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Importance of Sports

Health is wealth. Those who have understood its importance will try to keep themselves fit. Apart from a balanced diet, sports are necessary to maintain our health. If we do not play regularly, our body does not develop. Our body becomes weak. We may become a target for many of the diseases. Sports are necessary for maintaining our health and physical fitness.
Sports also inculcate good qualities in us. Involving oneself in competitive sports will encourage healthy competition. Taking up captainship in team games will inculcate leadership qualities. Playing as a team will encourage co-operation among the players.
We may feel that, if we spend our time in playing, when should we study? Here is a solution- Study in the morning as the mind is fresh. After you return home from school, play for about one to two hours as the mind is tired. Then you can study again. So friends, always remember the proverb, All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This proverb not only applies to Jack but for all of us.

Shilpa P. Kamat
8th A

Words of Appreciation

ayush bhargav This is good ,very good.
Akhil R. Krishnan Let us maintain this habit on a daily basis to keep us fit and wise.
PREETHI The content was explained in a good manner. But more and more information can be said.
Kevval ehta Good. Want more on advantages of sports and games.
MELISSAEDWIN I like it. we must give more importance to sports. thank you everybody. By Mabe Lisa Matilda
silky Its very good. I really like it very much.
amiramin Well done. I really like it. Very good.
ashish kumar jha Actually it is very good n very useful for all. It encourages all to be a sports man.
niketh reddy I really like your information.
Mihirini Gunasekara. This information is very useful to all of us. I really like this article.
Rohan D'souza good for essay
deepak varshney I like it.....its a really good one... Thanks for this.
mindblowing gurl It's really good for an essay. It's very nice.
aakash Being active makes sport fun.
manishshankar Fantastic in my view
Harini It's a very good paragraph. Really expressive on this theme. We should all try to follow. Its mainly for those who are addicted to their books. I really liked it. Thanks.
Rajesh I like it and my view regarding sports is ADIDAS(All Day I Dream About Sports).
tara prabhakar Expressive in its theme and an excellent paragraph for people like us.
R. Dhanya You have a BROAD MIND.Iam also in VIII class. I searched about the 'Importance of Sports', so I got into your page. NICE THINKING.
raksha. It's a very good paragraph. This information is very useful to all of us. Very good
Andrew WOW THT was really nice XD
tara bdr jirel i like sports and play different games.
Alis_wu learn so many from here,thanks
Nikhar Its really necessary to understand the importance of sports...Thnks u did it.....!
david Very good information. It helps people. Because this is very important in our life.
Asawari Singh I really wanted some essay on sports for my project. Thanks for writing such an expressive essaay.
jagpreet bajwa Thank u. Its really very helpful.
mri cool!!!
haripriyasayee This gives us good information.
Anurag Singh Sports makes humanbeing healthy and we know that health is incredible wealth of humanbeing.If a man is very rich but he is not healthy then, his wealth is of no use. He cannot do any work and can't eat delicious food but on the other hand if a man is very poor and he has a good health then he has all the comforts of the world.
sajad alam Yeh its fantastic that whenever we want information we can get it easily. Thanks for giving such a good information about sports and games.
nikhil very good
selda God gives food to every bird but does not always drop it in its nest.
MRK good write-up. chance to improve. All the best.
aasthawahi good they are very important in our life
aasthawahi Good they are very important in our life
hellwasfullsoicameback Awesome.
martha E. othieno This is wonderful. It helps people who don't understand the meaning of sports
anjana Its cool.
Neelanjan Maiti It's really very good information and helpful to me. BYE - NEELANJAN
Radhika very useful article-a must read for everyone!!!!!
sushmita This gives a message to those who do not play games
ayushi Excellent thinking. Your contribution helped me in my speaking test. Thank you.
sumeeth jain It's a great information. It helped me to give a speech on this topic. Great thinking, excellent. Thank u very much SHILPA. I like this information.
CHETAN It helped me little.
