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The Great Race


The Great Race

It was a lazy holiday morning.
Guntu, the hare's sleep was disturbed by a special smell.
Popping his head out of the window, he saw something very unusual.
It was a half radish and a half Carrot joined together placed on the top of a cabbage leaf.
He decided to come out and pick it up before anybody else could set their eyes on it.
When he came out, the water balloons came hurling from different directions and hit him all over. Half a dozen tortoise kids stood around him with water balloons in hands and shouting "Holi Day! Holi Day!. Got you first on a Holi Day!"
It was then Guntu remembered that it was the day of Holi and that he had been tricked.
Guntu had also bought many colours and sprayer. He had planned to get up early and spray the colours on all other animals before anyone of them.
But now everything had failed. These little tortoise kids had foiled all his plans. Once again the hare was defeated by the tortoise!
"No! I won't let this happen again." shouted Guntu.
"What! On the day of Holi any one can put colours on others!" said one tortoise kid.
"Who said that? Come forward!" demanded Guntu.
Tungu, the tortoise kid came forward.
"Oh! So you are behind all this!" said Guntu, "But let me remind that you cannot defeat me anymore."
"Why?" asked Tungu
"Because I am a new generation hare." said Guntu.
"I surf a lot on the internet and buy fresh carrots and radishes from the online stores."
"I also get regular updates on my Andriod Phones".
"Even the photo of the carrots and radish that I place on Facebook get more than thousand 'likes' in a day!"
"Oh! That's nothing. Don't you read books", asked Tungu.
"I read a lot", said Guntu
"Then you must be aware that the Hare has got defeated by us many times", remarked Tungu.
"Long ears and No Brains" laughed all the tortoise kids.
"Accept my challenge. Come for a race." shouted Guntu angrily.
"Come to the school football ground on the first of next month." suggested Tungu, the tortoise kid.
"Agreed!" said the hare.
"Hare and the Tortoise Race Once Again!" Shouted the tortoise kids and started throwing the water balloons at each other and at the animals around.
That was the hot news of the day and the coming days.
Everybody discussed only about the race.
Who would be the winner? The animals were divided in to two groups. One group supporting the hare and the other supporting the tortoise kids. Banners and posters appeared everywhere.
Finally the day of the Great Race arrived.
All the animals came early and took their seats in the pavilion around the ground.
Appu the elephant, the Referee for the race entered the ground followed by Guntu and Tungu. They both approached the starting point.
Appu picked up the microphone and said. "Guntu and Tungu both of you come to the starting point and stand behind the line."
Both came and stood behind the starting line.
"Now listen to the rules carefully." said Appu.
"One. Start running only after I say 'RUN'.
"Two. Run as fast as you can. But no rolling or jumping."
"Three. Run forward only and not backward."
"Four. There is no separate finishing line. The Starting line itself is the Finishing line."
"Five. Whoever completes one round and reaches the starting point first, will be declared as the winner."
"On Your Marks..Get Set..Ready..Run"
Like the monorail of Mumbai, Guntu dashed forward while our poor tortoise kid, Tungu started like an old steam engine!

Now nobody wanted Guntu, the hare to win. We all support the tortoise kid, Tungu.

So play a trick or give a twist and help our little friend Tungu the tortoise kid to win the race. This is your challenge!


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