts and I have marks. This normally helps me behave better but this punishment was so harsh I dont think I deserved it. There are schools in England that still allow corporal punishment and my family are talking of sending me there. I really don't wish to go, What can I do? I'm so humiliated.


In Turkey girls also get bastinado on their soles of bare feet. Before bastinado they wash their feet with warm water and wet feet increase the pain. Bastinado is commonly used in hot weather when the students do not wear socks and most of the feet were bare. In winter bastinado takes more time because the student firstly must put off his or her shoes, boats and socks and in those months teachers beat the palms of the hands.


Hi Amit, Why can't I kneel down during two hours. Actually I did it. Do you know one of my friends had to kneel down for five hours for throwing gold powder to others face. After one or two hours our section head allowed him to put his handkerchief under his kneel. When he released he couldn't even stand. That was so painfull punishment. Try to kneel down for a two hours. You will do it perfectly.


I am a chinese student in New York, we don't have any CP here, teachers don't even touch us. But what I want to say is that CP really works, 'cause it's painful, so you remember it and don't make the mistake anymore. I would like to take the spankings of canings is I did something wrong, rather than just be told, "you shouldn't do this!"


I was punished once because I slapped a teacher. I got a week full of detentions and 15 strokes of the cane! When the care workers found out because I live in a care home they went mad!! Any way what is Murga?


Amit, let me tell you when I joined the profession of teachers, I hated children being punished. It is over a period of time, I appreciated the need to cane the children. It comes with experience and observation. You have asked how much punishment and what duration. Let me tell you as a headmistress, I believe in variety and the teacher should not allow the student to guess the punishment. I normally rotate the punishment. It could be a good clock and anticlock wise ear twist, or pinch under arms or sometimes slap their cheeks. I have found that big boys if punished by girls feel humiliated and change for the better. I demonstrate and show how to punish and then handover the cane to the girls. Pinching also takes time as the pain requires to be gradually increased. I never shout while punishing and maintain my cool composure. While caning it hurts but if I am not strict, then I cannot get the results. I only feel sorry for the boys when I see the results (marks on their thighs) the next day with their guilty feelings in their face. I do not like any student to withdraw their hands and if they do not cooperate I become more strict till they learn from their experinece. I have also used leather strap on their legs and this only in extreme cases.


Dear Janaka, Thanks for your response to my query. Now there are several positions taken during Kneel Down in school. I am fully aware of this. As per my experience, if you do not rest your back on the ankles {thighs vertically 90 Degrees}, withstanding more than one half hour is tough. Quality of floor & gap between knees also matters. If you can rest your back on the ankles then 2 hrs no problem. But Janaka, I am interested to know just for sprinkling gold powder on somebody's face, why this severe punishment was given to your friend? What was the colour/condition of your friends knees, when the punishment ended? Can you advise how to carry out kneel down for 2 hrs & what relaxations are permitted.


Dear Janaka, During your 2 hours punishment, were you on bare knees or with trousers? Where were your hands? Here we keep our hands holding our ears. Please do tell me.


Kokil, I am a teacher in a girls school taking higher classes. It is a very old school and the head is a nun who uses the cane on the child irrespective of the class. We are encouraged to take the cane to the class or some of younger colleagues feel shy to use the cane and resort to using the duster to knock at the knuckles. I use a cane and normally for a naughty higher class child, I give two on each palm and two on the legs. I give around 8 strokes and in extreme cases of telling lies or stealing or showing ugly faces, I do remember of giving around 12 to 15.....but this is rarely done. Please understand that the number is not important. A good sound advice is given before the punishment and the reasons are explained. I have these days reduced the number but believe that the cane must be effective and even if given lesser strokes, it should have an impact. I do not beat just for the sake of beating. I am usually patient but only in case of intolerance I use the cane. For instance, my colleague Lata who takes tution classes and who is quiet by nature beats all our imagination to be a strict teacher. She is not at all strict in the school but at home she pinches the girls very badly on their ears. The girls are really scared of her tight grip over their ears. When I ask her she says that she has the courage to do at her house since the parents have given her a free hand. In your research, please seek the views of the other teachers also who could tell you their experience.