ANUICE Its just ok.
fido Thanks a lot for helping me in my essay.
sudhir tiwari Its good that sports is benificial for our good health.
rishi Ya hoo, I like very much there is so much meaning in that.And the statment "All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy" I love it.
Henal This information was very useful. It will help me for my speech.
nileema Its good, but need to elaborate more.
rudra Thnx. It helped me a lot in my speech
archana It is very useful for my child. Thanku very much.
rida ahsan It helped me a lot.
krishna so nice
Krish.D.Shah Best essay of all!
Cool Angel Thanks. That was good enough for a class magazine article!
Sourav Jha It is a very good and encouraging topic.
vanessa fabulous
kavin Wonderful! Was searching for an essay on this topic. Very nice concept and good thinking.
divyansh It is very good.
sakshi Thanks for helping me in essay.
laks It helped me a little. But good yaar.
vishesh best for all
Amit wow superb
VAIBHAV PALIWAL Thnx for helping me in making notes.
VAIBHAV PALIWAL Thnx for helping me in making notes.
Jay It is good, Thanks.
nitika its ok not up to the mark. Its of junior level. Improve it.
pratiksha This topic is amazing. I love to study and read mamy books.
kushagra bhargava very nice
Kash Naj This is an excellent sport information.
V K Anand True that "Health is wealth" I just found a nice write up on sports, in this page. Also most important is "Each one Plant a sapling" to save our planet. Take care of trees. Dont chop them down mercilessly.
akanksha yadav fantastic
Hema This is an excellent paragraph about sports.
zaid thank you for sharing a good thought with us
Sanjay This is an amazing & outstanding paragraph about sports.
vishal Thanks a lot. You hav solved my problems.
vishal Thankyou very much. You have solved my problem!
ALLYBYE Fantastic. Keep it up!
siddhesh It's Awesome.
siddhesh It's Awesome.
Baliram D. Tare I thankyou for the excellent information inspiring participation in games.
Anshu Marvellous
Diva Fabulous, Interesting.
DEEPAK VARSHNEY It is really a great article about "IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS". Thanks for giving me such great suggestions as well as help. THANK U SO MUCH.
nayeem It helped me with my scrapbook.
vrishank Thanks. This helped me a lot.
vrishank good
nayanna james Thankyou. Its a very fantastic thought.
Manasa very nice to read and convey the message.
kritika gupta it is really a mind-blowing article as it helped me to win and compete with my co-contestant in my debate.
jayachithra This indicates that you have broad knowledge about the importance of sports. May god bless you. All the best.
lavanya An excellent essay. good
richa It is fabulous.
Saurabh aka sanzz It really helped me.
parth Thankyou for this type of information
tamseel Its okay,but it should be in more detail!
Naomi Thanx for this great article.
nagu Its really very best information to those not playing at all............ thank you very much for this.
aakash Its absolutely true..!!
Agnes Thanks for helping me. It was very useful for my class project on sports.
kartikaymittal Very well written about the importance of games and sports. A fantastic thought. Can do more better.
trisha nice article.
rahul not good
GATIK ARORA Thanks for helping me in my class project.
yadav Thanks. It really helped me!! That was really nice! Keep it up!
shipra This is very good. we should play games everyday. thats nice. keep it up and best of luck.
Jaber (Amanat) Awesome!!! But it should be more brief.
mc Its absolutely true. Good article.
nandathi Thanks for your nice article.
norbu lama Thank you very much. It really helped me. We must give importance to sports.
Soulave Hmmmm, You Can say it's nice but you could have wrote much more better :D !
Jacob Thanks. It really helped me!! This is very good. Keep it up.
Earl Best article ever written,it should win an award!!
rawan amr Very useful info. Thanks for helping me in my speech.
rawan amr Very useful info. Thanks for helping me in my speech.
agnus carline Very helpful for my class project.
agnus carline Very helpful for my class project.
