Gandhi Quiz



A folktale from Japan:
In the days when the world was young, an enterprising owl ran a dyeing shop which birds visited in large numbers.
One day a crow, his feathers stylishly curled at the ends hopped in and said he wanted to be dyed in a colour that would set him apart from all other birds.
Crows were white in those days. The owl led his customer into the dyeing room and put him into a pot of indigo. When he was taken out, the ends of his feathers had straightened out and he was glossy black. The crow was furious. The owl reminded him that he had asked to be dyed in a unique colour but the crow refused to listen and gave the owl a vicious peck. Alarmed, the owl abandoned his business and fled. From then on he began to come out only at night to avoid the wrath of his dissatisfied customer.

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