The so-called teachers who administer corporal punishment need some education. Firstly, parents have no right to give permission to punish their kids, they don't own them. As humans, children deserve some basic human rights, one of which is independence. No one owns them. This being the case, no one has the power to give permission for kids to be physically or mentally abused. Secondly, several of the so-called teachers who have posted here rationalize their brutality on the pretext that punishments help children behave responsibly and improves their performance. So, do they mean to say that ends justify the means? Can they say with honesty that these desired ends can only be obtained by inflicting violence on defenceless kids? If this is the case, then what stops someone who wants to abolish corporal punishment from punishing teachers? For, after all, if teachers are punished and humiliated in public (for inflicting violence on children), they wouldn't dare to continue punishing children, right? It's time for the so-called teachers to introspect, irrespective of what their colleagues and superiors might say. It's shameful to make a living by inflicting violence on the defenceless, and if this is not apparent, it's primarily due to the feudal nature of our (Indian) society and the lack of introspection on part of the teachers.


Hi friends, today I came across this site and found it most interesting. I have an opinion that the punishments have a bad effects also. My tuition teacher who taught me maths in my 11th and 12th classes usually asked me to stand in one leg when I made mistakes. Many days I was made to stand on single leg in my tuition class. So I developed a bad habit that of standing on one leg automatically in my home also. When I am standing long time I used to keep my one leg upon another and even raised one leg upto the knee of the other. Now I am in college studying for my degree, and staying with my grand parents. My grand mother does not like this behaviour and warned me many times that big girls should not stand in such a manner. Now she started to pinch on my thighs when I am standing on single leg. Now I am in a big dilemma.


Hi korcan demir Can you please write in detail about bastinado given to any girl in your class? Please write details like what was her mistake, approximately how many strokes were given, how did the girl react, what was the posture of the girl getting it?


I got many PUNISHMENTS.But the worst one was when I did not do my homework.I was sent out of the class by my teacher and the principal saw me.He gave me 20 strokes on my buttocks and made me bend down and catch my toes for an hour.


In my school teachers mostly pull and twist the ears of their students especially the boys.


Hey Carla, Sorry you got caned so severely. You didn't deserve that.I would like to point out though that NO schools in UK are allowed to use corporal punishment anymore.


Hi Cutie, I wonder how many other students would agree with you about prefering to be caned than being told off, or given a detention. Cutie have you had the Cane at all, I just wonder if you know what it is like?


This is ofcourse a good site for teachers and students to share their experience. I am a computer teacher in Bombay teaching 8,9 and 10.Its a coed school and we maintain high standards in teaching and discipline. From day 1, we are asked to punish those who fail in studies or behave badly..I use a thin stick which works like a whip only when required..For small offences, I like to give swats on the ear lobes rubbing the other ear..I normally give this to boys in front of the class.. So when someone talks or doesn't pay attention while I teach, they can come infront of the class and show me their ears!! This is a punishment that I have heard about from my grandmother and when I tried it, its more effective than a hard caning..


The worst punishment I ever got was when I was studying in my 12th standard. Mine was a convent school where a nun was the Head mistress. Once myself along with two other girls from my class, cut the class and went for a movie. The Head mistress came to know about that and called us to her office. She slashed the cane three times across our thighs. Now I am studying for MBBS. Still the reddish scar is there on my thighs.


I am a teacher and I used to take maths subject for classes 8-12. But my view regarding the punishment is that it should be given depending upon the age, for example students belonging to the classes 11th and 12th should not be punished by cane and at the same time students up to 10th can be punished by cane.. Basically importance of punishment is that students should correct their mistakes and therefore as per psychology they should be punished.. Better punishment for students upto 10th is caning and for above 10th it should be kneeling or situps or standing.. But if you try otherway around it won't work out...Because if higher class students are in kneeling or standing then they will feel much and then try to correct but if you give caning or ear twisting to them then they will forget easily.. So punishment should vary depending upon the age and basic aim of that should be to help them to correct.. that is the point.. please write if you people have any ideas to that.


Hi, I teach in Hyderabad. We use the cane and wall chair. Any teachers can write to me.


Hi Denval I am doing a survey on girl child punishment. If possible please write about any caning which you have given to any girl in detail.


Hi Sudha How were you punished by your parents? Do write in detail.


Hi Shalini Nice to see you here. Please write in detail apart from standing on one leg what other punishments do you get in school, tutions and from your parents. Did you ever get caned?


Thanks Mrs Latha Nice to have your comments. Please write how to effectively cane girls. How you were punished in school and by parents when you were younger? Write me in detail about the most severe caning which you have ever given to any girl? Do you have daughters? How do you punish them. Waiting for your responses eagerly.