Shakeela Its true that if someone didn't do a regular exercise it's health won't be as a person who perform sports and he has a tendency of getting Cholesterol, Diabetes, and be over-weight. SO BEWARE!
tanvir singh sandhu Very helpful for my class assignment
anurag agarwal Too good. Helped me in my essay.
sahil Marvellous
Vickneswary Thanks really helps in school project and me.
shefali maheshwari Appreciable but more content could be given.
Ankita Thankz.
Ankita thanks
SHIVANSHU Games are useful in our life. Games give us knowledge to perfom in study and in sports.
Don Swazi That's a very interesting article, I would like to know more about sports and studies, especially at university.
namita It really helps me in my project
namita It really helps me in my work.
namita It really helps me in my work.
tejaswi I like your idea. Its really very good
rachana singh It is excellent. lets not preach come let us practice
naazlin i love it
sir.2joe excellent.but try more to improve on it
gladys1620 W-O-W very VERY nicely written!!
B.Krishna Murthy It really boosted up my confidence,but most of the colleges and schools are not giving importance in sports and games.
bhupendra it was the best
anuja nimbalkar hi how are you
muiz this is really good
mahesh ganapathy g s its very interesting
Himani Sports are important in life
pushpendra raj well i have selected it for my listening skill test
sandhya saranya Hi shilpa! Nice article keep it up
Kaustubh This site is cooool.This site helped me finish my assignment and gave me information on sports.THANKS!
avinash.r IT helps in my life
Asma Short and sweet!
Arpit babbar cool can you make it large please,I need one.
Ayush Yadav This helps many lives. Keep writing Good things.
Tanya Sharma Its very cool n right!!!!!!
sneha hm........ thanx for it.
a.e.oveyaa It is nice. It really helped me in my speech. But you could add more information and proverbs to it. THANKS!
balaji Thank you shilpa. Your article is useful for my seminar!!
kevin It is awesome.
Hiral I really liked the information it is very interesting and good for essay. THANK YOU
karan superb
saurabh gupta It is a wonderful essay.
nehil East or west dimdima is the best. It helped me finish my project. It is SIMPLY SUPERB.
Ramesh Jangir Games are useful in our life. Games give us knowledge to perform in study and in sports.
Shirley Cheng Hi,friend, I like your information and writing skills.Thanks alot.
kaustuv Brilliant
Balraj . F Thank you for sharing your message with others.
Amar Godase It is a very nice essay for students. I like this essay.
ravi jain Simply outstanding! It helped me in my paper...thanx!
Abhijeet It is great.
suraj After reading it my life changed w-w o-o w-w
sakina Very good !!! Helped me finish my holiday home work.
Eemaan Syed EXCELLENT...!!!!...I have completed my essay writing with the help of it....GREAT....EXCELLENT....!!!
aditya agarwal hi ! shilpa you are you are a very intelligent girl
lovaraju its good
hari krishna Thankyou very much for sharing your message with others.
dina Wow I appreciate it..good thank u I learnt a lot from this.
shabnam Physical exercise is must for a healthy life.
mohammad al khansa Excellent
aaliya They all are excellent
saif It helped me a lot
srashti nice essay
S.M. IKRAM Thanks for giving very useful information which is necessary for everyone, who is not playing regularly. excellent
Abhishek lamba AWESOME essay this helped in my school project and helped me a lot in my daily life.
alaa good article
DHRUMI Helped me finish my essay
osheen An excellent piece of work based on nothing but facts. Sports are essential to develop the spirit of fighting. no matter what the result is. great
nikhil bansal EXCELLENT...!!!!...I have completed my essay writing with the help of it....GREAT....EXCELLENT....!!! It really boosted up my confidence,but most of the colleges and schools are not giving importance in sports and games.Its true that if someone didn't do a regular exercise it's health won't be as a person who perform sports and he has a tendency of getting Cholesterol, Diabetes, and be over-weight. SO BEWARE!
bhawna pandey really fantastic. keep it up.
saina nazrine With the help of this i can finish my speech writing. Thank you very very very much.
