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Birju goes to the circus

complete the story The circus was in town. Birju was desperate to see the show this year. Last year also he had missed it as his father refused to spend money on such 'silly things' as he called it. So Birju had been unable to see the circus. But this year he was determined that he would see the circus.
On the way to deliver tea to the customers of the teashop where he was working, he would look at the huge posters of the trapeze artists and the animals of the circus.
Once when the manager of the circus ordered tea for one of his guest, Birju could go upto the place where the elephants were tethered and even managed to get a glimpse of the lion which was walking inside the cage. He got startled when it roared and then before he could go in any further he was shooed away by a stout man.
On his pay day he was very happy that he would atlast get some money and could go to see the circus. But when he asked his employer for his money he was told that his father had already collected the money. Birju became sad as he knew his father would never give him money to see the circus.
So he made a plan. When somebody at the circus ordered tea, he took the tea and after delivering it he went and hid behind a tent and decided he would sit there till the show started. Hours passed by and then the time came for the show to begin. Birju could hear the announcements being made. He made his way to the big tent and looked for a gap in the enclosure through which he could slip through. He found one but as he was about to go through the gap somebody shouted, "Eh you, What are you doing?"

Who was that? Was Birju able to see the circus or not?



It was the manager of the circus. He was a kind man and when he heard Birju he let him see the show.Birju was able to see the show. So, he came back home happily.


That person was the security person of the circus. He saw Birju looking from a gap between two tents. When he asked him the reason of looking in there, Birju said, "I don't have the money to see the circus." So he then allowed Birju to see the circus.


Actually that was Birju's father. He had come to find him. He was going to give him a surprise on the day of the circus by allowing him to watch it. So as on the appointed day, as Birju did not come home early he came to find him in the circus.

Anaka Harish

It was the watchman. Birju was frightened. He ran away. The watchman went to the Manager and said, "There is one boy who did not take the ticket and came to see our show. We have to catch him". Suddenly Birju ran through that way and he heard them saying "We have to catch him". So Birju somehow went home. He told all this to his mother. The watchman and the Manager were still searching for him. "That is why I came home", said Birju. So his mother told ,"Why did you come home? You should have stayed there, so that they could catch you. Now we both have to go to the circus and search for the manager and the watchman." So they went to the circus and the watchman saw him. He just stood there. Then the watchman caught him. Birju said, "I am very sorry I ran away." So the watchman said,"It is Ok. There is one more show at night. You can come at night to see it." His mother was near. The watchman gave him three tickets, the third one was extra. He was very happy. By the time he reached home, he saw his father and his father asked," Where have you been?" "Oh papa, I have been to the circus. The watchman gave me three tickets. I am so excited." Like that Birju and his family saw the circus.

RJ Weston

It was his father. He picked him up and brought him home and took all his money.

Devayu Panda

Birju was scared so badly that he almost fell down. When he got up, he saw that he was standing face to face with the person he would least want to see then- it was his father! His father was wearing a look of anger and ashtonishment. Then, after what seemed like hours, he smiled. Now it was Birju's turn to be astonished. He couldn't remember the last time his father had smiled at him but he definitely felt relieved. His father spoke in his usual booming voice,"I want an explanation for this, young man." So, Birju told him what his plan was. Then his father started laughing. This was too much for Birju. He too gave him a feeble smile. His father then said, "So now I know where you have been. I was waiting for you at home. I decided to give you a surprise and take you to the circus. But no problem, lets go now or we'll get late." And Birju went with him feeling utterly embarassed.


It was the circus manager. He asked 'where are your tickets? Birju told about his father. The manager allowed Birju to watch the show and pay later.


The man who shouted was Birju's father. He had purchased the tickets and was waiting for Birju. When he saw him near the gap he called him and made him sit before the circus and allowed him to see the circus.


It was the owner of the circus who saw him. When the circus owner caught him he accepted the truth and so the circus manager gave him 5 ticket for the next show. He happily came for the next show.


When Birju was peeping he saw his father searching for him. That time he was afraid but he wanted to know for what he was searching. Then he got an idea. He went near the watchman and asked what for his father is coming in search of him? The watchman replied that he was searching for his son because he had purchased tickets for his family to see the circus.


When Birju was peeping at the circus he heard his father calling him. Immediately he ran to his father. His father asked him what he was doing and Birju said that he was peeping to see the circus as he had missed it last year and was determined not to miss it again. His father laughed and said that he had bought tickets for the circus and was looking for him so that they could go to the circus together.


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