Hello Everyone, This is Kokil doing Research on Girl Child Punishment. I am sure all the teachers and parents who have punished girls and all girls who have been punished by teachers and parents will help me in doing this Research. Its my interest since I was a child. I was punished by various means by my parents and teachers. My parents usually caned me on my hands,legs,sole of feet. I am sure all of you will help me. I need details like using what you have beaten girls- I mean cane, switch or whatever you have used? Where did you hit? How girls' reacted? write about the maximum number of strokes you have given..I do have many more questions and I am sure I will get help here..


I would like to seek opinion of teachers Mrs. Latha, Sumalatha and Radhamma about my predicament. I am out of school now. I used to be punished a lot when in school and used to really feel embarassed and sad. But now I feel as if I enjoy receiving punishments. Once my aunt had punished me in front of her neighbour when I was spending a holiday in my her house since I had quarelled with her neighbour's daughter. She made me do 50 sit ups, made me murga for 10 minutes or so releasing me only after I cried and then caned my bottom. That was my only experience of receiving punishment after school. I sobbed badly and felt the pain for atleast a week but to my aunt's credit she did not report it to my parents. A year down the line I started craving for more punishment. I feel as if I will enjoy receiving them. I find myself abnormal and feel guilty for being psychlogically abnormal.


Hi Amit Thanks for your response. I will explain further how my friend was punished. Although section head punished him he didn't come to check whether my friend knelt down properly or not. So my friend could rest on his back. Then he could kneel down for two hours. Actually I also accept that person can't kneel down for two hours without rest on his back. I have such experiences in my university. When entering university in Sri Lanka there is a rag season. Seniors do physical harrassements to freshers. So I had to kneel down in front of the seniors. They inspected me whether I knelt down properly or not. Then I could kneel down only for 20 minutes maximum. Seniors too don't persuade to kneel down more that 20 minutes. Dear Amit After the punishment my friend's kneel was red and bruise. Actually he couldn't even stand. I couldn't remember to tell what is the position of his hands. There was no special position of his hand. He could move his hand as he wanted. I know that throwing golden powder is not largely wrong. But our section head had a bad idea regarding my friend.


Dear Shantunu, How was the pain after being kept 1 hr in bent position? Could you walk properly? I think you are increasing the time. Were you cheating & getting up during the punishment & in which standard was it ? What other forms of punishments were common in your school, which you received?


Thanks Sumalatha for your details provided & time you have given to explain. I have noted one thing that if senior boys are punished by girls, especially in public, they become rebellious & nature vibrates. Anyway you may have a different view.


Hi friends. Our forum is becoming very rich & enjoying. For India, I have a plan now, as it a vast country. We should segregate all the school punishments state/region wise in a chart form. I can make the template & fill it up, if all inputs are received. This may be linked to this site itself later. Please advise how to go about.


As a maths teacher I am strict and punish students murga because its a violence free punishment and effective too. I punish equally both boys and girls as murga irrespective of class. So 12th class boys and girls are made murga by me.


In reply to Natalie im a 17 yr old girl at a private school in South Africa also - I recently moved over from England where there is no corporal punishment at all. I was caned across the tops of my thighs for disrupting a class it was truly the most awful thing I've been through, I screamed in pain. In England that would have been against the law, also we are allowed to wear what we like in the upper forms, now I am back to uniform with knee socks.


Hello from a teacher. I use both cane and chair, any teachers welcome to write? I used to feel bad but no longer. Its now 3-8 strokes I give with a thin cane in the class. But I give warnings.


Can I ask Anita what kind of school she teaches in and how she applies the cane - In my previous message I told about my bare legs being caned and how awful it was. Have you ever punished a school child in this way? How would you have dealt with me do you think my punishment was fair?


Hi Anusha Please write in detail about that caning which you got from your head mistress? How your parents used to punish you?? Whether they also caned you? Write in detail about the worst punishment you got from your parents.


Hi Anita How were you punished when you were small by teachers and at home?