Remi you have done a great job
Niharika I love this. This is short & best.
Sana It is a very nice essay for students like me.GOOD!
Rangtha GOOD...That was wonderful.
mahak gupta its great !!!!!
NANDINI Every one should have the habit of doing sports because it gives our mind relief from daily lives.
mariyam Shafrin.A Thanks for your article,Shailpa. It's just useful for my article. It is a message for the children of today.
vivek bangare It was fantastic. G00D
rambo It's very nice.
priti kushwah It is the need of life. It is so good.
RENU Its a very good message for students like us.
NADA I love it, it is very nice.
natasha Superb! Students can know how sports are importance to life.
mandeep Amazing!
James Sports is really important.
aditi Thank you very much Shilpa. Your speech really helped me in giving a speech on this topic.
barkha Its a really very very good article. I liked it very much.
checha susan Brilliant. Hats of to you.
shivya sachdeva Its awesome. It is a good paragraph.
liva This is an awesome essay for students like us, moreover we get to know more about sports.
vikas goyal This is a very good paragraph.
praveen Wow! Thanks! I finished my project.
Lucky goyal Good thinking but you can improve.
sritheerdha Very nice and helpful.
zena That was really helpful! Thanks.
sanchita Makes the body fit n fine.
Dhanshree Lahoti It was really helpful and made my mind to think more on it.
Adarsh.P Awesome.
salita dsouza very rightly said!!!!
SAMANTHA Your ideas are great.
Shashank Mysore This is a very good information. It helped me in my assignment.
simra atriq Amazing! Fantabalous! Its nice.
Undertaker This is an amazing fact which I believe should be followed by everybody.
shruthi Thankyou , I was searching for this only. Once again thankyou very much.
priya It's very nice and very useful.
mariam Its nice very very nice. Children should learn from it.
cyrus Its really very nice.
mohd saqlain ali Fantanstic, Fabulous,it is very necessary for me at this age.
SADAF Cool. Its really superb. Actually its very meaningful. I like it. It is very helpful for everyone,at any age. Thank you this info is very good I think it will help me in my seminar.
sangeeta It is very useful.
manisha It's very nice. Children should learn from it. Hats off to Shilpa P Kamat.
anubhav It was very helpful for my formative assessment.
priyadharshini It's very nice.
ashi sharma Its cool yaar. Thanks a lot.
banu Thanks for giving this information. I got more points for my h.w. Thanks and I learnt more about the importance of sports and games.
komal I love it.
jithender For the healthy, physical games is important.
abhinav kakkar Its really good.
harish khyani The importance of sports in this section will help a lot of poeple in their life. Keep it up.
sweet sumaiya EXCELLENT! Its important in our life and thus we should include this in our life.
sweet sumaiya EXCELLENT! Its important in our life and thus we should include this in our life.
Ekjyot Singh Its just superb.....!!!
Krishnendu.Manoj Good. It really made me understand the importance of sports!! Keep it up child.
Shriprasad Thanks,this helped me in my assignment!
gamendra singh marai It's good
vikas pandey Its true that sports are important in building a healthy body.
yashpal This is an excellent article.
drishti Cool girl. It was really awesome.
drishti It was really awesome.
shalini It helps to develop our body.
lester Excellent,good experience of writing. Its nice.
nivedita This is good.
divs Thanks for giving this.
divya Thanks for giving this.
divs Thanks for giving this.
hari Its good, very good.
priyankha Simple and informative.
Anjali I am really thankful to you.
Athul $yadhu Thankyou for your article.
kaarthika your paragraph was short and nice to read.
Tanishq Varshney The Topic You wrote is very Excellent Article And It Is Very Useful For Me.
neha It was very childish and also boring.
neethu nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!
neethu nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!
sai surya Thanks for giving this meassage and it is outstanding.
master sheetal This is good
nazia This is awesome.
krishna It is a very nice speech. It is useful to every one. It is the best.
arjun It helps to develop our body.
palash very good
jay kapadia This is very good.
sharon noronha hccs Thanks. It helped me for my school project.
aparna This is really good.
