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Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana!
Author - Bhakti Mathur

'Amma tell me' series by Bhakti Mathur is a series of picture books on Indian mythology for children in the 3 to 8 years age group.
Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana is one of the book from these series. A great attempt to introduce Ramayana - the epic, to young children in a very colourful manner. The book is well illustrated by Maulshree Somani.

But Rama and Lakshmana were not afraid.
They fought the demons with a brace heart,
Cleared the forest of all that was evil,
And the gloom lifted and the darkness did part.

Book Details:
Author : Bhakti Mathur
Art by: Maulshree Somani
Publisher : Anjana Publishing
ISBN : 9789881502803
Age Group: 3+
Price: Rs. 305/-

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