Kokil, in response to your question as to what was the severe form of caning I had given to girls, let me recall and narrate to you. I had a student in the 8th class who was coming for tuition and she had scored very good marks...……which I was surprised. Later I came to know that she had copied and I had to ask her repeatedly after knowing from her friends. She had vehemently denied. I called her to my desk and slowly started rotating her ear lobes with high intensity. She after five minutes broke down telling me the truth. I had called her mother to report the matter. Her mother told me that she is very naughty and does not listen to anyone in the house. She asked me to be very strict with her in her private conversation. She in fact told me that she is very adamant and stubborn and does not respect any one at home. I had asked the girl to remain after the tuition class and checked up as to why she had copied. She back answered me and said that she would stop coming for tuitions. At this point, I had given a cold stare at her. She looked straight into my eyes with no fear. Meanwhile I had my friend who had come home and I had to attend on her. On coming to my room, I found her reading magazines and she did not bother about my presence and was very casual. Since there were my sisters in the room, I summoned her to another room and told my servant maid to fetch the cane. I asked her to confess and she would not open her mouth. For five minutes I thought over the matter and spoke to her mother over the phone. She told me to retain her for a couple of hours and set her right. I told her that she requires to be punished and brought the cane heavily on her palms. I must have given at least 20 to 25 strokes during one hour and the marks were visible on her palms and legs. She pleaded me to stop punishing her and was writhing with pain. I found her to have improved considerably later. Her punishments were not told to her friends in the tuition class and the next day I made it appear that everything was normal. Well I have a daughter going to school in class 7th and I do not use cane on her at home. I pinch her during the evening classes on her ear lobes. These punishments I was subject to when I was a student with my aunt. Both are painful. Your question as to how to effectively cane the girls, there is no difference between boys and girls.When I cane my students, the noise of the cane cracking the air is heard even upstairs in the office room. I am always very calm while punishing my children. I do not shout at them while punishing.


Hello Anitha, which classes you are teaching? Is it boy's school? How do you feel when you give strokes to the boys? Did you ever see tears? Normally where you are giving strokes? You are from which part of India? Which subject you are taking? Normally maths teachers are more strict.


In my school we have to go to the principal and we get spanked with a REALLY hurts...and we get a note stating what we did and we get sent home to be punished as well...


Hi, Lot of teachers and more ideas for punishments. Actually I was looking out for more punishment options and glad that teachers are posting a few good ones..I am teaching English in a private school near Bangalore for past couple of years..I punished for the first time when I caught two of the boys arguing on something while I was teaching in 6th grade..They were distracting everyone and I called them to the class front..They stood as though they were at no mistake..Then with all courage, I grabbed both the ears of one guy and rubbed it until it was totally red...I repeated the same on the other guy ..They were a little shaken, but was not feeling guilty still.So I made them do sit ups and continued to teach for atleast 12 minutes...After this incident, I am not shy anymore in giving punishments..Somehow like all the other teachers even I give a lot of eartwists...I feel its more effective (pain and embarrassment) and its easy to pinch ears with your own fingers and nails than to worry about buying and keeping canes...


Hi Marsha Please write in detail how you used to get caned?? How your parents used to punish you?


Hello Anita Maam, I am also a teacher....I want to know what is the chair you give to your children. I also use a cane and two strokes on the students are sufficient to mend them in my class.


Hello anitha, what you mean by wall chair? Are you teaching in a boys school? Where do you give strokes? Normally how do you punish? If you know you are going to punish some naughty student how you will prepare?


I think one must be careful also when caning,I use the cane on buttocks if its boys and palms on girls.


Whats murga?


Whats so special about sit-ups holding ears? Many teachers give students this type of punishments...


Hello Kokil, what research are you conducting? Apart from standing on one leg my tuition teacher used to pinch me on my upper arm and my inner thighs. In my home my Daddy was very strict. He used to cane me for my mistakes. He had kept a thin cane in our home from my younger age. He often slashed it over my thighs upto my 12 standards. He never exceeds the number of strokes more than two. After each punishment he usually comes to me and consoles me. So I never felt angry upon him. After the age of 17 years he never punished me. But I feel pinching on thigh is more painful than caning.


Hi Anuaha I have also had the same experience you got. I studied upto my 12 class in a girls convent boarding school as my parents were working abroad. Once I went for a movie along with my friends. Our matron sister came to know it. At night she called us induvidually. When I went to her office she adviced me 10 minutes. Then she took the cane and gave me three strokes upon my thighs. I still remember the pain when the cane rounded upon over my inner thighs. I cannot explain the pain which I have experienced. She gave a pause between the slashes and asked me each time whether I will repeat it again. I said no and jumped up and down. I could not sit propery for one week and the mild scars are still left upon my tender inner thighs. Still I am afraid to see the nuns.


Chris,thank you. That encouraged me a lot. Perhaps they only say this to scare me. Well it was kind of you to put me at ease.