Aditi Very helpful for doing my homework.
hinal This was really helpful...thanks!
jaivin sports are great
jaivin sports are great.
rahmatullah jaffery I really liked it. Please put some more information about sports.
nive Excellent.
mira I love sports. It makes my relax.
ambuj Its great. Games are important in our life besides only studies.
Anip Great. It helped in my Exam..!!
Ashwin Nice.
rayna Becoming a sportsperson at an early age can be an initiative to play for one's country.
george This is excellent. I specially admire the detail and simplicity of the text. It really manages to put a point across.
king.kumar Thank you. It is Excellent.
rajasree Its really good. I have got enough information for my speech.
Ayush Goyal Good essay.
Ayush Goyal Good Written. It helped me.
Sree Ranjani Thank you for your kind information.
dhruvi majithia Gorgeous.
sophie It can be written much more better than this,esp. vocabulary can be enhanced. It sort of felt like a first class essay.
Ada Thanks.This has greatly improved my sound vocabulary for essays.
savithri Superb!
Balwinder very was helpful for me.
mia rose interesting
Rooksar Fantastic!!It really helped me in my essay.Keep it up!!!
Murtaza Jodhpurwala Nice to read such positive & encouraging topics.
safiya I loved your information. thankyou
sara its reaally a gr8 essays 4 children we can learn many thing frm it
shreya pateria for me this article is very good and superb!
mangesh Its really a good information passed by you to a society.
shreya garg thanks for this good inspiration among is really a nice website
preeti I like this very much.
yashvi Its good ......I love it!!! Because of this I scored good in english orals.
Ankush Good
Shantanu jaiswal It helped me a lot.
ananya dash Thank u didi. It helped me a lot.
guest very good essay type. I liked it very much.
mansha goel This is a mind blowing article.
Nipun Gupta It is very nice.
mahender Thanks for such nice writing. I loved it. Continue to write on other topics also. It will be helpful for students younger as well as older than you. I will try to follow your suggestions.
aman galib We should play games everyday.
sarthak I like this very much.
pallavi Thankyou. It helped me in my work.
Arundhati It not only is helping me also those who are not interested in sports. It's a superb essay written on the importance of Sports and will help many others like me. So, keep it up!
shafna It is very good for our body.
Althaf [chan] I liked it. You have written it well but some things more can be added. You can explain that which type of sports or games makes our body fit and perfect.
mallika well said!
niesh It is very good for health.
rupesh It was good thanks.
NITESH/AKSHIT It is a very smart thinking.
nitesh It is very good thanks.
Hamd Its OK.
naveen sangwan Thanks friend, its really nice.
Aisha rizwana Really good loved it.
Deepinder It's very good. Thanks for helping me.
Reena Thankyou. It helped me in my work and it is very nice.
nikhil singhal It is good for mental and physical health.
sheetal It's fabulous. It can be referred for essays.
secret It's really good. It gives clear information of importance of sports.
Amit Raj Very Nice
Amit Raj Very Nice
luke It was really good.
mavia Good. Sports are very important. I think it will help me. Thanks.
madhu Excellent, simple & sweet. Everyone can easily understand and informative also.
$HL V Awsome. Fabulous. Thanks a lot as it helped me in my speech.
mohd abdul rahman I learnt a new series about sports.
umesh paneru Very Good Article.
VISHUTHA JAIN It is very nice.
pranav sirsat A very good way of presentation.
Arjita Rawat Very Excellent article.
Arjita Rawat Excellent!
sunita dube It is so well written. Very easy to understand. Thanks this will help my children.
sagar Excellent. It helped Me To Conduct The Speech In school Std 9.
Ram it is very nice and good.
subham jaswal Sports are recently very nice.
tanya Nice
divya It is a very good article.
shivam This paragraph helpd me a lot with my speech. Thanx.
ruchika Good but many more things could also have been included.
