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Author - Geeta Dharmarajan

You are familiar with a horse ride and perhaps even a camel ride. But have you heard of a dinosaur ride? Yes, this magical story by Geeta Dharmarajan is about a very long dinosaur who loves taking children for rides. However, as a result of a demon's curse he is able to carry only 127 kids on his back - NOT ONE LESS AND NOT ONE MORE! Read the story and find out how a little girl helps the dinosaur to overcome the curse.
The book won the Grand Prize of The Katha Chitrakala 2009. The illustrations by Rajiv Eipe are vivid and beautifully convey the feelings of the dinosaur.


"If Adinasura comes to know..." he began...
Just then a spark and a fire and..."HOW DARE YOU!" roared a voice.

Book Details
Age Group: 5-7
Publisher: Katha
Language: English
ISBN: 978-81-89934-53-8
Price: Rs. 295/-

Review - Beena Menon

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