Dear Janaka, It is very nice that you have detailed the position of your friend. I am also delighted that you have accepted that correct kneeling cannot be done more than 20 minutes time. In our school during kneeling our hands were in ears hold position. One more thing Janaka, after Kneeling for good period, have you noticed that the knees & lower portion of thighs becomes senseless. Did your friend put any medicine on the knees? Were your kneeling in trousers or bare ? Hope, I am not irritating you.


Dear Anita, Chair position punishment is good. I mean strict. How long do you give chair position to students? Can you classify with age group.


Dear Suresh, I am totally agreeable with your views. Tell me one thing is it required to punish Class 11 & 12 students physically ? They can be scolded only, for which they are matured enough to understand & correct their errors. Anyway, have you even given these Senior boys Kneel down & if so for how long? How were the reactions of the boys? Do you monitor this punishment strictly ?.I am interested to know very much.


Respected Nirmala sir, my name is AJIN. K, I am a 9th std student from Trichur. I saw as you are from Cochin, I could mostly write to you. I am an average boy. I am very bad at social studies. Recently in the class test conducted I got only 3 marks out of 25 in history paper. My history teacher Mrs Rema sir told me to attend the tution after school hours. The tution class is held in a class room at the backyard of the school with students from mixed classes. I had tution extended half hour more than others had. Recently in tution class she took a test paper, I had not studied anything, so I tried to copy from paper clips that I had kept in pocket, I was caught red handed by another teacher who unexpectedly came to the class room. She is a teacher in UP section named Geetha sir. She told this to Rema sir and she was mad with anger, she asked Geetha sir to bring the cane from her class, everybody had left the school by that time, Geetha teacher slapped me and crushed my bare foot with her high heeled slipper to hold me in position ,and I was asked to hold out my palm and Rema sir gave me 12 strokes until my palm started aching badly with some tint of blood. Is this punishment reasonable at your point of view, even now also I attempt malpractising during class tests. What would you have done if you were in the position of Rema miss(sir, we usually call female teachers as sir not as miss or mam)


Hi Shalini, why are you afraid of your grand mother? You can stand any where as you like. I am also standing on one leg whenever my leg is paining. I am standing like that in my home bus stand, railwaystation etc. Nobody objected me.You are also an individual human being and you have all the right to stand as you like. Only thing your leg should be clean,nail polished and beautiful.


What is a Murgha, Who administrates the punishment to the girls of 20-25 in training college and what are the forms of punishment?


I am a firm believer in spanking naughty girls.


Dear Ankur, How long do you make 12 Std boys Murgha? Do you monitor the position of the student during punishments? Boys generally relax & enjoy during punishments, especially when given in groups. Please do reply.


Dear Mukesh, Please do not feel guilty, as there are many persons having the same psychology like you. Now tell me during sit ups 50 times, did you stop in between or was it done continous? What was you age then?


Dear Dewal, What age boys in school you give ear swats? How many you give at one time? How do the boys react after getting this? What other form of punishments you give the boys specially? You can seek my help.


Well in school, my teachers used to twist my ears very badly. Almost all teachers used to twist our ears. Even the girls used to tease us by imitating the teacher twisting our ears. Once a girl came to me and said if she could twist my ear. I asked her why??? She said that she wanted to know how it felt. I let her to twist my ear and she twisted it happily!!! More ear twisting stories please??? Why do teachers twist ears????


hi to all from mumbai(india), I am from a convent school where CP was the order of the day. Our CP's used to be kneeling, uthak/bathak, bending down & touching toes with book or schoolbag on back, caning, spanking with steel ruler on backside. Our day started with late comers being caned,two hard cuts with a thin long cane & a remark in the diary.If there are more than 3 remarks in a year then either 4 cuts or go home & call your parents for explanation.Bending down & taking four cuts means not able to sit properly for another 20 mins as it use to mark & pain a lot. The worst was caught copying in exam means 10 cuts or call your parents. That used to bring tears to anyone who is recieving it.I will share more later.


Why the teachers are targetting on thighs? I also got caned on my thighs when I was in my 10th standard. Mine was a girls school and I was singled out in front of the class for my poor performance in maths examination. Then the teacher in front of my collegues gave me two strokes on my bare thighs with a long cane.It was very painful and humiliating.I felt such a punishment for a senior girl like me was unwarranted. What is your opinion?


Dear Suresh - Have you ever given kneeling to your students. And Ankur, how long you give murgha to your students? Is it sitting/swinging or standing? Pl reply


So, how many people have to deal with ear pulling and twisting on a regular basis? Is it only done at school or at home for you? Do you think it's a good form of punishment?

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