K. Balasubramanian Excellent! Keep it up.
shikher tyagi A good article for children.
rituja Excellent.
Anamika Excellent
Anamika Excellent.
shivaji Well written
Navleen Kaur Mehar Its very good
aditya Very useful article.
abhishek Very good. It helped for my project.
abhishek chundamannil thanks for it
Nandita anand Its very nice. Because I was a champion in Abu Dhabi. And when I came to Delhi it has helped me a lot.
zeeshanbasit The style of writing is very simple. I like it.
sreeram Football is my favourite. I like the article.
ammu Thank u chechi. Your essay helped me a lot for my exam.
aatiq Sports brings physical fitnass to our body which excel us to win.
Ruchir Dixit It's very nice!
Ruchir Dixit It's very nice!
muskan goyal Its great. It helped me a lot.
shivani It is a very nice article. I think "without sports, no life."
zarfisha You can add more points for this article.
haritha It is very good.
sachin khandewal Its good enough.
Prabathiya Herath It is a good article for small children. Can understand very well.
chinnu Good one, desperately needed some good para on importance of sports!
desigirl Very nice article. It helped me a lot.
vijju Nice. This helped me a lot.
Pratiksha Ranjan This article defend me to shame on myself. Thanks Shilpa and Dimdima.
sana It is a nice article.
surendar As I wanted points for school assignment work I got it from here so thanks a lot.
Aya Nice!
ankesh Sports do not build character, they reveal it.
kate It is very well explained.
joe It helped me in my assignment.
rohan kumar mohanty Sports keeps body fit and strong.
tanzeel Thanks it helped me a lot in my homework.
Ashutosh Very very nice article
Ashutosh excellent
minushi It is a very nice article.
rahul It is very useful for all children.
p.sasikumar sports not only develops our leadership & co-operation qualities, but also tells us how to share our victories with the teamates and accepting defeats in right manner.
aditi superb
rihen mehta Play and enjoy life as life is short.
pragya agarwal Thanks for helping me in my article.
rachit It is a nice article and I like it.
chet The proverbs is so striking and I like it! In fact, I learnt a lot in this article!
mahesh excellent,fantastic
harsimran thank's for this essay
anamika kalra Its a good essay.
aadesh jalota Nice one.
tanvi thanks it helped me in homework.
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tanya kainth It is soooooooooo boring! did you like this?
Manju Soni Pahwa Interesting facts...!
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abhishek Very nice. I hope you will write more on other topics.
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Salman Hamid Very nice. Keep it up.
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shreya Well written. It helped me a lot.
Palak Shah Thanx for giving me an amazing article.
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sakshi very nice article
amreen Good Article.
k.ankith It is very short but very nice and informative,keep it up.
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shreya A very helpful essay for my orals.
kandarpdhingra Sports helps to keep us fit. Good information.
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Hari haran Its very nice.
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g.bhavesh Not only sports we also need to study well.
Nilay Kumar Nice thinking
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mayanktyagi Great!
radhika its good
Bhavey Hasija It helped me. Thank you!
Bhavey Hasija Its amazing!
Bhavey Its amazing.
Nisala I also want to get more details about this topic. Its nice.
shivreet Really awesome!
Navneet Very great and helpful!
aswin it is good, nice, great, very good, awesome, excellent.
krishnavardhan I love sports.
SYED SAQUIB AHMED sport is life but life is short so play more game in sports.
raja.k/vishwanath It is really motivating.
nitin singh bisht I know this very well. I participate in sports and games.
Anmol Anand nice thoughts
rinkle good
diksha U Have Written The True Lines. Students Who Only Study,Should Read.......It Is JUST excellentttttttt.
keshav Its good, simple and very informative.
kashish great!
kashish great
Akhil Mundroy good!!
ricky It is very nice and excellent.
sAM so nice
sneha eashwar Its absolutely right. I really liked it.
muhammed jassim This article is an excellent way for those interested in sports and games.
