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Diwali Diyas

4 ice cream sticks, tinted paper, pencil, tracing paper, silver foil (you can use chocolate wrappers), glue, colours, sequins and beads, and scissors.


1. Trace the outline of the six diyas as shown, on the tinted paper. Cut them out. Similary draw and cut out the flames from the silver foil.
2. Stick the flames on the diyas. Decorate the diyas with sequins and beads
3. Make the lamp stand by making a frame out of the icecream sticks as shown in the figure. Paint the stand.
4. Stick the diyas, three on each side of the stand. Suspend the stand with a string by punching a hole in the frame.
5. Brighten up your home on Diwali, by hanging these shiny diyas on a doorway!

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