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Bonding for Life

In Kutch, in western Gujarat, the sarus crane is so revered that there is a local radio programme put up by village women, in which the sutradhaar or narrator is Kunjal, a sarus crane!
The sarus crane is the world’s tallest flying bird, with the male standing 1.8 metres tall. Besides India, it is found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia. The sarus is believed to pair for life, so people consider this sign of conjugal devotion a good omen and welcome the birds when they nest in the paddy fields.
The sarus, like other crane species, performs a spectacular courtship dance. The male and female circle around each other with wings spread out, bowing and leaping high into the air.
Both fiercely guard the nest when the one or two eggs are laid.

Today, only around 10,000 Indian sarus cranes remain, because despite protection, its habitat has shrunk. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is also killing off its prey.

Last updated on :11/9/2004

User's Comments

sarsu(same letters as sarus): Wonderful
Anasuya Prasad: There is a pale purple flower which springs up literally from the ground, found in Kodagu, growing from a bulb. Not a single leaf can be seen and the scented flower is probably a type of crocus.. Locally known as the "nelasampige", I fear that it may not survive unless traced and propagated. Could something be done to trace it out?
Bailey: Thanx sooo much. Your website is the best!!!!!!!!!
pradeesh: Nice
cara: This information is so great!
cassandra: I love pandas.
Kerrie: I am very intrested in sarus cranes now!
sarah: I just love all the things on this website!!!!!
schweta: It is a wonderful site for children. It is so versatile that it actually helps a lot in the overall enrichment of my knowledge bank.
dave: Thank you god for this great website.
vinay mishra: Sandal is a very valuable plant in regards of its medicinal use &cosmetics.
ABHILASH.RM: Thankyou God for this Great Website.
s.senthil raja: I have some acres of land. Can I plant sandal wood trees in my private land and if possible where can i get the plants try to help me.
like: Very nice
V.Amuthavalluvan: Please provide me the full details regarding plantation of Sandalwood in a large scale. I have enough agricultural land in Tamilnaud especially in Cuddalore, and I would like to plant more than 20,000 sandalwood plants in 2 acres. Please inform me the details of Sandlewood Plantation with all relavant details as to its climate requirement area,water,temperature required etc What are the fertilizers to be used for the maintanence of the sandle wood trees, official govt formalities. V.Amuthavalluvan mobile 09443659762
M.Ravi: I want to grow sandal wood in 20 acs.I want to know the statistics regarding duration and profitability of the crop.
rohan: Pl send me some catchy slogans on ecology and environmental protection. It is part of my school project.
kaustubh: I would like to have a ban on the horse races. There is much of food wasted in hotels and if we give that food to animals then the food will be saved and animals will not remain hungry. so please for gods sake give me Maneka Gandhis email id.
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INDRADEEP BANERJEE: Pl send me some catchy slogans on ecology and environmental protection. It is part of my school project.
rekhadwivedi: I want to know from where to get sandal wood seeds in India
priya: I am staying in Bangalore. I want to know if any govt. permission needs to be taken for growing sandalwood, how many plants can be planted in one acre of land. what profit will I get after 12 years.
cassie: thankyou for helping me for with my endangerd animal report
Hemanta khanal: i want to know about the nursery of red sandal.can you please give me the information regarding this.
Sylvia Eckes: I would like to know how, I can stop a horrible deforestation, because of a construction in Jacksonville, Fl.
Lisa Venaglia: Good morning! I am interested in growing sandlewood trees on a 1000acre property 1 hour north of rockhampton queesland, australia. I have read that sandlewood only grows in Western australia and South australia... that is natively but surely you could grow it just about anywhere couldn't you...?
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atul: how to get sandalwood seeds....is there any process to take approval from the govt.?
chinki: I really feel pity as such great creatures are on the verge of extinction.
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Anup Kumar: I have five acres of land in medak dist near hyderabad. I want to grow the trees of sandlwood. Please guide me.


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