Dj Shubh The article is very good.It helped me understand the depth of sports.
ramandeep singh It is very nice.
mrunalini A good essay.
sanjay It is very motivational.
Sheral nice!! Thanks for the information.
kiya pundir good one
kiya pundir good one
sam This is nice, I want more information about "Importance of sports in school"
hrithik maheshwari good
innocent It very useful & important for students.
adish sood Its nice.
kriya Very good and small but meaningful.
Bhavesh prajapat Excellent article!
chintu It is cool.
nilesh singh nice
shubham very good
keshav nice one
kumud jajoo It was amazing.
rahul It nice. Thank you for this article. It helped me in my composition. Write more articles on different topics.
susmita patil Its good.
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sushant awesome!!!!!!!
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divye well said
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shalini its very nice and useful to everybody
Megha awesome essay
Rakesh khatri Short and sweet, but one can add more information on the topic.
bhumika sharma Thanks! Its awesome! It helped very much in my english presentation.
vanda Sports has a lot of multifuntion such as fun, health, more and more.
Er.S.S.Banshtu Sports must be included in the school curriculum throughout the nation. This was very useful to me..thank you very much.
Shanthini An article of motivation. Really useful to everybody.
ananya awsome. I got lots of things to understand thanks......
umar nice and beautiful.
SURAJ PATHY The language & description is very good but the essay needs to be lengthy & not be short.
viswanath The writer has given the importance of sports to the health of children and every one irrespective of age.
nandini sethi very nice
deepika sethi it is really good and helpful and we should always follow it.
sukruhti It is excellent. It is true that no play and only studies makes a student dull.
catherine jaibee Thanks! It helped me a lot for my essay. Good work.
Diljot Singh Benipal This article is very useful for everybody. I like it vey much.
Mizan Sports are very good for health but over dose is not good.
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inoka Great Speech
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shalini Sports are really good for our health.
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priyanka patil A very good essay with good description.
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shweta choudhary Essay is very well written and from now onwards I will play daily to make my body fit and healthy.
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rishika reddy let us maintain this habit on a daily basis to keep us fit and wise.
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parth Sports is very good for our health.
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Pratyasha I wanted to know something about the moral impact of sports on us... but still it was helpful.
mahi Very good!
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Ruquaya Ali It was my homework to write on Importance of Sport in Education. The paragraph helped me a lot to write my homework. It also gave me a lesson for my life. Excellent. Thank you, Shilpa.
sahil Health is wealth.
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Noor Shaikh Sports nourishes the mind.
elizabeth rajan Sports needs to be given importance. It nourishes our mind.
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oliuzzaman rahat Really Nice.
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fahad Fantasticly written.
Shivraj P. Jachak Awesome Information. By Little But Brilliant Girl. It helped me a Lot in my Presentation about "Importance of Sports". Thank you so much!
Shivraj P. Jachak Awesome Info.... By Little But Briliant Girl..... It helps me a Lot in my Presentation about "Importance of Sports" Thank you so much......!!!!
dawood akhtar it was amazing
Akriti Thanks!! This was very Helpful and short. I can use this in my speech. Thanks a lot!! :)
Akriti Thanks!! This was very Helpful and short. I can use this in my speech. Thanks a lot!! :)
Rajan.R It's very good for the students.
masroor spectacular!
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alishah khan very nice informatoin
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apoorva Sports are very important for us as it makes us fit.
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Keshav Mukeria This is good for us because it's said that "good mind in good health .."
vaishnavi Good One!
gyaneshwar pandey sports is good for health and keeps the mind fresh.
Anusha . K .S Simply superb.
pradeep sanodiya thanks madam
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mehak khalsa It is excellent.
mehak khalsa It is excellent.
mehak khalsa It is excellent.
mehak khalsa The views taken are very good as a teacher I like it.
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PRATIBHA Very good
PRATIBHA very good
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ankit sports are balance our stress and active our body
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