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Paper Apple

Old socks red or white, One ot two sheets of newspaper, A rubber band, Fevicol, Cotton


Make a cutout of a circle having a diameter of 10 inch. Cut this circle into half.
Take one piece and make a cone by pasting the two sides together.
Push the pointed edge inside.
Now take a newspaper and tear it into small pieces.
Crumble the pieces into small balls and fill the cone with these pieces.
Fold the edge of the cone and fix it with a tape.
Apply fevicol all around the cone and stick cotton over it completely.
Put a rubber band tightly in the middle of the cone.
Press the whole thing to give it a shape of an apple.
Now take an old socks and close one side by putting a knot. Invert it and put the cone into it.
Stretch it tightly, put a knot on the other end and cut the remaining part.
Insert a strong thread through the bottom part of the apple till it emerges through the top.
Push the bottom up and the top down and tie it tightly.
Your apple is ready.
If you are using a white socks, colour it red.
Take a small wire and fix it as the stalk. Your apple is ready!
You can make different fruits like this.

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