Winners of Contest No. 184

Letter Equations

Thanks to all the Participants.
We got a lot of submissions but many left  either the Name or the email column blank. We are not in a position to find out who sent them. Hence they are disqualified!
Dear Friends, Next time Do remember to fill the Name and E-mail address correctly.
The correct Answer : 1.206 Bones in the Adult Human Body 2. 64 Squares on a Chess Board. 3. 26 Letters of the Alphabet.
All the winners are requested to send their Full Name and Postal Address as early as possible to :
FIRST PRIZE Name: Aarja Narang , Email :
SECOND PRIZE Name: priyankapandurangan devi, Email :
THIRD PRIZE Name: Rishav D , Email :
  1. Name: shirley369 Email :
  2. Name: ashroff, Email :
  3. Name: Yashh, Email :
    • There are no more CORRECT entries to claim the remaining Consolation Prizes